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Counting slain units



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tricky one ;)

I would say no, but I'm confused by the Core Rules, Designers’ Commentary entry Page 6

Q: If a model is slain but later returned to its unit in the same turn, does it count as being slain for battleshock tests? If it were slain, returned and slain again, would it count as being slain twice?

A: Yes to both questions.

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Models are slain, but units are destroyed.  See page 2 of the core rules design commentary:



 Q: Some abilities refer to units that have been ‘destroyed’. What does this mean exactly?

A: A unit is considered to be destroyed when the last model from the unit is slain or flees. When measuring the range to a destroyed unit, measure to the position occupied by the last model in the unit to be slain or flee.


If a rule allows you to return a destroyed unit, for example with the Endless Legions command ability, then it is no longer a destroyed unit.  If on the other hand the destroyed unit is replaced with a new unit that is added to your army, for example with the Moonclan Lairs scenery rule, then the original unit is still destroyed.

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