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  1. I doubt it. FEC are too unique to get rolled into another battletome at this point. If anything, I suspect it's going to be the removal of the Legions of Nagash and rolling the remaining units in Soulblight. They put Nagash in Bonereapers, and I think they'll probably put him in each death battletome as well going forward.
  2. I hope to see a new Vlad Model at some point. They've been brining amount fair amount of old world, and an updated Vlad sculpt would be amazing. They did such an amazing job with Sigvald. My personal guess is that we'll see all the remains from LoN that haven't been ported over to other books ported into this one. The new Skeletons from the cursed city give me hope of a new kit, as they look amazing. I'm expecting the same for Zombies as well. And of course, give me some badass vamps. The Underworlds models look fantastic, I just want to see more of them!
  3. I was really excited to jump into this with how amazing the models look, but with the rules the way they are, I think I'm going to sit back and see what kind of builds emerge over the next few months, and probably pick up from there, at least on the mortal side.
  4. This feels like it's going to be a a full reveal of the rest of the LRL models coming with the Broken Realms book, and a tease of the Soulblight stuff. We were not even really supposed to know the Soulblight Gravelords were coming, until the "Leak" (Which I suspect was GW anyway). I want to say the Soulblight stuff seems like it's at least a few months away. I don't think it'll be out until after Cursed city, and we don't really even know when that's supposed to come out? I'd say May at the very earliest, but that seems optimistic.
  5. Big Yikes with some of these new mortal units. Not sure what GW was thinking here. Such a stunning miniature range, but the rules are just terrible on the surface level. Really hoping it plays better than the initial read is leading me to believe.
  6. I'm really hoping for Depravity that they do like they did with the Khorne book, so that you have options. I was really suprised when Tzeentch and Slaanesh only got summoning for their mechanics. There is usually a few articles a day, so maybe we'll get one with some rules a little later.
  7. Well Aware, thanks. That's fair. The cav being more expensive is a bit of a s uprise,
  8. Oh, did you find some updated pricing that's diffrent from the other page?
  9. I can't imagine it being any sooner with the way they are structuring releases.
  10. Yeah, the new Keeper is probably among my 10 ten models GW has made of all time, and I don't even play Slaanesh. It is stunning for sure I also tend to agree they did a pretty good job with the most recent wave, and I'm hoping it sold well enough to justify a second wave at some point before too long.
  11. What do people think of Stalkers now that they had their points lowered?
  12. Glad to see you here as well! We have lots of good quality AoS discussions here compared to Dakka, so you'll fit right in!
  13. Welcome Alpharius! I think you'll find a lot more fruitful AOS discussions over here, rather than Dakka! It's good to have you!
  14. Looking forward to more Lumineth previews, they are starting to shape up to be really cool. I admit I was not a huge fan of the initial models, but I am starting to like them!
  15. To me, Destiny Dice are now really the glue that binds all of our other mechanics together, rather than being a super-tier allegiance ability on it's own. Honestly, it's pretty fair. We have a ton of stacked and powerful mechanics through the DD, Summoning, Agendas, spellcasting and our subfaction abilities. We have to take a hit somewhere. It really is to supplement our other mechanics and guarantee them, or as you said, on a critical roll. I have to admit that I am bummed out by the MoM nerf though, I didn't feel that was needed. The changehost nerf seemed really fair. It is sti
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