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  1. Stormcast already have colour-coded chapters! They just don't have separate books/minis yet
  2. The beard's optional, and the joke is that it's fake - it's her disguise so she can join the lads in combat (in old Fantasy ogres had a highly patriarchal society where women weren't really allowed to fight or do much of anything)
  3. For a change, I've got some video game info. It looks like there's an unannounced Age Of Sigmar strategy game in the works. There's a studio called Gasket Games formed of people who used to work at Relic (Dawn Of War etc) and Blackbird (Homeworld: Deserts Of Karak). In partnership with publisher Focus Home Interactive, "they will leverage their passion, talent, and more than fifteen years of experience making strategy games in the development of a brand-new Games Workshop title in a rich universe". This project is teased with a new piece of art of a Stormcast Eternal Retributor holding what looks like a severed daemon head.
  4. Do the Idoneth actually cut out their eyes? I don't remember reading that. Regardless, taming a wild horse is literally called 'breaking' it, and we put blinders over their eyes when we ride them...
  5. It's all a bit hazy at the moment but one of the Malign Portents stories suggested that some Seraphon are actually now being born from spawning pools and are 'real'. And, er, they live on spaceships.
  6. This is a minor thing, but I don't get why GW is so in love with this idea of mounts/monsters being intelligent, equal allies rather than beasts. All the Stormcast creatures have the same thing. I think as a one off thing it's fine (makes sense for a Star Drake, for example) but it gets a bit silly when everyone has it, and the Idoneth Deepkin's practice of just taming animals like we do in the real world is presented as weird and a bit evil. Maybe just me but I think the image of a group of Fyreslayers trying to capture a Magmadroth, bringing it down with giant chains as it spews lava everywhere, is a bit cooler than them sitting down for tea to negotiate how long it's willing to let little naked men ride on its back for.
  7. Unfortunately there's very little lore for the Underworlds warbands - most get no more than is on the website, maybe with a little bit of flavour text on their card if there's room (though usually rules take up that space). If you do want a more narrative take on the setting, the Black Library novel Shadespire: The Mirrored City is very good, and though its main characters are new, it features several of the warbands in major roles (particularly Steelheart's Champions and the Sepulchral Guard). Its descriptions of the city and how it works really helped me visualise the setting as a 'real' place, where I think Underworlds itself just makes it seem like a set of half-formed justifications for the game's mechanics.
  8. So hammer enough runes into yourself and eventually you become a wizard in all but name?
  9. If they're not the power of the gods, then what are they? Where does the power/effect come from? What makes them distinct from magic?
  10. So they effectively have to forge their spells into runes before the battle, and then unleash them in combat?
  11. Are these Prayers/Magic Invocations/whatever supposed to be the direct intervention of the Fyreslayer god, or just the will of the priest made manifest? My understanding is their god is dead, which makes all this stuff just look like wizards and magic by another name. Feels like the Khorne situation again to me, where the idea of dwarves not being able to use magic has become pretty meaningless.
  12. 'Benefits from' seems like a super ambiguous phrase in this context.
  13. Interesting - extremely reminiscent of the Stormcast Sequitor/Exorcist ghost traps. Suggests it's some kind of soul-sucking device in a similar vein.
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