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  1. Looking at the bonesplitterz in particular in the upcoming Warclan tome, it feels they got nerfed in the same way our Hedonite of Slaanesh tome did. GW removed the allegiance ability they had against monsters, they removed the spells that made them work, completely reshuffled the battelines moving each unit battleline in a specific subfaction forcing you to have little variety of units in your lists. That s my second army after Hedonites where I no longer have the battlelines to play a 2k match play anymore upon a new book release (well with slaanesh I had the deamonettes but they are not competitive to bring as your battleline units). Their Warscrolls lost many abilities without access to unique enhancements like the new stormcasts got which usually offset that loss, the loss of allying any warscroll from the warclan book that is not a bonesplitters, loss of horde discount hurts them the most as a an army with zero monster and only low wounds heroes, hordes of troops is pretty much all they can do but at what price now
  2. Adding a new subfaction would be neat, and these abilities are very appealing. One of my biggest disappointment with our book was that our subfactions were pretty much left as they were in the old battletome. With the storyline progressing it made little sense and with the changes of how locus and depravity worked I was hopping the subfactions would become better than what they were but GW did not touch them. They did not even include the Sylleske sub faction from white dwarf nor the wrath of the everchosen ones in our tome.What would you do for command traits and artefacts? I was disappointed the syllekhian host didn t have any
  3. They do not unfortunately as Euphoric killer only applies to Hedonites units in the new tome. They do get the mark Slaanesh however and you can get a few other buffs that way
  4. Really disappointed with this marketing decision. Having the old warscrolls still available to download on their website makes all this even more confusing. I predict this will negatively impact aos and hurt GWs bottom line
  5. That s a terrible decision if free warscrolls are indeed no longer available in aos
  6. This week I got to play the 4 mega gargant list with the white dwarfs additions It was a taker tribe list with 3 artefacts of power Gate breaker with amulet of destiny Kraken eater with -1 to hit in melee and sandals giving extra rend and damage (general) Kraken eater, warstomper My list: Allegiance: Slaanesh - Host: Pretenders Host - Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery - Triumphs: Inspired Infernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh (140) Keeper of Secrets (420) - General - Sinistrous Hand - Command Trait: Master of Magic - 2nd Command trait : monarch of lies - Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact) - Spell: Slothful Stupor *Glutos (475) Spell: battle rapture * Be'Lakor, the Dark Master (360) - Allies 11 x blissbarb archers (180) 5 x hellstriders (135) 5 x hellstriders(135) Umbral Spellportal (70) Mesmerizing mirror (80) We played Apex predato which really really favors gargants with their ability to break the rules on scoring My opponent has 4 drops and I have 3, I decide to go first I slothful stupor the kraken eater general I score agressive expansion with belakor on on the right objective and glutos and keeper on the left scoring 5 On his turn he takes the objective back because of mightier gets rightier rule scoring 5 I get the priority on turn two get crippling famishment in the kraken eater general and cast the mesmerizing mirror between 2 megas. I kill the warstomper with glutos and the keeper and I m now on 9 points My opponents on his turn 2 fail to kill Belakor and goes to 8 on the score board as I used dark master on the gatebreaker Turn 3 I win the priority and give my opponent the double turn. I remove the middle objective He scores monstruous takover goes to 11 My turn 3 is where it goes down the drain with the magic phase failing me. I fail crippling famishment and slothful stupor making my opponent really happy. I summon 30 deamonettes from the fane near the far right objective. The daemonettes fail the charge. Belakor goes in by himself and does 10 damage Turn 4 priority we both roll a 1 and my opponent takes the turn all too happy. The kraken eater kills belakor and he s now on 18 My turn 4 I cast cripple famishment on the gatebreaker and slothful stupor on the general I m in combat with I send the 30 deamonettes on the kraken eater and leave him on 4 wounds and score 0 point this turn despute my hard work My opponents win the priority turn 5 . His gatebreaker charges glutos despite crippling famishment rolls two 6s. He kills glutos, the keeper dies from his general attacks and he finishes the deamonettes with the other kraken eater now on 3 wounds and his score is now 23 My turn 5 I summon 5 seekers and charge the kraken eater on 3 wounds and kill him taking the objective and the monster bonus with zero battletactics left for me to achieve and the final score is 11-27 for my opponent Afterthoughts: I m really happy with the mirror and it feels a lot more useful than cogs in the list. It provided a lot of depravity as I summoned 30 deamonettes, an enrapturess and 5 seekers this game. The strategy was sound and if the dice god had not failed me on both the stupor with reroll and crippling famishment in the same turn it would have been a very different ending. I was in it the first 3 turns while the scenario highly favored sobs ( some consider this scenario to be an auto win for them)
