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  1. Well, it would make sense for skyshoal coven since you are flying over enemies, so they specify that it has to be the ones on discs. That being said, they may FAQ one of the other battalions to be only foot enlightened, which would suck. If they don't put any mention of it in the FAQ we are good to go.
  2. You can, this has been pointed out multiple times, and is even on page 121 with pictures of the relevant rules on why it's possible.
  3. The changeling has the horror hero keyword so it can be a part of the changehost. The list is legal.
  4. When you select horrors, you need to select pink to make them battleline. You split 2 blues for every pink, so in your case you would need 90 to cover all your bases, though it's rare you would need that many on the table at once.
  5. Thanks for the lists! Changehost is coming in strong, no surprise there. I actually really like the Guild of Summoners list, despite it being one of my least favorite covens.
  6. Results from Tempest are looking very good for Tzeentch, with places 2-4 all Tzeentch lists, and all different builds. There was a host duplicious, Conflaguration and a Guild of summoners list.
  7. Where can we get the Tzeentch lists that took 2-4?
  8. It's still very hit or miss. It would be nice if it trickled down a bit more. I live in a pretty large region, and realm spells are pretty much a no-go for the moment. Due to that, it's still a point that needs to be considered.
  9. Nah, someone earlier in the forum tracked down that you ignore the bottom text for battalions, so you're good.
  10. Again though, to even get the fate points required you already have a very heavy spellcasting army. you are already going to have at least nine casts and unbinds, usually more since you can fail or have them unbinded to even generate the fate points needed to summon them consistently. When you are adding 2-4 more spellcasts/unbindings (Even if they are higher quality) in a list that is already likely generating 11-12 consistently you are just reaching a point where the LoC are not adding near as much value to the army. It also seems much more difficult to bring a battalion, which is a bit of a downside. We have so many powerful artifacts locked behind one. As for realm spells, a lot of tournaments and places still don't allow them, for whatever reason. This unfortunately something that varies significantly from area to area, so you can't count on that until it becomes standard.
  11. Yes, they all get two spells, but since they only get one lore spell and infernal gateway, means that start hit the diminishing returns on arcane bolt and mystic shield unless you are packing a lot endless spells. The dispelling multiple endless spells is the same situation. Besides Tzeentch very few armies run that many endless spells. I'll often see 1-2 max, and that's if you didn't dispell it in the first place. Even the two dispels is the same thing. Most armies aren't casting 6 spells a turn. Additionally, you are adding all this spell-casting power, to the army that has already been geared to casting a lot of spells to generate the fate points for summoning. It starts to be less and less optimal because of this. Again, the reality is that the first LoC is incredibly powerful, and force multiplier, but you get diminishing returns when you have multiple, and as of right now I don't see that the benefit is worth it over the power that some of the other covens offer.
  12. I think the main problem is that you get diminishing returns with LoC, unlike most of the other greater daemons out there. I think that's the only reason why this coven exists, is because GW understood that multiple LoC really arn't that scary and fate points are relatively hard to come by. So yeah, while you are technicallly getting 760 points worth of units, I don't really think they are worth the points after the first one.
  13. Sometimes I do think GW overreacts a bit. I think the worst case was nerfing the cast range addition for all endless spells because of Morathi....
  14. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking as well. I only have 1 LoC and I have him with the sword right now. I haven't decided if I am going to get a second LoC and/or Kairos yet.
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