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  1. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    Following the theme of recent posts, maybe this is a spear sticking out of a new Bonesplittaz terrain piece, to go with an updated battletome for them? A big totem or something? It definitely looks too... flint-y to be Moon Clan.
  2. robinlvalentine

    Celestar Ballista - how does it work?

    This is how I interpret it - the actual model is the ballista, and the crew are essentially irrelevant. It's maybe debatable as an interpretation of the rules as written, but to me GW's intention with this rule seems obvious - to remove all the usual issues caused by the crew being their own models, and ultimately simplify how warmachines work. If we can agree that's the intention, then it becomes clear that the crew being these weird appendages that can increase your range slightly and be charged and stuff just doesn't match up, as it means their role remains complicated and fiddly. The core idea is to relegate them to background decoration, so that's how they should be treated to my mind. I've no idea why GW didn't just model the crew on the same base as the ballista - that'd solve all these problems, and IMO look cooler, as you could have them actually interacting with the ballista rather than just awkwardly waving tools around.
  3. Another question - how do you guys feel about the amount of renown it's possible to get after each battle? It seems like warbands could escalate fast, especially as no one can actually die - how common is it to reduce the renown rewards?
  4. I didn't realise they'd ever added to the Skirmish rules anywhere else - how extensive are the additions in Malign Portents? Are they worth picking up that book for, or are they just a bit of extra flavour?
  5. [Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find a dedicated Skirmish subforum or anything!] I'm just getting into AOS for the first time, after having been away from wargames for about 10 years. I've always been a huge fan of skirmish games, and as the booklet's pretty cheap, I thought I might as well pick it up and see what it's like. As I expected from what I'd read online, it's pretty slight and quite rough around the edges. Taken as a competitive game, it seems totally unbalanced and thrown-together - but it seems like, as long as it's not taken too seriously, there's enough there to have £6 worth of fun with while I work on painting my AOS army. BUT it's pretty clear that it's going to need some house rules if I want it to work even just as a beer-and-pretzels game. My question is, in the years since it was released, and in the light of the changes to the core rules in 2e, is there a set of 'standard' fixes people tend to use? Without getting too complicated or fiddly, what are the house rules everyone should use? And what renown point level is advised to start with? 25 is so clearly too low that it's left me confused - I've got a Stormcast collection, and even at 40 my warband would only be three models, due to how expensive heroes are. It occurred to me you could maybe solve this problem by ditching heroes altogether and just getting everyone to designate a unit champion as their hero instead, with that model getting all the usual artifacts and abilities - would that work? TL;DR - What house rules should I use for Skirmish and how many renown points should a warband be?
  6. robinlvalentine

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    As another poster has said, the normal Greatmace arms fit, but I think you're actually better converting the Prime's weapon, because if you give the Prime one of the standard Greatmaces, you don't have enough for the rest of the unit
  7. robinlvalentine

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Actually, on a similar topic - people who've got the Evocator box, what are the options like for building a Knight-Incantor from that? Can you do male or female, or is it only male? Do you get some choice of how they look, or do they all come out like the one in the battletome? I've seen almost no examples of Knight-Incantors built from that box, I guess because everyone already has the other Knight-Incantor models instead
  8. robinlvalentine

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    It's not the biggest deal, but he's also missing the Prime shoulderpad, which is the main consistent thing that marks Primes in the Stormcast range. I can't imagine any opponent making a fuss about it, but it's the sort of thing that would bother me in my own army
  9. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    While I don't have any intention of collecting a Slaanesh army, lore-wise the escape of Slaanesh from imprisonment is way more interesting and exciting to me. I could see it heralding a whole new Malign Portents-esque campaign, and it's likely to be followed by the release of the Shadow Elves and Light Elves who I think could be super interesting. So to me Slaanesh is more exciting than Moonclan, even though I'd 100% concede that Destruction needs a new army waaaaaay more than Chaos at this stage.
  10. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    It's pretty solidly confirmed that Moonclan are getting a full release. Obviously at the rumour stage nothing is set in stone, but at this point it'd be very surprising if it was just a Shadespire warband, and would involve previously very reliable rumour-mongers turning out to be wrong. Not to mention it'd make the Malign Portents Cave Shaman very puzzling.
  11. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    As I say, I can't complain, they're all lovely models! And I think it does make perfect sense to have Sacrosanct vs Nighthaunt in the new Shadespire set - fits both the theme of that setting, and appeals to anyone who bought in with Soul Wars
  12. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    As a Stormcast player I'm not complaining, but Knight-Incantor has to be the most well-represented hero in Warhammer history. You get one in the starter set, another in the 'get started' magazine, you can build multi-part ones from the Evocator kit, and now there's one in the new Underworlds warband. It makes sense for them to be easy to get hold of, as the go-to wizard for allying into Order armies, but this is maybe overkill!
  13. The Zombies box is a big one for me too. At the time it was one of the best plastic kits ever, but it's really showing its age these days - suffers from the totally OTT, wacky proportions that some of the older Skaven plastics have. I don't even collect Death, and have no intention to, but a great zombies box would be fantastic for other games - they crop in basically every fantasy skirmish game, wargame, and role playing game out there. I know modern GW would never think this way, but I think if they did a new Zombies box, they'd actually sell a lot to people who don't even play Warhammer. Beyond that... for the most part, really I want the focus in Age Of Sigmar to be on new things. They're forging such an awesome, creative new aesthetic for the game, and for me every model they go back and redo is a weird, unique, new thing they're not doing. It's not like they'd ever be able to keep up with redoing old stuff, and I don't think it's a bad thing if they left some stuff quietly fade away, totally reinvent others, and mostly focus on totally new stuff. Ultimately that's going to be the best way to solidify Age Of Sigmar's identity separate from Warhammer Fantasy.
  14. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    One of the stories on the Malign Portents websites was about a Darkoath tribe fighting a Slaanesh Seeker warband, and in that there was a big focus on the Darkoath using javelins as ranged weapons. Seemed like a pretty clear hint.
  15. Maybe a silly question, but would it not make sense to just use Pallador mounts instead? They're already horses with bird heads, so the work's done for you https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NO/Stormcast-Eternals-Vanguard-Palladors-2017