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  1. seems a very fun warband that has a very different playstyle from the other warbands. i’m excited.... but i’m always excited for a new release 🤪
  2. can you maybe elaborate on how and what you mix? i am more inclined to mix also, but since i only just recently started collecting nurgle, dont know where to start. i was thinking of a strong base of blight kings, supported by harbinger and lord of plagues and that combined with some daemons;; guo, plaguebearers and possibly some drones.
  3. wow, these look great! I especially like the white robes!
  4. couldn’t agree more. Support your local game store. I game mostly at a GW store and practically buy everything there or order online and let it ship to the local GW.
  5. Not really an expert, but i would expect to see a Darkoath release, this i base in part on the Shadespire war band announcement. And ofcourse the Gitz and Slaanesh releases.
  6. I really like these changes. I was struggling for some time to find the value of WD (for me personally) and always found it a bit 'meh', but with these changes I will probably take a subscription (for the first time).
  7. i have been lurking in this topic for a long time (it's quite an inspiration to keep painting, seeing all your beautiful painted models!) and think it's time I also post some images of two of my warbands
  8. No new stuff for me unfortunately, but i'm going to get me some Nurgle goodness from my Christmas money. At least a second (and maybe also third) great unclean one, looking forward to building (and painting) them!
  9. A friendly welcome from a fellow Khorne player from the Netherlands (who recently also started playing nurgle...;)
  10. Wow, this is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing more! :D
  11. very good and helpfull video. havent seen it before, thanks! i started with khorne mortals, fell into a lot of trap units as described by heywoah and moved to a combined mortal / daemon force i’m pretty happy with, but it remains it pretty tough army for me (also my first army).
  12. Patrick


    wow, amazing! love the base and the paintjob.
  13. With the summer holidays fast approaching I was wondering: if you go on a holiday vacation, do you take any models and paint with you? I never have (didn't cross my mind tbh), but why not? I can see myself painting in a nice Spanish holiday home with a beer or two (i'm from the Netherlands btw). What about you guys? And if you do take AOS stuff with you.. what do you take?
  14. I'm a new player, but tried to start in 8th edition and it never really stuck. Too many rules, too complicated (what can i say.. i'm a simple guy). After AOS came out I was amazed at the simplicity and the way having fun seemed to be the most important thing. That remains my favorite thing: just having fun with my mates. Of course listbuilding is a 'thing' now and sometimes the lists of my opponents get quite cheesy... but hey .. i dont care. I just play with the models and army I like and as you say: by playing the scenario you can partially negate the upper hand these cheese lists have and still come out on top. Another thing (not necessarily AOS) that amazed me in the past (not in a good way) was the attitude of GW, i just didn't understand why they seemed to uninterested in their fans. So in the same manner, what amazes me today (and is one of my favorite things about AOS), is the way GW is part of the community. I think they are doing a great job. Lastly communities like this. They give me the opporunity to learn and grow as a player, meet new people online etc.
  15. i think you are right. At the moment the reaver list isnt very competitive. And based on the feedback here and elsewere (and my own experience).. i doubt they ever will be. I think I am going to try and create a more armoured bcakbone of bloodwarriors and skullreapers. I don't like to rush and buy all sorts of models, so probably will slowly add them and see what works and what doesnt. Somehow I find it difficult to drop Scyla. I'll have a game this thursday and i'll drop Scyla and dark feast and add some armour and see how it feels and works. I really like the skullcrushers... true they are hardly consistent in their output and ability... but they are fast and an imposing unit (and as such get a lot of attention).
  16. Wow! Very cool! I personally really dont like all the red of Khorne (and the fact almost everyone uses it). This is excellent, i really like the 'sickly' color and the blood. Awesome job! Maybe consider applying extra blood at his feet / legs? So the blood gets thicker the lower you get? currently i only have bloodbound army, but my colors are a very dark grey , gold and dark purple. So i'll be using those when i am going for the bloodletters.
  17. I would really appreciate some feedback and thoughts on the following list. I am just starting out, have played a coupleof games with slight variations of this list and was wondering if you have any suggestions for making it better. Maybe a bit cheesy (but at this point i am not much of a match for my regular opponents).. a second secrator? Dark fest blood secrator blood stoker mighty lord of khorne scyla slaughterpriest 3x 20 bloodreavers (-1 rend ones) 3 mighty skullcrushers 5 wrathmongers 1 korgorath My findings: enough targets for my opponent to shoot at (my local gaming group consists of a lot of shooting) and they tend to focus on the skullcrushers or my mighty lord (which i think is fine, because then more reavers make it into combat). Other times they focus on the reavers, which results in me having some ok characters left. Still not sure on the reavers, 3x20 or 1x20 and the rest in 10 man squads. scyla is so much fun to play! He normally lasts the game and can dish out a lot of damage, especially when wounded. And the 6" pile in is awesome. wrathmongers... are fun, great models My problem;: in most games my reavers tend to get shot into oblivion. In my most recent game i only had a unit of 20 left after turn 1... and also lost my skullcrushers (my opponent had the first turn and shot them all down). And without the opportunity to get my banner down... do you have any suggestions to make this list stronger? I must say that i really like the bloodreaver models and once they get into combat... awesome. tips on artifacts? Recently gave my lord reroll to wound and hit with the extra khorne command ability and artefact.
  18. Wow! I just stumbled accross this topic last week, this is awesome. Just wanted to thank you for all the work. Great stuff! I also made custom unit cards with al the stats and counter to go with it. All with a khorne theme just wanted to share my end result, quite happy with it.
  19. Wow, great tips! Just wanted to let you know. i'm a relatively new player and videos like these help me alot in understanding the game and getting my plays to a next level. At lot of the time if still find it hard to decide my movement because it is hard to decide when i dont reallyknow the strengths and weaknesses of the units of my opponent. A video on general movement and tips would be most welcome keep up the good work! Cheers!
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