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Do you think LoN will be FAQ'd to take Ossiarch Bonerepears as an ally?


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No, I don't expect it.

I *wish* they would get OBR as an ally, I think it would make sense, narratively.  I don't think it would break the game at all - OBR units in general depend heavily on their command abilities which in turn depend heavily on getting multiple discipline points a turn, and are reigned in significantly by default when forced to operate in a normal army with only the usual 1 CP a turn, especially in LoN where even that CP is almost always spoken for.  They also lack access to their +3 move CA which makes them quite slow, and to their very good spell lore, which significantly reigns in their casters.

About the only unit that might be an issue allied into LoN is the crawler, which is currently priced such that 2 could be allied in at 2k points.  That's probably not the end of the world, but I'd feel more comfortable about allowing them as allies if the catapult went up to 210.  Maybe drop the ballistari battalion cost to 80 to offset the catapult price increase in pure OBR armies.

But regardless, I do not believe it would be an issue in the slightest to allow OBR as allies.

I just don't think GW will, mostly because I think they're still snakebit over what the addition of grimghasts did to Legions at the start of 2e.  Of course, if grimghasts had been allies instead of flat out additions to the LoN that woudn't have been a problem either, but GW's hardly the only game design studio with a tendency to alternate between pushing too far forward and recoiling too far back.

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At best I think we might see some campaign book like Forbidden power, making an entirely new sub allegiance combining some various death forces in a defenders of Lethis kind of allegiance (only useful for narrative purposes). On the other hand the Bonereapers would probably just grab the old skeletons and make something more useful out of them. I would imagine the reapers considers the work of regular necromancers crude and inefficient waste of resources.

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