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  1. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    Also the back cover indicates next month's Tome Celestial will be Hallowed Knights (hoping they get a more interesting treatment than the Hammerhands did!)
  2. robinlvalentine


    Glaivewraiths don't seem like they have enough variation, or an obvious leader... but then I'd have said the same about the Banshees. I'd love to see GW try to do a warband with the Celestar Ballista
  3. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    There's no word, and my pessimistic guess would be that it really seems like WHQ is going to stay just a 40k thing for a long time to come. If you do want SOH, I'd grab it sooner rather than later - once it sells out, I doubt they'll make any more, and Silver Tower seems to have gone entirely now.
  4. robinlvalentine

    Warhammer Fest 2019

    Forgive the ignorance of someone who was out of the hobby for a decade... is this the same as what used to be called Games Day, or is this a different thing?
  5. robinlvalentine

    The Winter Islands- A Narrative Skirmish campaign

    You've got one too many HTTPs in there, makes the link go funny and just come back to this thread!
  6. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    Those are just Shadespire models, from the Sacrosanct and Vanguard warbands. Weirdly only two from each, but presumably the others are in there too seeing as they come on the same sprues.
  7. They're not really the same, sadly. I've been enjoying them, but there was so much more atmosphere to the Malign Portents stories.
  8. I'd love to see them do the regular short stories again. They were really the thing that finally sold me on the AOS lore and convinced me to jump back into Warhammer
  9. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    As I say, it's not clear and it's open to interpretation. All Ben says is: -"It's someone having his own little fun and wishlisting" without saying how he knows this -Their "tune changed" when he pointed out they had two accounts - maybe this implies they admitted it but doesn't say it -Presents them having two accounts as if that's inherently proof of wrongdoing, which I don't feel it is He went on to say the person was "baiting and trolling" but again doesn't explain the basis of that
  10. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    This is again an assumption - Ben never said that NDAbreaker admitted to it, just that that was his conclusion - and NDAbreaker posted with a different account of events around the same time. As I say, I'm not saying NDAbreaker was right or that their source was right, just that this grand debunking of everything they ever said never seemed to actually happen. All we saw is that Ben discovered they had a second account (which was plain, given their username), assumed they were bogus as a result, and shut them down. I could well believe there was more to it that we didn't see, but that's the thing, we didn't see it, and the situation was really not clarified at all. We really don't know what happened, and no one seemed to be forthcoming in properly explaining. For what it's worth I think NDAbreaker's rumours were an awful lot more plausible than this Warcry thing, but then I guess fake rumours often do seem more likely than the real ones!
  11. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    I still don't really understand this - why does being an existing user posting under a new account mean they were making everything up? It was always clear it was an alt account - I mean, they were called 'NDAbreaker', that's as clear as can be - so it's not like he was pretending to be someone else or something. It's perfectly believable that someone wouldn't want to post NDA-breaking stuff under their main account, it doesn't mean they were telling fibs. Not saying the stuff they said was true necessarily (or that their source was reliable either), but I found the logical leaps people made around them being 'outed' really odd. It didn't seem like we ever got any evidence either way, unless I missed something.
  12. robinlvalentine

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    You sure know how to make this hobby sound fun!
  13. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    Maybe, but I don't think you can infer that much from some small silhouettes - I mean, the art in that trailer is open enough to interpretation to have some people saying they're Tomb Kings... IMO there's all sorts of things it could be, and not all artwork gets models anyway
  14. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    People keep saying this and I really don't understand why. Since when has shooting been a crucial part of skirmish games? We've had fantasy skirmish games for decades, and even just in the last few years there are hugely successful non-GW fantasy skirmish games out there such as Frostgrave. I mean, half the reason people even want an AOS skirmish game is because they're nostalgic about Mordheim. Kill Team is not the be-all, end-all of skirmish gaming - it's an incredibly young upstart in the grand scheme of things.
  15. robinlvalentine

    The Rumour Thread

    I'll eat my hat if that's anything more than wishlisting. The 'no wizards' thing doesn't add up at all - does Tzeentch even have any heroes that aren't spellcasters? Not to mention the poster boys of this current edition are wizard Stormcast. I also don't buy the idea that there'd be rules for that many different units all in the base game. How big is that book?! Not to mention the improbable inclusion of old-school groupings for Dark Elves and High Elves... I don't think they'd do another new kind of Stormcast for something like this, either. I could believe new models, but not a whole new type of unit. The whole thing reads like it's been crafted to make people want to believe it - by containing all these implausible, people-pleasing ideas, stacked on top of very basic extrapolations from existing stuff ('it'll have no wizards, like Shadespire, and they'll be added later, like Nightvault, and it'll have a starter set with Stormcast, like AOS, and it'll have Darkoath, like in the trailer!') Consider me a skeptic I stand by my belief that Warcry will be much smaller scale than this, and focused only on Chaos