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  1. It really doesn't feel like it to me. Most of the books besides Fec/Skaven this year (barring gloomspite) seem pretty close to each other, with those two being absurdly strong. That being said I am still anticipating pretty massive points drops for a lot of the earlier armies.
  2. I imagine there has to be some kind of limit to summoning, otherwise it will be lopsided in some armies favor at 1k points.
  3. Warscroll changes would be fantastic. They've seemed a bit hesitant to do that too much so far, but it would be nice.
  4. Looks like the general's handbook is next month, I think we will be getting some serious love, except maybe the Grimghast reapers. What does everyone else think?
  5. I think everyone would have preferred some new kits with Fyreslayers (Named characters, Salamander rider cavalry?) But they did a really good job with what they had, similar to FEC, Balance issues aside.
  6. Well, I managed to get three halves of Looncurse, so I am hoping Sylvaneth turn out awesome! I've always liked the models, except for the dryads. So I am hoping a Revanant/Spite list will be good in the new book.
  7. I think this is the wrong direction. AoS right now is much better balanced than 40k. Going down this path is a poor choice, and has the potential to ruin immersion, balance, and the style that AoS has going for it.
  8. That Box seems like a great spot if you are collecting either army. Combine a few of the Sylvaneth halfs and their start collecting and you pretty much have a near complete army.
  9. I disagree with this, I think they clearly have a long-term strategy in mind. The issue is that they do have to mix in New splash releases with the old releases, so that they can maintain YoY growth. I think the updates to 2ed tomes so far demonstrate that they have thought this through with a multi-year plan. For instance, updating a perceived unpopular army like Fyreslayers, may not be an immediate return on investment, so they have to hedge these bets with new releases like Slaanesh. As for the Rumor, I can believe most of it. If the new boxset is Sylvaneth vs Gloomspite, then it only makes sense that Sylvaneth would be getting a release a la FEC/Skaven.
  10. The no mortals part blows. I am really surprised they didn't include at least a single kit or dual kit for mortals. That deflates some of the excitement from me, for sure.
  11. I think you hit the nail on the head here. This mechanic is not widespread at all, and it's not problematic either. We have a single case where it is an issue, and you already pointed it out.
  12. Ironjawz are plenty popular to remain a stand-alone army, but the range is very limited, and there are some noted issues with selection. Bonesplitterz are not popular enough to remain a stand alone army (IMO) and there doesn't seem to be a greenskin LON style book on the way. This is why they would be getting rolled into Ironjawz and not the other way around.
  13. I did say some consolidation work, not all. That being said, Bonesplittarz would aesthetically roll into Ironjawz much easier than Fyreslayers would in the other Duradin armies. For FEC, the LoN book had already come out, and FEC was considered a popular enough stand alone army to keep it's book. I don't think the same thing could be said for Bonesplittaz
  14. I would honestly be surprised if Bonesplitterz got their own tome again. 2.0 Seems to have been doing some consolidation work, and I think they could be rolled into IronJawz pretty easy.
  15. I think it's probably more likely that Blackstone Fortress and the Warbands go up, but I would be down for Slaanesh too!
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