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First army (stormcast)- c&c appreciated!


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Hey guys, been buying a few models and making my first army. Just wanted any feedback or hints.

1 - Lord cele on dracoth

2 - concussors on dracoth

1 - unit of 5 liberators

1 - unit of 5 retributors

1 - unit of 5 retributors

1 - Lord replicator

Total is 1000 points. Bit concerned about the small amount of models. I haven't bought a second set of retributors or the concussors yet.

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nice job on the painted models - the black and gold is a very striking paint scheme.

In terms of the list, if you playing with the matched play rules as mentioned above you are slightly over. Maybe swap one of the Retributor units for Liberators? This will get you back to 1,000 points and meet the battleline requirements.

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54 minutes ago, Lissë-Prime said:

IMO Including dracothian guard unit in 1,000 points army is too expensive. Enemy will shoot your concussor down with ease given their 5W/model. I would take Retributors instead.

I dunno, 2 concussors together with the LCoD is a very nice cavalry/fast group. With just the LCoD you wouldn't be confident running him solo to an objective or into a delicate or high-points enemy target. With the concussors it is a lot meatier.

They're pretty sturdy too. 3 plus save re-rolling the 1s.

And retributors are SLOW with no formation or vex teleport. They'd trundle across with the liberators and Lord Relictor and maybe waste 2 whole rounds.

If you wanted a defensive list the retributors might be better.



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It's a one off deepstrike but is definitely the favoured way of getting a big unit of retributors into combat.

I personally am going to try experimenting with the Knight Heraldor instead.


He won't be as high on a clever opponent's threat list (sneakier)

He can use his Onwards to Glory ability each hero phase and he has a useful terrain-based ranged mortal wound attack (flexible)

He's cheaper!


I have to buy him!

I have to paint him!


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What about the following.

2 x 5 liberators (or one big unit if that is more beneficial?)

2 x 5 judicators with bows

1 x 5 retributors

Lord cele on foot

Lord relic 

1 x 3 prosecutors with javelins.


I think the Lord relic and the prosecutors could be switched out for someone else or a better hero unit, I'm not really sure what is good though and would like your opinions on it. Thanks!

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