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  1. GW published a good article about this kind of issues : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/ With a graphic called "Sequence of play principles": source : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/#gallery-8
  2. According to FAQ (Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Core Rules & Base Sizes - Designers Commentary), it seems to be : concerning the moment in the combat phase, it's up to the player currently playing his turn. which globally means : in your turn you will choose it to happen before any unit attacks in the normal combat sequence, in your opponent turn it'll be after every unit has fought in the normal combat sequence. it will always be after the "start of phase" abilities and before the "end of phase" abilities. Because "during the phase" means "after the start of the phase and before the end of phase"
  3. Ok, it seems it is just a bug in WH AOS app that doesn't allow us to do so 😞 thanks !
  4. But command trait is given after set up, when you say who is your general.
  5. Ok, that seems legit to build all the army and choices before battle ;). Thanks for the detailed answer and rules quote. But, what about giving a KHORNE artefact to a hero that only get that keyword on set up ? Even if the decision is done before the set up, do the unit get the keyword soon enough to be elligible to the artefact ?
  6. I can't figure out in the rules, when is the artefact chosen ? During the set up or before the set up ? For example, I'm building a Khorne army and want a Lord of Chaos on Manticore. He is a Slaves to Darkness but he gets the KHORNE keyword when set up. So I think he is not considered an ally. If the artifact is given "before the set up", so we can't give a KHORNE artefact to the Chaos Lord on Manticore, because he hasn't the KHORNE keyword already. If it's "during the set up", so we can give hime KHORNE artefacts, and we can choose a different artefact when we see the opponent's army list. Someone knows more about it ? I just found that we choose the Command Trait after the set up, so he can get it after receiving the keyword AND I can choose it after I see my opponent army. But I can't find this information about the artefact choice.
  7. I'm not sure about that answer. Before GHB'18, every command ability had to be used by the General. So it was mentionned in the ability rule. For me, every command ability written befoire GhB'18 mention that the model has to be the general, and it's overwritter by GHB. Or no ability older than GHB could be used ingame.
  8. Here is an idea : wait for the realise, new KoS is coming with new warscroll .
  9. Hi ! I tried to figure out what's best between: roll 3d6 for charge and take the 2 best rolls" (Mighty Lord of Khorne's Command Ability) ; classic reroll charges. I made a little code to use here https://anydice.com/ where I tried a few codes: Classic 2D6 roll Charge 7" : Roll 2D6 and reroll if you have less than 7 Charge 8" : Roll 2D6 and reroll if you have less than 8 Charge 9" : Roll 2D6 and reroll if you have less than 9 Charge 10" : Roll 2D6 and reroll if you have less than 10 Roll 3D6 and take the 2 best The tab "At least" show the percentage of chance to get a result better than # (left column). The result is "3D6 and take the 2 best" has a better result if you want to charge more than 7. For a summoning charge move of 9", you have 47.84% chance with a classic reroll, and 52.31% with a "best of 3d6". Stats for 3D6 choosing 2 bests : 2+: 100% 3+: 99,5% 4+: 98,2% 5+: 94,9% 6+: 89,3% 7+: 80,6% 8+: 68% 9+: 52,3% 10+: 35,6% 11+: 19,9% 12+: 7,4% Ok it's just stats, but at least that answered my own question Mighty Lord of Khorne 's ability is better than just rerolling charges. By the way, a 3d6 taking the 2 best, and reroll that 3d6 and take the new 2 best is always the best option 😜 Here is the code to insert in anydice.com function: roll A:n if less than C:n reroll B:n { if A < C { result: B } result: A } output 2d6 named "CLASSIC CHARGE MOVE AT 2D6" output [roll 2d6 if less than 6 reroll 2d6] named "TRY TO CHARGE 6 WITH REROLL AVAILABLE" output [roll 2d6 if less than 7 reroll 2d6] named "TRY TO CHARGE 7 WITH REROLL AVAILABLE" output [roll 2d6 if less than 8 reroll 2d6] named "TRY TO CHARGE 8 WITH REROLL AVAILABLE" output [roll 2d6 if less than 9 reroll 2d6] named "TRY TO CHARGE 9 WITH REROLL AVAILABLE" output [roll 2d6 if less than 10 reroll 2d6] named "TRY TO CHARGE 10 WITH REROLL AVAILABLE" output {1,2}@3d6 named "2 BEST OF 3" P.S. : the problem with the classic "reroll charge" ability is that if you succeed to do a 7" charge move you can't reroll it to try to make a better roll, as it only allow the reroll FAILED charge moves.
  10. Notice : you can't move with the summoned unit in the movement phase of this turn, even if the summoning was during hero phase. And for 8 blood tithe you don't need a hero in 12", you can summon anywhere that is more than 9" from an enemy.
