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  1. Glad to see you here as well! We have lots of good quality AoS discussions here compared to Dakka, so you'll fit right in!
  2. Welcome Alpharius! I think you'll find a lot more fruitful AOS discussions over here, rather than Dakka! It's good to have you!
  3. Looking forward to more Lumineth previews, they are starting to shape up to be really cool. I admit I was not a huge fan of the initial models, but I am starting to like them!
  4. To me, Destiny Dice are now really the glue that binds all of our other mechanics together, rather than being a super-tier allegiance ability on it's own. Honestly, it's pretty fair. We have a ton of stacked and powerful mechanics through the DD, Summoning, Agendas, spellcasting and our subfaction abilities. We have to take a hit somewhere. It really is to supplement our other mechanics and guarantee them, or as you said, on a critical roll. I have to admit that I am bummed out by the MoM nerf though, I didn't feel that was needed. The changehost nerf seemed really fair. It is still very powerful and worth the points, just not tier 0 now.
  5. I've been trying to acquire one of the new Chaos Warriors, but no one wants to part with one.
  6. Yeah, I need to convert one up. If you are running a big block of enlightened you want one for sure.
  7. Yeah, a huge amount of "suggestions" in the cancon thread would dumpster the army, and really demonstrates that people can't make rash choices after an event. Nearly all the suggestions are absolute trash. I am honestly not sure if GW is going to even make any major changes during the FAQ. Slaanesh dominated the scene for 7 months before any changes were made, and then it was only light touches to balance it, and it seems to have turned out well. The only thing I forsee going is likely the DD+Battleshock no modifies and perhaps some clarification on the Tzaangor enlightened in battalions. I don't think we've ever seen a post-release FAQ change points costs, so the earliest we have to worry about that will be the summer faq.
  8. Well, it would make sense for skyshoal coven since you are flying over enemies, so they specify that it has to be the ones on discs. That being said, they may FAQ one of the other battalions to be only foot enlightened, which would suck. If they don't put any mention of it in the FAQ we are good to go.
  9. You can, this has been pointed out multiple times, and is even on page 121 with pictures of the relevant rules on why it's possible.
  10. The changeling has the horror hero keyword so it can be a part of the changehost. The list is legal.
  11. When you select horrors, you need to select pink to make them battleline. You split 2 blues for every pink, so in your case you would need 90 to cover all your bases, though it's rare you would need that many on the table at once.
  12. Thanks for the lists! Changehost is coming in strong, no surprise there. I actually really like the Guild of Summoners list, despite it being one of my least favorite covens.
  13. Results from Tempest are looking very good for Tzeentch, with places 2-4 all Tzeentch lists, and all different builds. There was a host duplicious, Conflaguration and a Guild of summoners list.
  14. Where can we get the Tzeentch lists that took 2-4?
  15. It's still very hit or miss. It would be nice if it trickled down a bit more. I live in a pretty large region, and realm spells are pretty much a no-go for the moment. Due to that, it's still a point that needs to be considered.
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