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  1. Holy moly, I have never been the biggest Skaven fan but these look awesome. I may have to say hello to Captain Queek.
  2. Really like the more sickly green hue here. Makes them seem more grounded and sets them apart from the typical ghost boy look. Looking forward to the rest of the army.
  3. Great start, I think either way is a solid option. Personally I think the green works a little better but it depends on what you are going for. I feel the green gives more a grounded, realistic feel whereas the blue adds a little more fantastical/supernatural feel. Either is a valid route to go, just depends on what you are looking for. Good luck with the project!
  4. I absolutely love the GW combo of Kalalite and Sybarite Green. I have painted SOOOOOO many things black with a sharp edge highlight of one of these two. Painted my Dark Eldar in that scheme years ago and fell in love.
  5. I am all for affordability, but if I am going to spend several hours of my life with a model I guess I am willing to pay a little more to actually enjoy it.
  6. I am honestly surprised the Star Wars games are still going as strong as they are. The Star Wars IP has taken a pretty big hit lately in the larger general audience and I have never seen the appeal of the models. Maybe I am just a GW model snob, but when I picked up some of the Legion models to paint about halfway through I just got disappointed and gave up.
  7. I was first introduced in 5th edition but I took a long break and only got back into the game a little before the End Times.
  8. That is the disappointing part, all we can get to is -2 and like you said that just does not do all that much. I would like to see it pushed a bit more, maybe a spell that gets it down to -3. I know NH has a lot of bravery based attacks but I don't think this would break the game. By contrast, Legion Of Blood by in LoN can get to -3 without sneezing and has a way to conditionally get to -4.
  9. I would love to see a subfaction based around Banshees that veer hard into a Bravery bomb mode of attack. Get a Banshee caster that super debuffs Bravery and maybe some Banshee batteline options and a cool Battalion and you are almost there.
  10. Just fantastic all around. Particularly love the use of the Cawdor bodies. Want to see the whole army put together.
  11. This is very interesting, RAW it does seem to hit charge and retreat moves as well. This does amp up the power level quite a bit.
  12. Fantastic stuff all around man. Love the blending on your spiders. Can't wait to see where this project goes.
  13. Man that was one huge hobby clean up. I have a similar, if smaller, forgotten backlog. Your post got me motivated so I did a little new year fling of my own. Here is what I got rid of: 2 Stormcast halves of the Soul Wars starter 1 Celestant Prime 2 Morghasts 30 or zombies
  14. I have had similar issues. I added some plastic tombstones to buttress some of my ghosts and it also added some much needed weight to the models.
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