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Help identifying this Ogre


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Hey all,

I bought a nice Ogre army off ebay and amongst the models was one I can't find anywhere on the webstore. The listing claimed it is a Tyrant but like I say I can't find the model anywhere online. It is metal and looks like there was once a weapon in the left hand which has been cut off.
It came on a 40mm square base which is partly what leads me to believe it isn't a Tyrant as I thought those came on 50mm?





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Thanks a bunch chaps, using the 360 view it turns out the model is indeed the icebrow hunter, top and bottom. The previous owner has greenstuffed fur down the back of the cloak and swapped a hand or 2. The barrel looks like the Leadbelcher ones.

I was going to use some acetone to strip it but I hear that isn't good for plastic and now I know this model has plastic bits so I'm glad I asked! The paint job is pretty decent I may be able to just touch it up and change the skin to match my own scheme.

Thanks again all :)

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43 minutes ago, swiftmus said:

Yeah I'm in the UK, I'll have a look to see if we have any dettol then.

You want old school brown dettol - pop the model into a container, cover it in dettol and then cling film the container over.  Give it 24 hours+ and then when you're ready peel the paint off, cocktail sticks and a very knackered old toothbrush are your friends although they'll likely need throwing away afterwards!

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