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  1. Sigvald is a hunter killer missile. Point, click, destroy and expect him to be wiped in retaliation. He’s a one-use nuke. Have other general(s). At 1k, he can cripple an army on his own in Lurid Haze if used correctly. Use Hellstriders as battleline for long objective steals, Sigvald as a missile, Synessa and Masque as other generals, Cogs to give Syn an extra spell or Sigvald more range, and two Hellstrider units for objectives. It’s not a lot, but it should blend pretty well at that point size.
  2. I’d also like to suggest maybe the Chaos Lord would be better replaced by the Sorcerer Lord, I’d you’re going competitively. Most people swear combining him with Archaon.
  3. Play to the Blood Tithe. Throw ten warriors, they fight when they die so you always get their attacks. Throw them at a wizard or something, or a target they’re likely to simultaneously wipe each other. Get the points, build toward a Thirster. Or army buffs. I’m not expecting them to kill an army on their own. That would be insane. But a 26” range does effectively control where your opponent puts characters, and everything eventually falls under the weight of dice. with the way battalions work now, Khorne (sadly) should be all about the MSU and weight of dice. Hordes of Bloodthirsty cannibals that die to bring about boosts and Thirsters.
  4. The Stoker may be the most important character there is in a Goretide list. 26” charge range on Warriors and Reavers can make for a crippling strike if your opponent doesn’t know about it.
  5. Cypher lords actually get a mark now, apparently, according to S2D page. It’s in the newest WD update
  6. Skarbrand can have up to 3A with Carnage…removing one is still getting hit in the face with two.
  7. I wish I had the disposable income for this right now, I’d take it in a heartbeat. If I can sell some stuff quickly to open funds, I’d love to have it
  8. Anyone else excited for Bladeborn? Looks like we can essentially use the Dread Pagent in WarCry-lite. I see no reason why we can’t pit them against existing WarCry bands as the cards look identical in style to me. $50 Barnes and Noble pickup. Day-one purchase for me. Let’s me use a Sphyrinx, Spire Tyrants, Untamed Beasts, Dread Pagent, Eyes of 9, Garrek’s Reavers, krugah’s Ravagers, Godsworn Hunt and Ghasrak’s all in a tiny standalone game. Super exited.
  9. Yeah, wording is important. If it said “fight an additional time”, you would have been good.
  10. Next up is gonna be a Doombull with two axes made out of Bloodthirster leftover bits with modified bullgor torso. Not as hard as it sounds, if you have a Skarbrand box you have extra legs which is the tough bit. oh, and this is going to be for sale when it’s finished.
  11. So I just wanted to share my finished work here (Khorne thread not as active). That unpainted Valkia conversion I shared is finished. And she has a Slaanesh daemon on her shield, so I’m claiming “countsies” lol.
  12. I must be in the minority, because I actually think the Blades of Khorne book is very well designed. You can go INSANE horde, monster mash, or elite troops. The problem isn’t that book, it’s books like Luminoth, Seraphon or Tzeentch that pulled out the hallucinogens when writing. I’m primarily a Slaanesh fan. But I can admit our book, in a vacuum, doesn’t have the internal synergy of BoK. also, the new app is up in beta and it’s awesome.
  13. I’d actually like to see the Blood Tithe go to “before the game starts, declare whether you’ll use it to provide buffs or summon” and see each of the other 3 god specific books gain a similar table with that option. I hope it doesn’t go away
  14. So I’ve had to take a hobby break from Slaanesh (I keep multiple projects to avoid army burnout). Finally finished sculpting my Valkia the Bloody conversion since an awesome guy on FB sent me some DoK wings. Shameless plug of my work (painted pictures to follow soon). Just have to sand down some edges that were sculpted last night.
  15. Next picture will be fully painted. Sculpting is done, made a few small changes to feet area and the shield. Had to fix the horns
  16. Is there any use to Valkia under new rules? Currently finishing up a conversion of her edit: kind of answered my own question. Debuffs to hit and wound, has an innate 3+ and can give morale refills (risky). Definitely have a place for this Valkyrie.
  17. Personally, I have 25 of the buggers and did 15 spears, 10 whips.
  18. Daemon Prince of Nurgle or Verminlord Corruptor can both stay close by with ease. Between the new rules for Spoilpox and Bilepiper, followed by staying close to a prince or Verminlord (or both), Plague Drones get a metric ton of attacks.
  19. And…done. Lord of Slaanesh, Lord of Pain, w/e…ready to hit the table. only good Stormcast is one that joins chaos (he wanted cookies) 😂
  20. Finally got my hands on the free Vindictor yesterday. Meet my second Lord of Pain, or Lord of Slaanesh. Whichever. Started priming, but got called away in the middle of it. as a chaos player, I am absolutely loving the new Stormcast models!
  21. I posted this in the Slaanesh side (they were talking about it, and I’m mostly a Slaanesh player). You can’t pick to wound blues if there are pinks left. You can’t damage brims if blues are left. What if the unit is purchased only with pinks and brims? Wipe the brims first, have the pinks survive. Ablative wounds until the end. Can make the unit last a lot longer. And if brims die and you bring models back…why not bring back pinks? Loophole? I think so. And RAW, i think it works
  22. You know what’s great about that pink horror wording? You can’t remove blues if any pinks are alive. You can’t remove any brimstones if blues are alive. RAW, you CAN remove brimstones if pinks are alive…blues are dead, long live pink/brim units!
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