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[FS] Stormcast Eternals

Absolution black

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Before I go through the motions of taking pics and putting onto ebay I thought I would ask in here if there is any interest in taking a load of Stormcast Eternals off my hands.

The majority is New on Sprue, some still sealed in boxes.  There are a few items built.  Pretty much all of it is unpainted apart from a part painted Celestant Prime (that I inherited - decent paint job so far though).



All prices include postage to UK. Overseas will be more!



NEW Stormcasts Battletome £17.50


Lord Aquilor. £15

Lord Celestant on foot  £10

3 Prosecutors (hammers)  £10

And the complete set from the new Soul Wars boxset, plus the ETB sequitur box and ETB Castigators box on gold plastic.      £40



ETB Castigators  £6

10 Vangaurd Hunters  £15

3 Palladors   £15

Gryph Hounds. £7

New warscroll cards box. £7









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