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Ratzinkaiser's Painting Log

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Hi there, I'm Ratzinkaiser, thank you for taking the time to look at my painting blog.

Eventually I hope for this to contain the progression of my work for any Age of Sigmar minis I build and paint, starting off with Skaven and possibly including other factions or individual models I just happen to like the look of.

Starting off, magnetised Thanquol and Boneripper (Well... not totally. The raised arm didn't need a magnet since it has a little catch that allows the weapons to be swapped rather easily without needing a magnet) primed in grey, since I'll be using a mixture of both light and dark colours which I don't want to get too saturated one way or the other. Unfortunately the lines where Boneripper's various pieces meet are a little... obvious in these pictures, so please forgive that for now.

Warpfire thrower and brazier configurations - also shown are scribbled noted of which parts were used in each configuration when building the big boy.

The pair again with their skin base coated, Rakarth Flesh for Boneripper and Ratskin Flesh for his master, both giving a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. Both tails were based with Bugman's Glow.

And their finished flesh. Boneripper had a small amount of crimson wash applied to various sores and veins over his body, along with a purple wash inside his stitching before another layer of Rakarth Flesh was applied, finishing with a highlight of Pallid Wych Flesh. Thankquol used Cadian followed by Kislev. I have to admit I'm not the best when it comes to actually blending colours, but I think these turned out okay.


Also on the table is the Silver Tower Deathrunner (and illusory double) and a 2011 Games Day Warlord I managed to nab off eBay (plus a rat from the Boneripper kit - not pictured is his shield arm which will be painted separately), base coated in the same way as Thanquol and Boneripper. Generally I'll be using two or three different skin tones with any Skaven to give a variation between those in power, war beasts and the malnourished servants.

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One nice thing about getting sundays off work is that you get to basically throw yourself at whatever you want to.

As such, an update to Boneripper. Only when I went to add more paint to his sores did I realise he has four nipples. Which makes sense since he has two chests.

Still need to do more highlights on the metal and red parts, his bandages need toughing up, the warpstone crystal on his back needs highlighted and I'm FAIRLY sure I missed the wooden triangle on this head's neck.
Also I'm not entirely happy with that tail.

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Thanks all, I'll be amending the colour of Boneripper's tail in the next couple of days back to the original Bugman's Glow base but until then a bit of an update;

Smoke from the braziers on the alternate hands are just about done, going to go over the point where the grey and green meet when I get to the finer details of the model. Also took a picture of the boiler on his back. Made a bit of a mess of his bum armour so I'll need to tidy that up a bit. :^/

Also still need to do some edge highlighting on the metal parts.


In addition, Thanquol (please excuse the shadow of his staff, may have had the camera too close to the model)

Progress on the Warlord - Yellows are done, working on the cloth and leather.

And the Deathrunner(s) - Same condition as the warlord.


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Look whose round base came this morning ~
Thanquol was originally purchased during the End Times, so he came with a square base.  On the base currently we've got a few rats, a head stone and a skeleton (sort of) left over from the Skeleton Warrior kit when I painted up a few of those guys for my local D&D group. Got the initial green base coat down, later on I'll get Stirland Mud and Nurgle's Rot on there, finish off a but of highlighting on the tails and the rivets and he's pretty much done.



Also finished off the Warlord. I'm fairly pleased with how his orbs came out.


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