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Just got some Khorne second hand, where to start?


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Hi all

I'm collecting Ironjawz however I've just managed to sort out some Chaos stuff, mostly Khorne based in different states of repair and assembly.  I have no clue where to start building a list and whilst I will go and research in this forum if anyone could give me a starter list from what I have so that I can concentrate on getting that done and playable I would appreciate it.  

I'm not after tournament winning lists just something that makes sense so I can get it on the table and start playing.  Sort of a jump start into the army.  Also if there is anything that I'm missing but really should have then let me know.

Here is what I've managed to get:

2 x Mighty Lord of Khorne

2 x Slaughterpriest

3 x Bloodcrushers

2 x Bloodsecrator

2 x Bloodstoker

20 x Blood Warriors

40 x Bloodreavers

2 x Khorgorath

1 x Skarbrand

1 x Demon Prince

1 x  Sorcerer Lord

1 x Chaos Chariot

5 x Chaos Knights

12 x  Chaos Warriors

So it's basically a couple of the old starter sets, a start collecting Khorne and a start collecting Slaves to Darkness and the big boy Skarbrand.  I'll be honest it's the Skarbrand model that drew me to it all.

Any help really appreciated.


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Since have if your army  is mostly Khorne Bloodbound and the other has the option of taking the khorne keyword.

i would go with the khorne allegiance.

at 1000p this could be a very fun mixed chaos list which dedicated itself to khorne:

1Mighty Lord of khorne:120p

1Blood priest: 100p

10Chaos warriors with mark of khorne:180p

10Blood warriors:200p

10Blood Warriors:200p

5chaos knights:160p


for 2000p:

why not take skarbrand into your army:

you could say that there are some Mortals who worship skarbrand and skarbrand alone. Do anything to Summen him to the battlfied.

fo the list I took:


1migty Lord of Khorne:120p


1Blood spectator:140p


2x 10Blood warriors:400p



10chaoa warriors:180p

5chaos knights:160p

1chaos chariot:80p


this could be a interesting list.

you will probably not win every game with it and it definitely isn’t as competitive as most list, which can be made with a khorne allegience, but it is a great mix of mortals and Bloodbound, and can tell some great story’s, and be very fun to play at the battlefield.

just one more things.

every list I wrote hier are just succestion or ideas chanced into reality.

you don’t have to follow my instruction, and you definitely don’t have to use this list if you don’t like it.

its just an idea of how you can Build a great 1k or 2k army around a theme you have/ had.

so I hope those ideas I gave you will help you to conquer the mortal realms.

yes-Yes, kill-slay weakmeats, they shall die-Die

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That's a hellova nice start!

The above list/s look great. My advice is to split the reavers into 10-man units and have them screen your good stuff. They're fast, cheap and die in droves. Aka the perfect meatwall and source of blood tithe points.

Slaughterpriests are great and when you run skarbrand you might want to throw a buff or two his way. He dies rather easily, being somewhat of a huge scary red demon attracts ranged weapons and spells xD

The Chaos knights are a great unit too, but only if you charge (if they have glaives) because their damage pote tial skyrockets on the charge.

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I would maybe try something like this;

Gore pilgrims 200p

Blood secrator 140p

2x slaughter priest 200p

10x blood warriors 200p

10x blood warriors 200p

10x reavers 70

And thats all in one battalion. I think its a good starting point and you got 3 battleline so you can just add things you wanna try out att different point lvls. 


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It's just. SO. PRETTY! I love it all.

You can make the Gore Pilgrims battalion right away, as well as the Dark Feast, which can be fun cores to build around.

With your bloodstokers and your bloodsecrators and your daemon heroes, you would probably have a ton of fun with some units of bloodletters, if you want to daemon up your army a little.

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