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  1. Fantastic scheme and painting! Looking forward to seeing more.
  2. I decided to go with my gut and pick up some Soulblight stuff. It was fun exploring and agonising over all the alternatives though, laying in bed trying to sleep while my brain is debating the pros and cons of faction xyz. You all know the feeling i'm sure. Got some minis on the way, and will likely start a painting blog here at some point. Thanks for all the excellent advice! I knocked up a 1K list to work towards and practice with, as follows - Allegiance: Soulblight - Bloodline: Swift Death Mortal Realm: Ulgu Vampire Lord (140) - General - Mount: Nightmare - Trait: Transfix - Artefact: The Saccharine Goblet - Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference 5 x Blood Knights (240) 5 x Blood Knights (240) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 6 x Vargheists (320) Total: 1000 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 69 Looking forward to my AoS adventure.
  3. Hi! Just after one of the characters from the Coven Throne. Maybe someone has them knocking about if they built theirs as a Mortis Engine. Its the Vamp with the dagger i'm after specifically, as seen here - COVEN THRONE/MORTIS ENGINE HANDMAINDEN B - Bits and Kits Bits suppliers seem to be perrenially out of stock of anything useful. Cheers!
  4. Do we know what the Troggoth specific battalion grants yet?
  5. Yeah! Thinking that I might have to wait for this battletome before I can decide!
  6. Wow, they look amazing. Love the new look Squig Hoppers too, as an aside.
  7. Indeed, I'm thinking they are a bit bulky but the playstyle probably fits.
  8. What's the BCR? Troggoths would be a cool theme! Would that be Chaos or destruction? Sorry for my ignorance. You'll have to talk slowly to me as I've been away from GW for about 18 months.
  9. With all due respect, that's up to me. Looking for suggestions for small, elite armies as I know very little about the game. Then will narrow it down from there. I generally prefer an agressive, fast moving playstyle. I used to play thunderwolf cavalry in 40k, so that might be a reasonable frame of reference? Something hard hitting. Thanks for getting back to me though!
  10. Hi! Sorry another day, another topic about starting a new army. I posted this on the Reddit too for maximum advice coverage I've had a sudden flash of inspiration to pick up an AoS army as a little project; but I really want a small army, preferably one which is made up of mostly (if not entirely) infantry models. No large centrepieces, no chariots, no wings etc. Just infantry dudes I can sling in 1 KR case and get the bus with. I've sort of narrowed it down to Ironjawz and Soulblight, however Soulblight does break my no big models, no wings rule. I've also got Blightkings and Skullcrusher cav heavy lists floating about in my head. Anything else I haven't thought of? I'm not super into the Stormcast or Clan Skyre vibe, the models are cool though. They were also suggested as alternatives. But more outside the box ideas welcomed! I won't be playing tournaments or anything so it doesn't need to be super competitive. As for models, people say play what you like the look of, which is great advice! I've been collecting on and off for nearly 20 years so own a few bits and bobs from various factions. But essentially I kinda like elements from every faction. The army size is the key thing for me at the mo. Thanks and happy new year!
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