  7. I do not believe they ll update our battletome allegiance abilities. This would be done in an faq not a white dwarf. The white dwarf may include some new sub factions with new sub allegiances however which would be nice. I personnally would like to see one for each chaos god plus undivided but that s probably unlikely we get that many
  8. I did superglue the arms so it could be changed in the future as opposed to plastic glue. I don t think magnetising is worth it. Aos 2 allowed command group to carry different gears than the unit without effect so in a unit of 5 you only needed 1 to have 1 hellscourge to say that s what the unit has. Not sure if that changed with aos 3
  9. He s being fielded on a 32 mm base in tournament but no one will complain if you have him on a the alternate 40mm base. it s just a less optimal choice for competitive play
  10. Whips are horrible to transport and not break in game but they are currently a bit better than claws although I suspect comes winter faq time we ll be back to claw being the cheaper and therefore the better option
  11. As stated by Heijoshin GW do not base its global pricing on current currency value. It also caps online third party discounts at 15% in the us and those prices do not include sales tax added later on so even going to a discounter it will be about $47 after tax
  12. At $50 in the US, I will no longer buy a battletome for all the armies I own
  13. So I finally got a win with slaanesh at 2k in 3.0 last night. Champagne! 😀 My list was Allegiance: Slaanesh - Host: Godseeker Host - Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery - Triumphs: Inspired Infernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh (140) Keeper of Secrets (420) - General - Sinistrous Hand - Command Trait: Master of Magic - Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact) - Spell: Slothful Stupor *Glutos (475) Spell: battle rapture * Be'Lakor, the Dark Master (360) - Allies 11 x blissbarb archers (180) 5 x hellstriders (135) 5 x hellstriders(135) Umbral Spellportal (70) Cogs (45) 1960 I was facing a big waagh list with 180 wounds, rogue idol, 30 arrow boyz, 2 wardokk, maniak, wurgogg prophet. 10 savage boys, 10 savage boys, 5 boarboyz, 10 Ardboys, warchanter My magic was mostly useless against a list like this. He had between 20 and 30 waagh points always and kept using them to be on +3 to cast the spells he needed and +2 to dispell my key spells he had 2 casters that could reroll casting and unbind We played tectonic interference My opponent goes first and puts all his buffs Score all 3 objectives for 4 and ferocious advance for 2 My turn1 I take the alpha objective back and score ferocious advance with 3 monsters for 5, I block his line with both units of hellstriders Turn 2 My opponent wins the priority roll and takes the turn I belakor the rogue idol He shoots down the hellstriders in the way and make a 13in charge with the ardboyz with +1 damage from the warchanter and mystic shield on them behind my line into the blissbarb archers and engage the keeper as well.He kills the blissbarb to a man, the keeper retaliates and kills 4 of them He scores aggressive expansion and take all the objectives again for another 6 pts putting him at 12 My turn 2 I declare broken ranks kill the Ardboyz with the keeper and glutos takes back the alpha abjective, I score 5 again putting me at 10 I get the double turn on turn 3 I score agressive expansion taking the alpha and another objective. I summon 30 deamonettes to shield my keeper from the rogue idol charge. I am on 15 His turn 3, he kills 14 deamonettes from his prophet warscroll spell fist of gork. scores savage spear charge the buffed rogue idol into the deamonettes and finish the unit and kill belakor with 90 shots exploding on 6s from the arrowboyz he s on 17 Turn 4 he gets the double declares bring it down on my keeper. I have mystic shield on it and 3 cps. The Arrowboyz do only 2 wounds to it and the rogue idol another 2 which denies him the battletactic he s on 19 My opponents needs to go so we walk through the last turns On my turn 4 I can keep the alpha and score savage spearhead for 4 putting me at 19 We roll off and I win the roll for turn 5 I score monstrous takover with the keeper for another 4 putting me at 