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Fan-made Skyrigger Grots Concepts


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Inspired/prodded by the release of Gloomspite Grots, I'm going back to some concepts that I had for the much-desired Skyriggers.  This isn't really anything but a wishlist, though.  However, one of my greatest desires would be to see a faction for each Grand Alliance that is devoted to the Sky and another devoted to the Sea.  Idoneth Deepkin and Kharadron Overlords for everyone!

Anywho, onto these very (very) rough concepts.

General faction concepts:  High body count, but they're grots; it's not exactly the best.  Access to ranged attacks is common, but we use 'attacks' liberally.  Poor magical capacity and no special terrain features (they're almost always an invading force).  Their biggest strength:  Universal Access to Deep-Striking.  Even if a unit can't deep-strike naturally, it can board a faction-specific transport, which can deep-strike.

Allegiance Ability Concept:  Winds of the YAAR!!:  The YAAR!!, which is the Skyrigger version of a WAAGH!!, consists of unpredictable winds that the Skyriggers attempt to take advantage of.  In short, imagine an 8-pointed compass at the center of the board.  It points the way you want at first, but at the start of every turn, during the roll-off, you will roll to see how much it changes and where.  Skyriggers going with the wind, when their direction of movement and attacks go in the same direction as the Winds of the YAAR!!, get a bonus, plain and simple.  I'm not sure if you should get a defensive bonus if the winds are against your Skyriggers, though.

Unit Concepts:  Plenty, including mechanical skill and the dreaded and ridiculous Squigopter.

 - Kap'ns:  The default leaders, they're sneaky and smart.  Almost always carry a pistol and a cutta with them.  Come in a variety of options, mostly flavored around being combat heroes.

- First Mates:  Prospective leaders; they're not as sneaky.  Also come in many options, but are a buff-centered hero as they lead your grots into combat.

- Wind Shamans:  The one and only wizard option for Skyriggers.  They're not especially good, but they come with a spell that lets you move your grots faster.

 - Tek-gits:  Come in two flavors; small and Big.  Small Tek-gits are not hero options, and can repair the vehicles and war-machines of the faction as a unit.  The Big Tek-gits are better at repairing, are solitary, and have their own variety of options.  Tek-gits as a whole have a near-identical role to Mek Boyz in Space Orks; they make and repair whatever nutty contraptions a fleet of grot sky-pirates needs, which is a LOT.  Small Tek-gits are apprenticed to Big Tek-gits, mostly out of curiosity.  If you're a small Tek-git, your life expectancy is not long.

(None of the hero options naturally have Deep-Striking while on foot; they need to be riding something into battle to do so.)

 - Drop-Grots:  A basic troop option, consisting of very-convinced grots wearing crude parachutes wielding pistols and cuttas.  They can deep-strike naturally, but with an interesting twist:  They can deep-strike closer than 9 inches (up to 6 inches closer, as a matter of fact), but the closer they get, the more mortal wounds they could take as grots crash fatally.  Because they're grots, their attacks and morale are terrible, and you've got a lot of them.

 - Squigeons:  Another bodies unit with not-so-good attacks that are very squishy per model.  They can deepstrike naturally, or they can embark on any Skyriggers Vessel that can carry troopers without counting towards the number of bodies in it.  They also don't need to roll damage if their ride is destroyed.  Because of these abilities, their pack size number is limited, and are more of a space occupier and a nuisance.

 - Scuttlers:  Grots wielding large blades.  Don't have the power to deep-strike, but they're actually pretty effective attackers.

 - Squiopters:  Small, one-grot flying vessels that look like very, very crude helicopters.  May actually be powered by a squig running on a tread-mill.  Come in two flavors; one variation attacks with blades and spikes nailed to the front, while the other drops bombs as a short-ranged range attack.  Either option is fragile, but can deep-strike.  Think Skywardens/Endrinriggers as made by Grots with a love of helicopters.

- Kopta-Pack:  Not a unit, but rather an upgrade to Kap'ns and First-Mates, which increases their mobility, gives them flight and deep-striking.  It's... a Helocpter Pack.

 - Mega Squigopter:  A behemoth/vehicle option for the Kap'n.  If a Kap'n has one of these, he's in love with it.  All subtlety is gone, because it's a giant squig-shaped helicopter with giant working jaws and the power to drop bombs.  It's big, it's dangerous, it somehow flies, and it deepstrikes.  The bane of your enemies and the love of your life.

 - Squiggoth Carry-Kopta:  The one vehicle of war bigger than a Mega Squigopter.  It's a war-machine, and comes in many flavours.  The basic variation has only a few long rifles to attack with, but has a good carrying capacity to deposit your troopers with.  Another variation removes some carrying capacity in exchange for a sawblade apparatus to use on those below them.  The final variation removes all carrying capacity and instead becomes a Doom Diver Platform.  It had to be here somewhere; it works too well.


That's all the concepts that I have.  Personally, I've got one more idea for a Destruction Faction rattling in the back of my head, and they are the highly-militaristic Zigguraut Orruks.

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I really like this whole concept and the different unit ideas! The Kharadron Overlords are my main army and ever since I read about the scuttling grots in the KO battletome I was thinking about sky-pirate grots, so you hit a nerve there. 

I was so inspired I just had to sketch the scuttlers real quick, I hope that's okay! 


From reading your description I imagined the Scuttlers as a more elite unit, grots that are further up the totem pole, so they can afford better equipment. I gave this grot clothes inspired by WW1 and WW2 pilot clothes. The thicker clothing makes staying high above in the clouds more bearable. His weapon is a scavenged knife/sword that got a new handle and has been turned into a two handed weapon. 

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