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  1. Surely could just work how the Nighthaunt work? So e.g. all the existing skeleton stuff would still be useable in LoN as it now is. But then there'd be a new battletome incorporating that stuff + new stuff exclusive to them + allegiance abilities.
  2. I'd be surprised/disappointed if those two weren't just extra warbands on top of the normal release schedule - seeing as the minis have been out for ages, and even their cards were developed for a standalone 'gateway drug' box.
  3. I'm not 100% sure if this is true or not, but I've seen people saying online that some portion of the terrain set up cards you get in each of the Ravaged Lands sets require you to have both that set *and* the starter set terrain so you can mix them together.
  4. Really like the new warbands, and the setting feels like a super refreshing change of pace. I hope they keep mixing it up with future seasons - a totally different theme for each one. And lore-wise I love the idea of Shadespire sort of breaking and just spilling its horrible cursed contents all over the place, bleeding between all the different realms. Turning into a weird megadungeon that connects all dark, forgotten places, tempting would-be heroes with the promise of forgotten treasures...
  5. Skirmish is one big fudge really, so it's mostly just a question of what your group can agree on. If it seems fair to you and no one you're playing against thinks otherwise, go for it. You don't really need to worry about throwing off the balance, because the game doesn't have much balance to start with - any successful campaign is going to require some degree of fiat, rules tweaks, and gentleman's agreements.
  6. They're not fixed, you pick whatever combination of models within the warband that you like. I think the only restriction is you can only have one Leader. Though the way the abilities work strongly encourages you to have a pretty even spread of all options available to the warband.
  7. I mean... yeah, I think you can taken it as a given that there will be at least one new mechanic and you'll need to buy the new core set to use any warband that uses that mechanic. But that's not really a big issue - there are 16 previous warbands you could still play, against each other or against the new warbands, and you shouldn't be at any disadvantage. And chances are that some amount of the new warbands won't require the new rules either (a quarter of the Nightvault warbands don't have wizards, for example). The Undeworlds starter sets so far have been super cheap too - only a little bit more than buying two new warbands anyway. So I don't think there's really any reason to be worried, even if you did buy Nightvault recently.
  8. Don't think there's any reason to worry about that. Nightvault didn't invalidate Shadespire.
  9. Those are nice, and of course you can relatively easily make your own with leftover bits and some plasticard, but what I mean is I'd like to see GW integrate terrain into the game more substantially. Perhaps an expansion that comes with a bunch of minis for traps, obstacles, magical barriers, etc, along with a bundle of cards that allow you to place, interact with, or destroy the new scenery.
  10. Something else I'd actually like to see - 3D terrain that actually fits the game. I think as a concept it'd add a lot of personality to games, giving it a bit more of that wargame feel, but the pieces they put out for Nightvault were just silly, they looked pants and half of them were totally impractical to actually use for their intended purpose.
  11. I'm excited to be surprised by Beastgrave. It seems like in some cases the Underworlds warbands are prototypes or teases for upcoming faction reimaginings (Zarbag's Gitz, Mollog, Godsworn, and now what looks very much like Wood Elves with centaurs), so I'm hoping for at least a few warbands that come totally out of left field. At the same time, it seems like there's some existing factions that are just screaming out for warbands, like Idoneth Deepkin and Daughters Of Khaine. With the new book coming out, I'd love to see a Cities Of Sigmar warband, combining a few very different characters under a unified aesthetic (just to take inspiration from Callis & Toll, perhaps something like a witch hunter, a freeguild soldier, and a scourge privateer?). I think we're also due a new death warband or two - despite Nagash's importance to the setting, it feels he doesn't actually have much presence in the game compared to the other alliances. Perhaps Flesh Eater Courts this time? Lots of fun possibilities with them. I've seen lots of people going down the rabbit hole of assuming that because this is set in Ghur that means all the warbands will reflect that - lots of beasts and savage warbands. But if you think about Nightvault, really only the two warbands in the core set had anything to do with the 'theme' of the season. It could have been called Night Of The Mushrooms and made just as much sense. I suspect it'll be the same here - nature-y Wood Elves vs bestial Beastmen in the core set, and then everything else a free-for-all.
  12. Well sure, but you could say the same about any campaign system. Doesn't mean it's not a problem - there are situations for lots of people where it's not as simple or easy as just finding someone else to play that night. And considering this is supposed to be a system whereby anyone can play a campaign game against anyone at any time, it seems like an issue. It's not necessarily an insurmountable or game-killing issue - as I say, it's the same problem almost all campaign games have, and it does seem to have a few smart ideas (veteran warbands 'resetting' at the end of a quest, consumable equipment, and the idea that you can never fall below minimum points). Just not sure GW's bold claims about how much they've solved the problem seem that credible.
  13. GW has specifically sold this as: a) the equivalent of Kill Team e.g. intended to be a catch-all skirmish game for AOS that will be an active part of the stable for years to come b) perfect for narrative gaming and campaigns If you were able to see past that to some hidden truth, fine, but it's not unreasonable for people to take that at face value and be disappointed if it doesn't meet those points for them. Obviously it was never going to be a new Mordheim, and GW would never invoke that name, but I don't think it's crazy for people to expect a new narrative skirmish game from GW to include some things they liked from past narrative skirmish games from GW (or even current ones, like Kill Team, Necromunda, or Blood Bowl). People are allowed to feel things about things, just because we disagree doesn't mean we have to dismiss each other. For me personally seeing both positive and negative opinions is helpful in informing whether I want to buy in to this or not.
  14. Yeah it seems like shooting is just attacks with longer ranges. It seems like everything's kept pretty short, though - Boltstorm pistols seem to have an 8 inch range, for example. Ranged attacks seem to always be weaker than the mini's melee attack, too (so e.g. a Stormcast's axe is better than their pistol). Definitely a melee-focused game through and through.
  15. What else do people have to go on? This scenario seems to come up constantly in online Warhammer communities: GW: We're releasing a new thing which is like X! People: Wow can't wait! *thing comes out* People: Oh no, it's more like Y. Smug people: What, you expected X? You fools, it was clearly Y all along. I get it, people's hype often leads to them trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (see all the posters declaring the return of Tomb Kings at the drop of a hat) but people are allowed to have expectations, and if they end up not matching reality it's not invalid for them to feel disappointed.
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