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  1. seems a very fun warband that has a very different playstyle from the other warbands. i’m excited.... but i’m always excited for a new release 🤪
  2. can you maybe elaborate on how and what you mix? i am more inclined to mix also, but since i only just recently started collecting nurgle, dont know where to start. i was thinking of a strong base of blight kings, supported by harbinger and lord of plagues and that combined with some daemons;; guo, plaguebearers and possibly some drones.
  3. wow, these look great! I especially like the white robes!
  4. couldn’t agree more. Support your local game store. I game mostly at a GW store and practically buy everything there or order online and let it ship to the local GW.
  5. Not really an expert, but i would expect to see a Darkoath release, this i base in part on the Shadespire war band announcement. And ofcourse the Gitz and Slaanesh releases.
  6. I really like these changes. I was struggling for some time to find the value of WD (for me personally) and always found it a bit 'meh', but with these changes I will probably take a subscription (for the first time).
  7. i have been lurking in this topic for a long time (it's quite an inspiration to keep painting, seeing all your beautiful painted models!) and think it's time I also post some images of two of my warbands
  8. No new stuff for me unfortunately, but i'm going to get me some Nurgle goodness from my Christmas money. At least a second (and maybe also third) great unclean one, looking forward to building (and painting) them!
  9. A friendly welcome from a fellow Khorne player from the Netherlands (who recently also started playing nurgle...;)
  10. Wow, this is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing more! :D
  11. very good and helpfull video. havent seen it before, thanks! i started with khorne mortals, fell into a lot of trap units as described by heywoah and moved to a combined mortal / daemon force i’m pretty happy with, but it remains it pretty tough army for me (also my first army).
  12. Patrick


    wow, amazing! love the base and the paintjob.
  13. With the summer holidays fast approaching I was wondering: if you go on a holiday vacation, do you take any models and paint with you? I never have (didn't cross my mind tbh), but why not? I can see myself painting in a nice Spanish holiday home with a beer or two (i'm from the Netherlands btw). What about you guys? And if you do take AOS stuff with you.. what do you take?
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