23 and summon 10 deamonettrs t9 block the rogue idol His last turn he scores 2 for his 2 objectives and fail conquer with glutos and the keeper sitting on the objective and the deamonettes in the way putting him at 21 Final score was 26 to 24 I was very lucky that the alpha obective stayed on my side of the table the whole game This was a hard list and my ploy to use slothful stupor on the big hero had no place against that list Glutos and the keeper were the mvps I was able to use 18 depravity throughout the game which is ok but was still outnumbered the entire game. Having 2 monsters and the ability to make a hero a third with metamorphosis is in my opinion our best option to keep up on the scoreboard. The extra points in the battletactics from monsters and have monsters that are hard to kill to avoid giving away points was key I am going to remove cogs and go for a mesmerizing mirror instead next time also switch from godseekers to pretenders to get an extra command trait and the reroll 1s to hits for summoned deamonettes
  14. Funnily or sadly enough hedonites got 2 battletomes in less than 2 years which is the fastest re release of a battletome beside the lrl release in recent aos history
  15. They can increase their summoning points if that is too strong to summon. The fact they re never in any Slaanesh starting army speak for itself With a conditionnal rend 3 on 6s to wound 30 Deamonettes provided they can all attack would do 15 damage instead of currently 12 to a 3+ save and would have a lot less impact to units with worse saves as the added rend would not matter .Deamonettes should be scary not be bodies on the table. I like our army being elite but the warscrolls need to reflect that as the points already do I don t think that would make them too good in any way. Even when summoned for 12 DPs
  16. Don t deamonettes have rend 3 on 6s to wound in 40k? I d like to see that in aos as our Deamonettes are one if not the worst battleline in the game for its points
  17. Glutos hits harder than a keeper and going twice he ll do about 20 wounds to a 4+ save while tanking He can pretty safely cast metamorphosis on himself to get monstruous actions. Umbral spell portal and master of magic are for the keeper to cast slothful stupor on the opponent key heroes. In addition to be'lakor and the crippling famishment spell from glutos. There s enough spell/abilities to shutdown the opponent key units and letting me pick my fights. Good shout on acquiescence, I wish it was a lore spell that we could choose rather than a warscroll spell on heralds only but I ll summon 1 early if I can with hysterical frenzy to deal with hordes In terms of turn order ideally my opponent let me go first (they always do), take the double turn on battleround 2 with be'lakor dark master ability on them for 2 turns and a bunch of other debuffs and I can double turn back comes battleround 3
  18. A friend tried to sign up last night and was unsuccessful and they ve lost another subscription. They re really shooting themselves in the foot with the current interface available to subscribe!
  19. Going to try this list in the coming days. It s full of debuffs and glutos w excess of violence is the hard hitter in the list Went godseekers for the +1 charge for summoned units (+2 with cogs) but i am unsure on this one as my general is not meant to charge but debuff w slothful stupor and excess of violence glutos Allegiance: Slaanesh - Host: Godseekers Host - Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery - Triumphs: Inspired Infernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh (140) Keeper of Secrets (420) - General - Sinistrous Hand - Command Trait: Master of Magic - Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact) - Spell: Slothful Stupor Glutos (475) Spell: battle rapture Be'Lakor, the Dark Master (360) - Allies 11 x blissbarb archers (180) 5 x hellstriders (135) 5 x hellstriders(135) Umbral Spellportal (70) Chronomantic Cogs (45) Total: 1960 / 2000 Reinforced Units: 0 / 4 Allies: 360 / 400 Wounds: 82 Drops: 3 Battleregiment
  20. I would add either Synessa or another exalted chariot with a small preference for Synessa as she s a monster. I think Sigvald is too slow outside of lurid haze and Dexcessa seem to always die too early
  21. I ve found that If I keep rolling 6s the army is pretty decent plus it s thematic 😉
  22. Maybe the fact that we got nothing useful in our faq will remind some aos players to complete the survey
  23. Our community has already comped rhis faq for our tournament tomorrow. No after save stacking. That s the right thing to do
  24. Do you guys think the forgeworld keeper is now worth its points or summoning at 385pts or 12 depravity? It can generate an additionnal d3 depravity when fighting heroes but does not have the keeper CA. I think it may have a place?
  25. Big waagh was doing better in aos 2.0 than ironjaws
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