  11. In the current Seraphon book they fight slaanesh adepts who are looking for hints on their god's jail location... Seraphon Saurus have bonus against deamons, so it would make sense. And the main enemy of Seraphons is... Chaos deamons. But Slaanesh should be out really sooner that Lizards ;).
  12. In your blooodletters units, do you guys make your champion be a Icon Bearer ? This way, if you loose all models but 1, you would keep your champion AND keep the ability to repop d6 letters this turn... Not OP but it seems to be the good choice. I'm currently building my first unit ^^.
  13. Do people agree that after an outrageous carnage, the BT of Insensate Rage, continue the attack ? Last game I one-turn killed a terrorghest with 2 dices on 5+ and the normal damages (full life BT with Juggerlord). We looked at the rules and nothing seemed to say that I shouldn't continue the attack sequence after the 6 MW. Without the MW it was already a nice amount of damage ;).
  14. By the way, I didn't mean that it was a nerf to Khorne. I just meant that our allegiance isn't top tier, and we are receiving the rules update on flat 6 to MW that nerf a lot of our units, compared to their previous profiles. I don't think GW will release a new battletome for an army low tier to only make it lower tier. So, some profiles like Juggerlord or Skullreapers will be totally reworked, maybe new mechanics on bloodsecrators, blood tiths, slaughterpriests, - new "battalions" as they announced ; and I'm so excited to get that new battletome. But I wish the BT of Insensate Rage, skullreapers and juggerlord will still be ok.
  15. I realised something about the new book... Bad news for BT of Insensate Rage... Abilities on 6+ to hit/wound are all being replaced by unmodified 6, in every new battletome since v2 is out. That way, lot of people already knew that Bloodletters would be "nerfed". Here is a first list of other Khorne units that will, pretty sure, be nerfed : Juggerlord : Daemonic Axe will inflict 3 wounds on a 6. No more combo with his own ability. So, point reduction or abilities modifications ares expected. All deamons with bloodletters in it (Throne, Canon, BL heroes) will have decapitating blow on a unmodified 6. Skulltaker : 3 MW on a 6+ to hit... Full rework of the warscroll, with rework of the model (pretty one). Blood Thirster of Insensate Rage : Outrageous Carnage on a flat 6, no more combo with Juggerlord or Ghyrstrike Skullreapers' Daemonforged Waepons : supposed to do MW on 6+ and get 1 MW on a 1. Considering Trial of Skulls can allow rerolls... Skulltake battalion : add 1 damage on a flat 6. So, point reduction on battalion and/or abilities change Some others I haven't in mind ringht now... Lot of nerfs are coming, so a lot of bonuses may come too... Or a total rework. We can imagine some abilities will become "wholly within" too, but that's harder to know, since not every abilities are rewritten this way.
  16. Wrathmonger ability doesn't make a UNIT attack, it makes a MODEL attack. So it doesn't proc the Celestial lightning arc, that is an ability when the UNIT attacks ;).
  17. I think we will get a way to dispell Endless Spells. Do you think it will be in our classic dispell units (hounds) ? Our priests ? Or the endless something that is a Khorne Symbol ? I bet on the last one.
  18. The axe could recycle the +1 attack of the bloodsecrator. And the Khorne symbol, immune to battleshock tests. The bloody skull would be more specialised. Anti-spells ? or reroll buff ? But I wish it's more powerful. Nurgle has his cycle of corruption, Idoneth have different bonus in different rounds. It would be fun if we automatically summon these endless phenomenae at a round start, depending of the blood collected in the rounds before :-). Could be a little snowball mechanic. Being immune to battleshock after X unit/model die, would be really Khorny ;p.
  19. "Gorefists" ability has the same name. I'd bet on it ! But with the same logic we should have Murderous Charge buffed on mortals. And that's really not sure.
  20. I wish they will end the bloodsecrator mechanic, replace it with an endless blood prayers, or blood tith summoned tokens, or whatever it is. That "man" who must hide in the back of the army, and don't run to the enemy.... Not Khornish enough for me ! Endless "something" would really a good thing to replace this mechanic. And Bloodsecrator could become a tanky fighter with some "wholly within" buffs :-).
  21. You mean "all models" I guess ;). Some people say "move + 6" because "as far as possible in a D6 inches is 6". But I think it's D6. Whi would roll the run dice ? I would say the owner of the target unit...
  22. No idea, I would say they roll a dice and move EVERY model for "movement + run dice". Someone has the answer ?
  23. I read somewhere that the Gorelord ability of the Mighty Lord of Khorne was more interesting than a simple reroll on charge. But I can't find the topic anymore. Rolling 2 dices and taking the 2 best rolls would provide better results than rolling 2 dices with a reroll option. Someone has the maths ?
  24. "Do not take battleshock test". It seems you can't take the battleshock test :-/.
  25. Darkoath seems to be confirmed, late 2019, as they'll have a fresh new warband (grots had one in 2018). https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/12/25/25th-dec-the-bad-moon-risesgw-homepage-post-1/
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