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  1. I think they can be any size you want. But from what i read; bigger is less practical. Im goint to make them either 32 or 40mm, so i have some space to add cool things. Btw ive seen batreps where they used a whole temple from Garden of Morr as gs, so anything goes really.
  2. Love that blightknight!
  3. Awesome miniatures. Which brand are those?
  4. Very nice! You seem to paint very fast! Care to share the wet blood look on those horses?
  5. The coolest thing ever! Really love this one. Great work.
  6. So you glue them on a stick basically? Do you have a pic?
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering how you guys paint knights/riders. I mean how do you hold them? Normal infantry or something can be stuck on a base and are thus easy to hold, but riders dont have that. I want to start painting my vampire dragon rider, but holding the mini in my hands while painting just doesnt work great. Especially since its a metal model. Ive seen peeps use the blue poster stuff, but havent tried that. What do you use and what do you consider best? Is there a difference between metal and plastic here? Thanks!
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