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  1. paul7926


    I've not used the new GW varnish I'll leave that for others to try. The old GW varnished ruined the best model I have ever painted so now I don't use any at all. I'd rather the paint wore off over time with usage but I got to enjoy it for a while rather than having something trashed in seconds before it's even used once.
  2. paul7926

    Neg's Boyz - Ironjawz Blog

    Good progress. Keep giving us the updates I enjoy them. I too have gone with a black armour scheme and whilst it might not be your thing I've tried to brighten up the model with a little detailing. I did post this pic a while back (and I've sadly not done any more and it's still not finished). I'm not saying you should do this as I really like the overall look of your stuff. They look like they really mean business and the black makes the green skin stand out very well. Keep up the good work.
  3. paul7926

    noob question about allies

    Luckily my local group are very relaxed when it comes to games. The focus is on having a good laugh whilst pushing little plastic men around the board and cursing the dice Gods. Over the years I've played other games at the competitive level and I actually enjoy both styles. The real trick is to make sure that you and your opponent are on the same page in terms of the 'Casual <-> Competitive' metric. Then it's all good.
  4. paul7926

    Advice/help in keeping to an army!

    This is so true of me as well. It's also true of my gaming buddies.
  5. paul7926

    noob question about allies

    Sadly I thought that might be the case regarding reasons to not do it. It was only really a consideration because, like I say, I have some painted. Maybe for some fun narrative game one day. Thanks for the explanation tho.
  6. paul7926

    noob question about allies

    I can see perhaps the Ironjawz giving the role of 'objective babysitters' to the Ogres freeing up the real Orruks for the business of proper fighting.
  7. paul7926

    noob question about allies

    Dumb noob question I know but.... I know I can take some Gutbusters as allies to my Ironjawz. I checked because I still have some square based Orges from past editions that are already painted and sat in storage. (Tyrant, normal Ogres and Ironguts painted, leadbelchers and buther unpainted) The question really is not can I do it but is there any point? Can they do anything that can't be done by normal Brutes who would benefit from being Ironjawz in the first place? Kinda tempted to give those old models some more life but not sure there is any valid reason to do that.
  8. As someone who has started so many armies never to finish them I would say simply go with the models that you like the look of best. At this stage worrying about how good an army is or how hard they are to paint is not really worthwhile. As for the painting side of things just do your best. I've been in the hobby all my life (I'm old now at 50) and there have always been other peoples armies that look way better than mine. Your painting will improve over time and these days if you follow the GW painting videos you will be able to produce stuff that looks great on the tabletop. Don't worry about trying to be as good as those people who win painting awards. Maybe you will be one day who knows but it's not a standard you need to just play and enjoy the game. As for picking a 'good' army that is also something that isn't a great concern if you just want to play the game with friends for fun. There is a whole structure to competitive play but the truth is that unless you desire to get into that you don't really need to worry about it straight away. The most competitive players usually have multiple armies anyway so that they can change to the 'best' builds and if you want to get into that there is plenty of time. I may be lucky but locally, especially when playing new players, people will not mind what you put on the table as they help you learn and will not be crushing people with tournament lists. It's more a case of 'what have you got, ok I'll put these things up against you as that will keep things balanced'. Hopefully your local community will be the same. Stormcast are a very good starting force as they have so many options they can be played in many different ways. This means that you can experiment with new things without having to change to a whole new army. Some other armies are more restrictive and have less choice. Generally the less models in the range for an army the fewer ways you have to alter how they play. As suggested above I would just go through the pictures on the web site and note down the models that you really love the look of. If you can find an army where you like not only some of the character models but also some of the core choices I'd really consider them as your first army. You are going to be spending a lot of time making, painting and playing with whatever you get and it's really important that you like the look of it and it inspires you. I'm just getting back into the game after a long break and that's what I did. I've personally gone with Ironjawz because I just love the models so much. I was never worried about how good they were in the competitive scene or who else had them or that I'm probably never going to paint them to the standard you see in the GW pics. Good luck and welcome to the hobby.
  9. I don't think you can come up with a 'list' or an 'app' for this but there are some general suggestions to keep in mind. The above comments cover a lot of what I was thinking so no point repeating them. What I will add is that if your group is going more 'competitive' and your goal is to 'git gud' or at least be on a level footing then you also need to understand what you might be facing. Some call it the 'meta game' but whatever you call it the important point is this: You need to consider what you might face and how you will deal with whatever that opposition does. I don't play enough AoS to give real examples so I'll just make something up.... Imagine there is an IronJawz list that puts up good results and becomes popular and the focus of that list is a massive alpha strike turn 1 based on the movement enhancement and multiple stacking Whaaagh's. Sure it's a bit of a one trick pony but if it's posting good results and you will play against it you need to understand what your list will do to counter that. It might be leaning towards really hard to kill 'rock' style units that can weather the storm turn 1 and then counter attack after the opposition has been unable to kill you. It might be a magic heavy list that buffs everything turn 1 so that the alpha strike is less potent. It might be your own version of the alpha strike that you just hope to deliver first. It might be an army that can summon back most of what is killed making their alpha strike meaningless. Whatever it might be you must have a way to deal with it. So not only must your list have tools to accomplish what you desire but it must have answers to the lists that are popular and that it will play against.
  10. paul7926

