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Are Nighthaunts too fragile?


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For Christmas we purchased the Souls Wars box set. This is my first step in to tabletop gaming and miniature collecting.

Both sets of characters are incredibly detailed (Stormcast and Nighthaunts) and I’m looking forward to painting these models with my boy over the coming weeks.

We’ve started the priming process and applying the base layer to both factions, but have noticed Nighthaunts are so delicate, with arms breaking at the wrists, chains etc.

Are these models just a touch too fragile for tabletop gaming? 

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They are  a bit more fragile and spindly than many other models. My Guardian of Souls is pretty prone to having his arm with the sword breaking.  I get small weapon snaps from my Chainrasps as well. You also need to be pretty careful with Olynder. 

I would highly suggest looking into magnetizing the bases and using metal trays, like tablewar or manga racks from battlefoam, for transportation. Typical foam doesn't work well, as they break quite a bit more often. It was actually the driver to make me switch from foam to trays. The Trays are just better in every way. 

That being said, they tend to stay together fine for the most part. Several units I really have no problems with, like the Grimghasts and Bladegeists.  I have to do some fixes every now and then, but it's not enough that I would consider not playing with them or anything.  Having to fix models on the fly is nothing new, but you might have to do it a tad bit more with some of the Nighthaunts compared to other armies. 

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2 minutes ago, Kirjava13 said:

I've had breakages on both versions of Chaindude, so you're not alone. I've found most to be sturdier than they look though- my biggest problem has been untangling Grimghast Reapers from each other after transport!

Ha! Ain’t that the truth lol

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Generally a 4+ invulnerable save, with a 6+ damage reduction, multiple ways to heal or bring full models back... So no, Nighthaunt are far from fragile.
If anything I get the feeling that they are the start of a new trend where everything is going to get harder and harder to remove and we'll be back to throwing buckets of dice to little or no effect.

Just the other day I got 10 blood reavers into 3 spirit hosts. 30 attacks, hit on 3+ re-rolling 1's (because killing frenzy from slaughterpriest) wounding on 4+ re-rolling 1's (because bloostoker whipped them up for that +3" to ensure they got the charge)
They managed to inflict enough wounds to remove more than all 3 spirit hosts, but my opponent rolled four 6's for damage reduction. leaving one model on 1 HP remaining.  high bravery meant the last one wouldn't flee whatever the dice result, then in his turn returned 1D3 models to the unit bringing it back to full strength. I was disappointed to say the least because I had put in the effort (and rolling all those dice) for nothing. If I had simply ignored them, it would have been faster to end up with the same result.
I really don't want to see AoS turn into the slogfest WHFB once was.

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Nighthaunt can be fragile but it depends on the situation. 

The models are usually quite small and light, therefore when standing freely/moved by the base against elite opponents with high rend they get good saves regardless. 

HOWEVER, they often have thin connections to their bases so when put in traditional storage, like a foam case, against a high volume of attacks they'll melt, due to their saves being unchangeable but only ever a 4+. 

Finally, the sculpts are very intricate with a lot of thin detail and some odd joints, so against mortal wounds we crumble like fine pastry.

Superglue works quite well, especially on Spirit hosts with the Black Coach and spirit torment each recovering d3 models per each of our hero phases :)

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