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Hi all!

GM:ing my first session of SoH tomorrow…

After reading through some of the comments its seems that there can be an issue with players returning to town as soon as somebody gets grievously injured. I might have a sort of narrative solution for this but I need the some guidance from the TGA community.

The plan is to keep tabs on how many times the players return to town. By the end of the campaign, and/or even half way through (if that would work), check the numbers with a post-game chart that tells what parts of the city that were destroyed. I might even add in some places and tie those places in with personal backstories – like a dwarven family for the Cogsmith or the Fleetmasters lover and/or frigate.

This is to make them care. We are all old RPG nerds but at times the power gamer pops out, so I want to have a "built in" incentive.

The questions I ask to all the people whom have played through the Shadows over Hammerhal campaign is:

How many returns to town per dungeon level would you recommend to keep the players challenged, but not discouraged?

Also, how many returns to town in total would you say is fair?

The questions are in regard to the gameplay, not the story-line.


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is there no built-in mechanic like in Blackstone Fortress where every time you return to Precipice you have to draw a 'Legacy' card that makes the next mission harder (for example some cards introduce new hostile encounters and make certain hostiles more dangerous) and also ultimately acts as a countdown as the campaign is over once you've drawn (I think) 12 cards.

and if there isn't that seems like a fairly elegant device to adopt.

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I would not be surprised if some enterprising TGA members start to make some DIY modifications to 'borrow' good ideas from Blackstone. This might be a good thread for that...

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That depends on what your objective is.

In the expansion from White Dwarf from last Dec-Feb going back to town allowed additional side adventures.

Triggered by visiting locations in town.

Gather enough bits of stuff in those dungeons and open a new link to an entirely new storyline.

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