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  1. Perplexing OWC got neither spells nor terrain. Lumineth were the last to get terrain I think. Seems like they might have scuppered them due to problems relating to China as mentioned before. We might see them return if they make them in-house.
  2. There are also the comically obvious repurposed LoN endless spells that came with Forbidden Power. Endless spells are a neat concept, they really phoned in rules for many. Plus, they stretched the other gimmick out, empowered/twist endless spells with CoS, Seraphon, and now Nurgle soon.
  3. It's certainly annoying that literally every chaos faction except Nurgle got endless spells, even Khorne, why the singular exemption. Sure seems like they gave up on them at some undefined point. Seraphon were skipped over but DoK got the last of them somehow early this year. Lumineth got them with battletome 1.0 I think, destruction almost entirely skipped over sans Gitz.
  4. Funnily enough, there was a second half to those leaks from earlier. And artillery was mentioned. I thought it was unlikely and wanted to riff about Lotann but for everyone's sake I'll post it too. And a link for those who want a timestamp. https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/82348900/#82349041
  5. Falling back to the theme of 4chan "leaks" I found one that sounded plausible. Here is a snippet of it to focus a bit: AoS flipping to a dull battletome spam release with minimal models? Sounds likely, 40k from rumours has a big year coming. Idoneth get no endless spells (despite DoK getting them) and just a single, crabless mini? I can see that. Lotann still bad? Above all, this specific nugget is the most likeliest of all things that makes me want to believe it.
  6. the desperation of trying to debate the 4chan "leaks" of the week
  7. it'll be a disappointing dragons week without a tease to the future
  8. Except in this case, they skipped actually building up the faction before the lights go off
  9. battleforces, lumineth and obr gotta be in as they are overdue for them following the gw rhythm that's 1 per death and order, throw in battleforce 2 megas + 2 minis and you've got destruction
  10. There is also that one KB mini from an army shot that has yet to even be acknowledged by GW, so, who knows
  11. Kislev not being a launch faction is illogical, they literally started the news trickle with Kislev concepts. That says preview, not release.
  12. Man, I don't think they revealed all the stuff from the last festive rumour engine cycle Edit: Oldest rumour engine is from March 2020. Advent calendar 2020, two unsolved
  13. Yeah, it wasn't that crazy of a prediction so it's a wait and see if the rest pans out. There wasn't a timeline so Sylvaneth could be mid 2022 at earliest. The current book was out mid 2019 and that was after being delayed. And it isn't like that book was all that hot either.
  14. Normally those 4chan rumours are a bust, but this one might have been on to something. https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/81869700/#81869975 That was one day before the Slaughterguy reveal, not the most unbelievable of guesses but right off the bat not blatantly wrong like most "leaks" from that site.
  15. https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/5674 mostly going over 40k stuff, but a caption of soon with a pic of goats in the comments
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