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  1. That’s really great advice thank you
  2. Thank you I’ll take a look at that
  3. Hi all, I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I'm at work so not much time to search. I was wondering if there are painting guides in a .pdf format for each individual unit of both Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunts. Quickly browsing through the Battletomes, it doesn't look like these offer guides on a per unit basis. Painting guides on the AoS app doesn't really help either as they are sold out? digital!? or doesn't appear to cover the nighthaunt faction. Any help as always is greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Fantastic! Will pop to my local Warhammer shop and buy today along with some more paints Thanks muchly
  5. Honesty thank you for the detailed reply. I haven't looked at the core book yet so haven’t seen those plans. We just read the core rules, and followed the Battleplan included in that. Huge thanks for highlighting that and I’ll take a look tonight. Naturally we’ve been concentrating on painting the models for now. What happens in the event GW releases a new model/units that post faction tome? Isn’t the tome then out of date?
  6. The core rules include the “first blood” Battleplan. Can anyone recommend the next ideal Battleplan to progress from here? As this BP could go stale with repeated play. We are new to AoS and ideally want to progress slowly so we don’t get bogged down with too many rules. Also, are we better off purchasing the 2018 GHB for more Battleplans or own factions tomes for their Battleplans? This is from an open play perspective whilst we acclimatise All the best
  7. Ha! Ain’t that the truth lol
  8. Will do. Appreciate the recommendations you’ve put forward. Thanks
  9. For Christmas we purchased the Souls Wars box set. This is my first step in to tabletop gaming and miniature collecting. Both sets of characters are incredibly detailed (Stormcast and Nighthaunts) and I’m looking forward to painting these models with my boy over the coming weeks. We’ve started the priming process and applying the base layer to both factions, but have noticed Nighthaunts are so delicate, with arms breaking at the wrists, chains etc. Are these models just a touch too fragile for tabletop gaming?
  10. Thank you Could anyone advise please on the purpose of choosing a general? The Core rules state that you must choose a general and should the general fall, another must be selected from your army. But unless I’m mistaken, the core rules don’t actually state the purpose or benefits of having said general. Many thanks
  11. Thank you Could I possibly ask a couple of questions as there is some ambiguity on a couple of points? When retreating, do you just follow the standard move rules for your unit and can run be a factor? When a unit is engaged in melee combat within 1/2”, can the same unit continue to shoot in the following turn? Effectively attacking twice? All the best for the New Year folks. Here’s hoping it’s a pleasant one for all!
  12. Thanks folks. About to watch some YouTube on playing because nothing beats seeing these things explained. After reading the core rules it’s a mine field
  13. Hi all, Nice to be a part of the community My wife bought my son and I the Souls Wars box set. Lucky us Togther we have built the models and over the course of the next few weeks we’ll paint them We want to have a quick game this afternoon, and we are slowly going through the core rules. What isn’t apparent is why Souls Wars comes with far greater numbers of Nighthaunts over Stormcast? Doesnt this give one of us a distinct advantage in favour of Nighthaunt? The warscrolls stipulate that the stalkers/chainrasps/reapers can have has many chars per unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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