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Skirmish and Warcry Warscrolls

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Would appreciate people's thoughts on this one - as the first batch of Warscrolls for the Warcy warbands don't sit very well rules-wise when selecting them for AoS Skirmish games.

Basically the Iron Golem / Untamed Beasts / Cypher Lords (and presumably the rest when we get them) force you to take two/three "upgraded" models for every minimum of 8/9 models in the unit. You don't get a choice with this, so to me it doesn't fall within the "weapon options and upgrades" section of selecting a Skirmish force in WD January 2019.

Since you also have to take these upgrades, would it still be fair to have to pay the additional 5 Renown each?

The way I interpret it (and to use Iron Golem as an example), for the first 3 models taken from a Warscroll you would have to take the forced upgrades and pay the extra Renown for them (so Dominar, then Signifer, then the Ogor Breacher as listed on the Warscroll). If you take 4-8 from that Warscroll then those would be standard non-upgraded models.

What do people think?

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1 hour ago, Circus of Paint said:

Would it be fair to fudge the Warscroll a a bit and just treat the compulsory upgrades as weapon options?

Skirmish is one big fudge really, so it's mostly just a question of what your group can agree on. If it seems fair to you and no one you're playing against thinks otherwise, go for it. You don't really need to worry about throwing off the balance, because the game doesn't have much balance to start with - any successful campaign is going to require some degree of fiat, rules tweaks, and gentleman's agreements. 

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