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Best Undercoat for a Bloodthirster

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Looking for painting tips before I start on a bloodthirster.

Right from the start I'm unsure what to use for undercoating. I typically spray everything in chaos black and then if its going to be predominantly red, another spray of Mephiston Red. This leads to a darker overall tone for my models so if I want a particular detail to pop (bright red on a banner for example) I will paint a layer of white first.

I really want the thirster to pop on the table and be a fairly bright centre piece to the army and so am considering spray undercoating in white. However I have had a bad experience with white spray before where it dried thick and flaky and made the models virtually unpaintable. 

Would people recommend a white spray undercoat?

Any other tips for undercoating to ensure I get a smooth finish ready for painting? 

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Another option is a light grey primer, I use an autoshop rattlecan, goes on very smooth and easy to paint on. Nearly everything I paint is over grey primer, I find it takes a lot longer to build up layers over black, especially lighter colours.

You could spray black and drybrush a white zenithal highlight, drawing the brush from the top to bottom moving in one direction only.

I used a white primer recently, another autoshop rattlecan from Halfords, seemed on pretty smooth without obscuring the details, see below

One thing I have started doing lately is after removing mold lines, is to give a quick sand to the area with 1200 grit wet and dry sandpaper, smoothes any imperfections without removing much plastic


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Loads of good suggestions here already!

Would 100% agree with you on the reliability of Corax White spray too - if the conditions aren't perfect then you'll end up with a horribly powdery finish (have ruined far too many models doing this myself).  The two new off-white sprays (Grey Seer & Wraithbone) are however superb!  One thing to watch out for is that Grey Seer (the cold grey spray) can suck out a bit of vibrancy from the colour.

I'm guessing you don't have access to an airbrush?  If you do, then I'd thoroughly recommend P3 Morrow White applied as a zenithal undercoat.

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