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  1. Mixed Tzeentch. Why I like it; Horde-melting mega spells and endless opportunities for converting personalised heroes.
  2. Specifically? Pink horrors doubling in cost. They are costed with the idea that you will get at least 50% of the "split"/"split again" mechanic to fire, but player skill/army match-up factors into whether you will at all. 😅 Raw points data is nice, but it isn't going to tell you how likely it is you will be able to even place a new unit... If you do however, and the TO is running the scoring I mentioned, those 200pts are worth 370 to your opponent, and you have to gift your opponent the initial 200 to have access to the rest in order to play them... I can understand killpoints in 40k where the reinforcements rule still exists, but in AoS? Secondaries are a vastly more honest measure of player ability.
  3. In armies where that ability is factored into the points cost of units, it's a penalty.
  4. They kind of need to go... The last tournament I played, the ruling was that summoned units counted toward the total. It was a massive advantage to players that didn't have summoning, but could farm players that did... Besides, it's a hold-over from the 40k tourney scene, and those guys can be pretty poisonous.
  5. The first tournament I went to gave full kill points to the winner in the event of a player conceding, which was fine with me as it allowed the losing player to save face, while not costing the winner anything. The second tournament I went to didn't however... The whole idea of being forced to play out a game that is obviously over just for kill points seems a little pointless and sadistic to me, but be prepared to lose sportsmanship points for "being a sore loser" if the event doesn't allow you to keep it friendly and fun... 😒
  6. @Unit1126PLL have you looked at gamemat.eu? The "Kingdom of Heaven" mat looks pretty good.
  7. @Unit1126PLL Now that I think of it, I think I've actually never encountered a story centered on fantasy Slaanesh... My take on a cultist city though would be very clean, but garish and over-ornate. Every district would be dedicated to a different diversion with no overlap (fussy perfectionists), and dialed to a creepy, obsessive 11: Like a "Boulevard of the Beauteous" might be flanked by hundreds of slightly creepy statues and towering gilded mirrors, while fancy buildings might be in the fairy-tale castle style of Germany but insanely proportioned. I can see there being feasting halls too, like massive gaily-decorated beer gardens with disgustingly corpulent, but elegantly dressed and fastidiously clean diners... You could really theme any terrain for Slaanesh I think, it just needs to be made uncomfortably extra. 😅
  8. The daemon prince feels so weak... I feel it needs to be at least a 10 wound, 1 cast wizard (no unique spell) with flying as standard, hitting on 2/3s, wounding on 3s. Some of the Mark's could be a little better... Feel no pain for Nurgle, double cast for Tzeentch, run & charge for Slaanesh, reroll failed hits for Khorne? Undivided might be cool to have something like the carnosaur's roar? Just my wishlisting. 🙂
  9. @stekr What army are you using? Because your opponent is using a tournament-tweaked net list...
  10. I feel like I faced this exact same list last weekend. Magic heavy, and summoning in new dryads each turn? I didn't win vs that one, but I feel it was mostly due to me trying to avoid the woods... You really can't anyway, and those matchsticks snap kind of easily in close combat. Just send in more dudes than you need to, seeing as you'll likely lose some going in. Do you have any recursion or assassins? Once you kill the caster that's bringing in more dryads you'll be able to start tipping things in your favour. 😉
  11. Ouch... That's some serious min/maxing! 😅 I went to a tournament in the weekend with what I was hoping was a toolkit list; Keeper with allure and thermal-rider's cloak, entaptress, 30 'nettes, 2x5 seekers, and 5 hellstriders. We didn't do too badly, placing 7th overall. My teammate and I are both still new to our armies and played against a lot of armies we hadn't even seen on a table before, which lead to some very one-sided games with players who politely handed us our butts. 🤣 Otherwise I'm really loving Slaanesh's recursion! I lose half my army by turn 2, but have half of those losses back by turn 3.
  12. I dabbled in 4th with a few minis, but we played epic mostly. I picked up the 5th ed box but didn't actually play until 7th, where I found I didn't actually like the game... 😅 Started again in AoS, and love it! Edit; my gateway game was Heroquest. 😁
  13. @exliontamer yeah absolutely, although you'd need to take the exalted seeker? as your general to unlock, so 320 minimum at 1k. Efficiency-wise it might be better to take Hellstriders at that point, so I think if you were putting chariots in, you'd probably be going all in... I wonder what an army of nothing but exalted, hellflayer, and seeker chariots would play like... I feel like they'd just get stuck in terrain. 😓
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