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I've always had an undying love for greenskins, my first army was Orks for 40k 3rd edition, and when I got back into the hobby again with 8th ed Fantasy after a hiatus I collected an Orcs and Goblins army with heavy focus on Night Goblins.
Now with GW having announced Gloomspite Gitz, I'm super stoked about starting a new Grot army for Age of Sigmar. I've always loved the Night Goblins/Moonclan the most, they're so characterful and mischievous and these new models are fantastic.

So to get me prepared I went out and got the Zarbag's Gitz warband box to use as test models for the new army.
I painted up this test model last night.


First order of business was to figure out the colour of the robes, I want a colour scheme that is relatively quick and easy to paint as this is a horde army after all. I was thinking of various way of painting black (grey with black washes), but in the end I settled on dark blue robes. Both to do something a bit different from the studio paint scheme but also because blue is easier to paint than black.

The recipe I went for is Kantor Blue, highlighted with Teclis Blue, then shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade followed by a highlight of Teclis and final highlight with Lothern Blue.

Next up is probably the most important part of a greenskin army, namely the skin! I have a standard recipe I use for greenskin skin which is based on Deathworld Forest, but I wanted to try something new this time so I've based it on a recipe from a fellow on instagram called quarterpaint.

It's Waagh Flesh followd by highlights of Skarnik Green and Cadia Flesh on noses, knuckles and lips. Then shaded with Athonian Camoshade with higlights of Skarnik Green mixed up to Ushabiti Bone.
The flesh coloured parts are washed with Army Painter Red wash and then highlighted with Cadia Flesh and Whych Flesh.

The rest of the model is quite standard, I try to limit the colour palette in my army schemes, I'm using yellow for details as is appropriate for moonclan .


For me basing is a very important step of my armies, they help a lot with telling the story I envision for the army. I wanted my army to advance through a deep mossy forest to give them a dark fairy tale feel inspired by John Bauer, Paul Bonner and the forests around here in Sweden. 
The initial story I have in mind for the army is that they are emerging from the mountains they live in to seek out the bad moon. Nothing elaborate right now, but something to get my mind going.

I'm using tufts from a german company called Mini Natur (fantastic stuff) and clump foliage that I pat down with watered down PVA glue. 

I'm very happy with how the test model turned out. Hopefully it will be relatively quick to paint on a large scale, but it feels doable. A nice thing about Moonclan Grots is that they don't have that much detail and different elements on them, it's mainly robes and skin.

Next step of business is to finish the Zarbag's Gitz, I also need to figure out a colour scheme for the Squigs, which is important since I intend to have a large portion of them in the army.

Until next time!

Ps. saw this on my way to work today, a good sign!

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Two more gitz are finished, just need to base them. 


I also started on a squig. I had many woes about how I should paint them before I eventually settled on orange. 


Edit: finished up the squig. Like the way he turned out. Should go well with the blue of the grots. 

He looks proper mean and hungry. 


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I finally finished painting Zarbag’s Gotz last night. Still have the basing to do but I’m so impatient and wanted to share them anyway.

I had a lot of fun painting this group. I hope the scheme translates reasonably well to batch painting .

I think I will start with a unit of 20 stabbas. Squigs and monsters should be fun and relatively easy. It’s the horde I’m worried about. 






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