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  1. Yeah, this - they're just a bit of flavour for the Beastgrave setting, there's not really any indication that they're building to a faction or even a warband release.
  2. Such a great idea! Your Sepsimus reminds me of a Skeksis
  3. Very late to the party, but @JReynolds I'm really sad you see you go from BL! I'm sure bigger and brighter things are ahead but I've absolutely loved your AOS books. Will have to keep an eye on what you're up to next.
  4. The site seems to be down! Must be loads of interest already
  5. In Malign Portents there was a story about Idoneth teaming up with Stormcast, and they've established in the lore that the Idoneth are formally part of the Order faction via various treaties and agreements - with the proviso that the other party doesn't necessarily always remember that there's an agreement in place, or even that the Idoneth exist, because of their funky mind magic. Different enclaves are also more or less isolationist than others - as previously mentioned, Ionrach actively seeks out alliance and cooperation with other races. They're definitely a bit of an odd fit as adventurers (especially as they crave total numbness and lack of sensation, whereas the life of an adventurer is full of stimulation and exciting new sights and sensations) but there's definitely ways to justify it.
  6. Black Ark Corsairs/Scourge Privateers are an established Age of Sigmar thing and have been for a while now, so I wouldn't say they're an old world archetype. They've appeared in the novels, and there's a city in Cities of Sigmar themed around them.
  7. There's no way to predict any GW release at this point - it all depends on what happens with the pandemic.
  8. Is the setting itself given much interest, or is it basically just a series of caves to have fights in? The thing I really loved in Shadespire was how much it fleshed out its super weird and disturbing world
  9. Has anyone read the Beastgrave novel? Underworlds is my go-to game at the moment and I really enjoyed the Shadespire novel, so I'm tempted to pick it up, but can't find any reviews online.
  10. I don't think Deadwalkers/zombies as we currently know them will exist for much longer. They're too generic for the way GW approaches AOS - it's just zombies and necromancers like you'd find in any fantasy setting. They'll either be discontinued eventually (that basic zombie kit, while a true classic, is ancient at this point), or they'll be reimagined into something totally new and different.
  11. Yeah this is definitely true - I've lost count of the number of times that, when putting together a mini myself, I've discovered I like it way more than the photos. A combination of a lot of modern GW poses looking better in 3D than 2D, and the in-house painting style being so extreme in places.
  12. Ultimately whether a model looks good or bad is totally, 100% subjective. There's no point trying to argue about it or declare things objectively right or wrong. It's purely personal taste and to each their own. Even stuff like the three strings on the bow... it doesn't matter whether things like that are realistic, for some people it looks silly but for others it looks cool, and ultimately looks are all they're going for. It's not like these bows actually have to function at any point… I really don't like the look of the Lumineth myself, but I don't see that as something to complain about. It's nice to have less temptation in my hobby life, to be honest!
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