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  1. I think people are going to be unhappy about Ethereal. Expect them to tighten the wording up, because one of the staff made undead models has ethereal and a shield and the description says the shield is only for show and useless because it is ethereal. Also, the Skaven heroes will likely have to be FAQ’d because they don’t have <skaventide> as a keyword, like all Skaven get. Fairly important. I’ll show off my Skavenbomb model later; Squealroy Warpkin. He’s a slingshot suicide bomb to be dropped in the opponents army. Expect him to do more damage than a tooled up Corruptor with the Fourfold Blade in a Legions army. Also 400pts...
  2. So I’m getting the book this afternoon. If I’m creative...can I make a Khorne daemon (Herald) on a dragon of Khorne OR a Slaanesh Daemon (also a Herald) on something that I can make count as a hero on a monstrous steed of slaanesh? That’s my aim.
  3. Honestly, all I care about right now is if I can lop off my Carnosaur’s arms, switch on a troglodon head, sling a Daemonette upon its back and have a Herald on Greater Steed (honestly, being able to put her on any giant critter will meet my needs, as R&C or wings are good enough for me). Or a Bloodletter Herald on a Dragon. Whichever. I have plans either way.
  4. And per what we know, 20 destiny points used is a 200pt hero. 40 destiny points is 400pt hero.
  5. A link would be awesome if that’s allowed...if it’s not, totally cool. I’m trying to navigate 4chan and it’s worse than when I was in college. I wanna pour bleach on my brain. So a direct link to the hero creation leaks would be great (again, if allowed. I saw pics aren’t but hope links are ok).
  6. I’m thinking: Verminlord Corruptor general Epidemius Two Soul Grinders Three plague furnaces One 30 man PB unit and two more units with size depending on points. Turtle up and let Epidemius‘s tally make everything better. If nothing else, it won’t be expected and that’s a LOT of Nurgle firepower that gets a hefty improvement fast. And Corruptors can do serious damage in close range. Tournament level? Nah. Possibly mean in a casual pickup game? Yup. Host from WotE included, of course.
  7. I think the only thing this really prevents is Verminlord Seer or Nurgle Legion of Chaos Ascendent and similar stuff; 5+/5++/5++/5++. Now it’s 5+/5++ and that’s it. GW made it very clear they don’t want unkillable Death Stars anymore. We shouldn’t either. A 2+/3++ re-rollable ScreamerStar was fun in 40k tournaments and abusive everywhere else because you couldn’t lose with it. This is a strategy game, not a “click, I win”. I PLAY Chaos, in every form except Beasts, and I appreciate these changes. Including the Realm artifacts. And yes, i day that as a player who felt a thermal-rider cloaked Keeper was an auto include before.
  8. The way it’s written you get armor save AND disgustingly resilient. You just can’t add more than that. Pretty sure people are mis-panicking.
  9. What edition was THAT from?! I played 5th-End Times (5th was Empire only) and have never seen something like what you described. And I’m the kind of player who would have looked for a combo like that!
  10. So I totally misread, I thought the book was due out tomorrow (or today, for those of us in the US who have Independence Day tomorrow). Didn’t realize it’s due out next week. First GHB I’ve REALLY been looking forward to.
  11. Herohammer hadn’t been a true problem in fantasy since 5th edition. And in 40k, which AoS is more similar to now...8th edition with command points and such has been more hero hammer than previous iterations where you just buy upgraded gear and slap it on somebody. The previous incarnations of hero building for both systems was far more fair than it is now in 40k. AoS...customization is a general’s trait and an artifact at most. I sincerely doubt you’ll be able to buy Archaon a chariot pulled by one of each of the 4 (make that 5!) greater daemons or anything ridiculous like that.
  12. Are you familiar with the old way? Have a standard hero on foot; pay X points to upgrade him to have a mount, either horse, manticore, dragon, griffin, etc. He has a basic sword and no armor. Pay points for flail, halberd, ranged weapon, armor, shield, etc. Had a limit on points for buying magic weapons/artifacts (AoS has a limit of 1 built in, plus bonus artifacts based on battalions). There’s no reason that can’t exist: I buy this hero for 80pts bare bones, give him a horse for +20, a Lance for +10 that does bonus damage on a charge, and improve his armor from 6+ to 4+ for 25pts. My character costs 135pts. Oh, now I spend my artifact allotment on giving him the sword of judgement. How is that broken? It just adds a bit of flavor that has been missing for 5yrs now.
  13. Everyone saying character customization would break things...we HAD character customization in WHFB all the way through, and also in 40k through 7th. Character creation didn’t break those games. Actually, Daemons in fantasy in 7th had the least customization and they’re the ones that broke fantasy. So I’m sure GW could do customization again without issue.
  14. The only bonus to giving the Pink Horrors bonus spells is if you have Kairos or any other guys who steal spells; gives them a larger pool to work with. That’s why you give the Pinks extra spells where possible.
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