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  1. This feels pretty accurate to me. I imagine the other half is going to be a "Deathrattle"ish army. The Skeleton models are really old, and the Skeleton warband points to some pretty good looking models. As much as I would love them to bring back half the tomb king lineup, since I have an entire tub bubblewrapped and stored away, I don't think it's ever going to happen.
  2. 1/2 Splintered Fangs/Untamed Beasts 3/4/5 Corvus/Unmade/Cypher lords 6 Iron Golems Splintered Fangs are my favorite. I love the aesthetic, and I hope we see some more stuff in line with it. Really, the only one that feels a bit lackluster is the iron golems. I think with all the cool models that are KO style, they could have done a lot more cool stuff with the Iron Golems. They just seem super generic.
  3. Anyone know when the digital points are supposed to drop?
  4. Cogs went to 80, Geminids to 60. As for the points, I have to say it's pretty disappointing. I think we needed some steeper drops. I would have liked both the GoS and Spirit Torment to have gone down 20 each.
  5. Yeah, I think making the Legion of Grief be the nighthaunt faction in LoN, and then Nighthaunt/LoN being allies to the rest of the armies in LoN is really the only way to fix it. Then they are only really balancing two armies, instead of 3.
  6. I think the main issue is unlike any army, GW is really balancing 3 armies with Nighthaunt. LoN, LoG and Nighthaunt. This makes balance, ridiculously hard. As we know, Grimghasts were fine in NH, but broken in LoN. Now they have to balance points to account for LoG as well. As long as this exists in this current form, I think Nighthaunt will likely never be balanced as a solo tome.
  7. I still don't get T. revs being priced at 80 points for five, I was sure they were going to get a point drop or major rules change.
  8. I mean, this at least had to be expected right? It's how all the other 2.0 battletomes had been written. I'm going to let all the Sylvaneth super generals figure everything out, but Winterleaf looks really good to me.
  9. It really doesn't feel like it to me. Most of the books besides Fec/Skaven this year (barring gloomspite) seem pretty close to each other, with those two being absurdly strong. That being said I am still anticipating pretty massive points drops for a lot of the earlier armies.
  10. I imagine there has to be some kind of limit to summoning, otherwise it will be lopsided in some armies favor at 1k points.
  11. Warscroll changes would be fantastic. They've seemed a bit hesitant to do that too much so far, but it would be nice.
  12. Looks like the general's handbook is next month, I think we will be getting some serious love, except maybe the Grimghast reapers. What does everyone else think?
  13. I think everyone would have preferred some new kits with Fyreslayers (Named characters, Salamander rider cavalry?) But they did a really good job with what they had, similar to FEC, Balance issues aside.
  14. Well, I managed to get three halves of Looncurse, so I am hoping Sylvaneth turn out awesome! I've always liked the models, except for the dryads. So I am hoping a Revanant/Spite list will be good in the new book.
  15. I think this is the wrong direction. AoS right now is much better balanced than 40k. Going down this path is a poor choice, and has the potential to ruin immersion, balance, and the style that AoS has going for it.
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