    Armies on Parade 2018

    Thanks @Brad Gamma I was frantically googling but only pulling back FAQ's that were dated back in 2016! Someone really should give the internet a bit of a tidy up. Having looked at your links perhaps I was in the right place anyway.
  11. paul7926

    Armies on Parade 2018

    Sorry to thread hijack without any constructive input but I've just got back into the game and therefore have an army to paint. This sounded like a way to give that a deadline and stop it sliding like everything else always seems to. I stand zero chance of competing against good painters/modellers but that is not something I'm worried about. Can anyone direct me to any rules or guidelines about this? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys I posted this first in the Destruction boards but as it actually more about painting and opinion rather than rules or lists I thought I have another go here. I've been painting up a test Orc because I really dislike the studio 'yellow' scheme. Now in my head I thought this was a good idea but now it's actually on the model I'm not so sure. Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Oh and please bear in mind it's work in progress. None of the details are even started. I've just quickly thrown on some colours to see what it would look like. Thanks
  13. paul7926

    Not sure on colour scheme. Opinions please.

    Yeah I got all that to do yet. Just had a wobble regarding the whole concept. Lol
  14. After advice folks. Is the attached image orky enough or is it too chaos like. It felt like a good idea but really not sure now. It's still work in progress so ignore all the missing details. Thanks
  15. paul7926

    Terrain usage and placement at tournaments

    only just getting back into the game so this may be a totally stupid idea but...... My assumption was that in a tournament the terrain would be set up by the TO and immovable. So you walk up to your assigned table and that is what you play on, no changes. If that is not the case then how about an idea taken from way back in the day when I used to play tournament historical gaming. Each player can bring X terrain features. They have a pre-determined size so no 4 foot long 2 foot deep woods for example. The assortment of the terrain is down to the player bringing it. So someone wanting to play on a board with lots of LOS blocking features would naturally bring more of them. Also, counting as a terrain piece would be an area of 'open ground'. So it's not terrain but the absence of terrain. Therefore a person wanting a nice open battleground for their cavalry charges may just bring x lots of 'open ground'. Players take it in turns to place each of their terrain 'features' anywhere that does not overlap a piece already on the table. Last thing to do is to roll to see if the terrain stays in place. The score needed is modified by where you put that terrain. Anything in your own deployment zone always stays, anything in the enemy deployment zone is removed 50% of the time, anything placed on neutral ground is removed 1/6 of the time. (adjust numbers if you like as I can't actually remember them it was so long ago). It basically means you have a small mini game before the actual game where you try and build the battlefield to your advantage. You have most control over your deployment zone and least control over your opponents deployment zone. It simulates the generals moving around trying to engage on the most favourable terrain for their army. EDIT: Just to be clear now I think about it the amount of 'open ground' you could bring was limited because obviously placing 'open ground' means that nothing else can be placed there so losing it later to a roll has no negative effect at all. "Oh that open ground is gone and now there is open ground in it's place!"