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Should the Daemon Prince be like the Dankhold Troggboss?


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While it's still sort of up in the air whether the Dankhold Troggboss (and also the normal Troggoth) has the correct Keyword (not a Monster) and Battlefield Role (not a Behemoth), I think at this point it is 100% intentional unless somehow a giant deluge of Dankhold Trogg victories at tournies show up.


That got me thinking, should the Daemon Prince also get a similar treatment? I think the DP's profile was a bit odd. 8 wounds for a Monster+Behemoth seems really on the low side. In comparison the Troggboss has 10 (though yes a lot more Matched Play points) and the Dragon Ogor Shaggoth is also at 10 and while is a Monster, is not a Behemoth.

The Daemon Prince much like the Troggboss is on a 60mm base, not exactly on the same level as a greater daemon. Plus the DP lacks a Damage Table unlike most other monsters.

So should the DP lose the Monster keyword and the Behemoth battlefield role? This lets him benefit from Look Out Sir and Cover, doesn't trigger Monster specific abilities, and lets you free up behemoth slots (though  not sure if that really matters too much unless you're trying to run 4 blood thirsters or something). That honestly probably won't affect the DP power very much but I think that little change can make him a bit more interesting. I've always felt the DP was the "well if you dont want to pay for a Greater Daemon, he exists" kind of unit. Either that or if you rolled lucky with a Slaves to Darkness chaos lord.

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The daemon prince feels so weak... I feel it needs to be at least a 10 wound, 1 cast wizard (no unique spell) with flying as standard, hitting on 2/3s, wounding on 3s.

Some of the Mark's could be a little better... Feel no pain for Nurgle, double cast for Tzeentch, run & charge for Slaanesh, reroll failed hits for Khorne? Undivided might be cool to have something like the carnosaur's roar?


Just my wishlisting. 🙂

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