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  1. Sorry - really basic question, but still new to AoS and just starting Sylvaneth. Do the "teleportation" rules - Spirit Paths, Navigate Realmroots, etc, allow you to charge afterwards? (Albeit needing a 9" charge roll)
  2. Hiya pal Anything would be good - he'd ideally like the engine of the gods one, but just wants a complete Stegadon really! Cheers Simon
  3. Hi all My son recently picked up a second hand plastic stegadon with his pocket money. It has the platform on top, but nothing else (no skunks, bow, blowpipes, etc, or engine of the gods) Has anyone still got their spares on a sprue, which would allow us to build one variety or the other? (and for a reasonable price) Cheers Simon
  4. Thanks mate. Think the postage would kill it, but didn't know I could get it on Amazon - have ordered a pack from there. Thanks for your help! 🙂 STILL LOOKING Update : the one on Amazon was advertised as the current one, but the trader got in touch to say it was an old version.
  5. Hi all, As per the title, I'm after the current Stormcast Warscroll card set (the full one, not the ones from Soul Wars) Cheers Simon
  6. I'd be interested in the Stormcast models from the Nightvault set.
  7. Hi there If you don't get an offer for everything, I'd be interested in the woods and the warscroll cards. Cheers
  8. Random question, and I think I know the answer given the White Dwarf track record on these things. In the latest White Dwarf, the player uses a Gnarlroot wargrove, which he has paid the points for, but he hasn't listed the points for the Household battalion that's part of the wargrove. Am I right in thinking that he should have paid the points for both?
  9. Received my models today. Thanks very much!
  10. Hi there I'd like the lord castellany and the raptors please. Cheers
  11. That's what I was thinking. Like the Hallowed Knights colour scheme and background though. Suppose I could stick to spellcasters that effect enemy units rather than my own...
  12. Hi all, Sorry if this is a daft question. The Hallowed Knights ability refers to them ignoring the effects of a spell on a 6+. However, it doesn't specify that it is an enemy spell. As written, it appears that they may have to ignore friendly spells as well. Have I misunderstood this? Cheers Si
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