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Last Chance to buy - all manufactures/model lines


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No one likes finding out that something they've been saving for for ages has just been discontinued without warning. So I figured this thread would be a good one to have to keep updated and to track any and all last chance buys. Both on the GW store and also from any other manufacturers that people are aware of out there.


Right now the Realmgate Wars books are on last chance from GW:





From the early days these have stories, battleplans, warscrolls and painting guides. Though far as I'm aware its all slightly older from the early days of Age of Sigmar (so at the very least the warscrolls might be out of date and I've no idea if the battle plans are repeated or similar to ones in the main rules currently published.

Forgeworld - a couple of marine upgrade kits



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These are definitely worth a pick up for anyone into the lore of Age of Sigmar.  I know AoS had a reputation for having no lore in the early days but its just not true.  Within the first year, AoS had hundreds of pages of lore!  The books were unfortunately pricey and that's  where the rumor comes from.  Most people didn't want to buy them because of the cost so they just assumed the game had no back story.  They couldn't be bothered to learn about the game when being cynical (and wrong) is so much more fun!  :D  

The warscrolls may be slightly  out of date though I don't know why someone would buy the Realmgate Wars books as their latest source for warscrolls.  Also its worth pointing out that the warscrolls and battalions still function perfectly well in the game today.  They might not be the most balanced rules ever but they still work!?

The real meat of the books is in the sheer number and variety of battleplans.  There are nearly 200 unique battleplans in these 4 books.  Some are better than others but most are a lot of fun!  They are designed to reflect the unfolding narrative of the books. 

The battleplans are great for casual play but don't look for hardcore, ultra-balanced tournament games. For example, my friend and I were playing a battleplan from one of the books (don't remember which one) and the game ended in a draw at the top of Turn 1.  I have never even heard of that happening in any wargame and it was amazing and hilarious!

I have all 4 books and I think they were well worth the cost.  They're not for everyone but I like 'em! 

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Sadly GW is rather rabid on not lowering prices outside of major christmas sales or intentional long term releases *stares at witch aelves*. I do agree these books would be great for a 4 in 1 set at £30 or so, but at £40 each its just way too much for most to casually buy; esp in an all in one block as they go out of print. Shame I'd have been curious about the lore artwork and battleplans. 

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Just bought and received the Realm war gates wars voulmes 1 & 2

sincerly I'd suggest you to buy them instead of the single ones.  You have even more material than with buying separatevely and cheaping it quite a lot 

Obviusly if you ar einterested in BG.

Here the list of the contets:

Realmgate wars


Realmgate wars volume 1


-          Gates of Azyr

-          Book 01: War Storm

o   Born of the storm

o   Storm of Blades

o   Gates of Sawn

-          Book 02: Ghal Maraz

o   War in the hidden Vale

o   The eldritch fortress

-          Book 03: Hammers of Sigmar

o   Stormcasts

o   Scion of the storm

-          Book 05: Wanders of the everqueen

-          Black Rift

-          Pantheon

Realmgate wars volume 2

-          Book 06: Warbeast

-          Book 04: Call of Archaon

o   Beneath the black thumb

o   Eye of the storm

o   The solar of rage

o   Knight of Corruption

o   The trial of the chosen

o   In the lands of the blind

o   Blood and plague

o   See no evil

-          Book 07: Fury of Gork

-          Book 08: Bladestorm

-          Book 09: Mortarch of Night

o   Prisoner of the black sun

o   Sands of blood

o   The lords of helstone

o   Bridge of the seven sorrows

o   The beat of Cartha

o   Fist of Mork

o   Fist of Gork

o   Great Red

o   Only the Faithful

Book 10: Lord of Undeath



EDIT: no battleplans or warscrolls, only BG, but it was the only thing I was interested about, so it works in my situation

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