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Blood for the Blood God !


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Hi everyone ;)

I didn't see that part of the forum before, so here I am now.

I'm a new player from France, I used to play 40k 15 years ago. When a friend told me he was playing AoS I wasn't hard to convince, especially when he told me that the "square units" disappeared, and now I am starting to play with him and his friends.

It took me a lot of time to choose an army, I fell in love with Beastclaw (models, everwinter rules and lore) but I wasn't able to make a list I like because of the smaaaall number of models in those armies.

Then I bought Tzeentch book and changed my mind because I didn't like flamers models and a few others things. 

Then Seraphon, even if I didn't want to play Order. I like dinosaurs, pterosaurs and lizards a lot irl ^^. My problem was first that I didn't like Slan models and warscrolls, that now is even mrore a problem with v2 summoning rules. And I didn't like saurus and skinks models... hum.

And a few times later, I took a starting box with a few khorne models (3 blood warriors and 5 blood reavers) and SCe models. And I fell in love with painting these modern models that were soooo much more fun with a lot of details and a so much better quality than the old 40k models I painted in 2000-2003. And I lile all the hero models of this army.

Then I took the box with SCE and Bloodbound. And exhanged the SCE half with my friend. And started to buy soooo much more models that I can paint ^^.

First games were really coooool and I'm glad of all these changes. According to lore I wanted to be able to summon daemons without paying points, and GW changed the rules in that way. Then I started to play Karanak as a proxy, experiencing problems to summons hounds with the old rules, and GW changed Karanak's rules.

So far, so coooool.

I know Khorne isn't the best competitive army these days, but I still like to paint and play it. 

And here I am, reading a lot on this forum (thank you all), on Facebook and in White Dwarf, and watching a few wargamerOnline videos.

Sorry for that long long post, and for my english (I'm french, I warned you ^^).

And thanks to everyone that participate to the hobby, by playing, by selling, by making websites, by sharing pics of their models, or by just talking on forums like this one (if someone read all of it till this last phrase ^^).



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