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  1. Yeah me too. My gut feeling is we won't start getting stuff until halfway through October though
  2. Looks like it. I have to admit that Salamander character is Ace though!
  3. Anyone else not a fan of the Kurnothi models? I have a Sylvaneth army, and these guys just really don't do it for me. Which is unusual, as I have liked most everything that AoS and Shadespire has put out.
  4. I am curious myself how they are going to change up the Morghasts warscrolls with the new tome. While they are somewhat effective now, they are a bit boring. I am of the opinion that they are going to get a major warscroll change in the new book. I at least hope so. I would not advise anyone to purchase them until after the new tome is out, for sure. Right now the superior configuration seems to always be the Harbingers+halberds. The 5+ mortal wound save isn't enough to really keep them around. You have to make use of them quickly, and they need to do a lot of damage so it's always the Harbingers. The extra reach is also preferred because these are pretty big models and bases. it's not worth the risk of not getting in your attacks. TLDR: Halberds and Harbingers, because they are a glass cannon and you want to get them in fast and deal as much damage as possible.
  5. Yeah, I don't think anyone here is complaining. I just didn't know if there was a reason he had not updated in a while. This makes a lot of sense. I hope LLV comes back, as this was a huge resource for tracking the meta and lists!
  6. All, Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but as anyone noticed that the honest wargamer hasn't updated it's stats section for a few months now? Did something happen, or am I missing something? It feels like the site hasn't been updated in a while.
  7. This actually makes a ton of sense, and I could totally see this being the case.
  8. I agree, I think the only thing we are getting from the main LoN tome is going to be Morghats, Arkhan and maybe Nagash.
  9. I imagine Morghasts will be available as a choice no matter what the army composition. The only characters I see affected by that could be Arkhan and maybe nagash. I am hoping this tome goes more the FEC and 2.0 tome route with the various Courts or whatever they will be called in this case, and does not follow the NH style where you are stuck with just one.
  10. I am guessing that the Halberd version will have a longer reach, since they have halberds. I am hoping the shields also do more than just something static. It would be nice to have something static+ maybe adding a bonus to LoS or something? That would be cool. I am curious if the blender version will have the two armed option for the whole squad as well. I would like that, as more options are always welcome!
  11. I really like the Halberd variation, but I wonder if it is going to be worth it over taking the sword variation. I really want to get a look at some of the rules!
  12. I think something Blood focused would be the way to go. Blood endless Spells, Crimsion Knights, and mechanics revolving around lifestealing would be really cool, I think, as well as maybe a t heme of darkness and night. Could Incorporate Nightmares and other style Night horrors. In tradtional GW naming, we could call this the Sanguinic Blood Nox Tribunal
  13. I am a bit surprised nobody has translated up the Bonetithe Nexus rules. Granted, it may just be too difficult to make out anything.
  14. No, that's the first picture to feature it.
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