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  1. I just come up with my first army list in 2 year after a svery long pause. The list for upcoming matched play event. The concept is to put out as many missile as possible while still have some manoeuvrability. But I don't know if it can sustain against hard-hitting army or not since it composes of nearly pure Vanguard Chamber. Also still haven't decided artefact yet. Any advise will be most appreciated.
  2. That's the answer to all complex questions. In Warhammer AoS there is no such thing to consider too seriously whan talking abiut competitive play. With the marketing and releasing schedule, there is not much balance (if at all) among factions. I.e. newer release will always beat older one. So the best thing that one can describe a faction is only that this faction is shooty, that faction is attack a lot, for example. If you dig deeper beyond that you will find a lot of factors that make a few factions completely superior than the others. Eventually you will care no more about competitiveness and choose a faction you just like because to you they look cool, period. (Or give up this game altogether and go back to play WM/H, Malifaux, King of War, etc, of which designed with competitiveness not fluff or model appearance).
  3. Does anyone feel that it is quite hard to find any Stormcast battalion to fit in 1,000 pt. list? I tried to find some decent list with a battalion for tomorrow battles, but almost all battalions needs more (and much much more) than 1,000 pt. I come up with this but want to know your opinion. My opponent tomorrow would be Ironjawz and Skaven. The battleplan maybe Convergence of Fate (3-4 Players) but with Matched Play rule. Leader Lord-Celestant 100pts Battlelines 5×Liberators with Warhammer & Sigmarite Shield with 1 Grandhammer 100pts 5×Judicators with Skybolt Bow with 1 Shockbolt Bow 160pts Other Units 5×Retributors with 1 Starsoul Mace 220pts 5×Retributors with 1 Starsoul Mace 220pts 3×Prosecutors with Stormcall Jevelins with 1 Stormsurge Trident 80pts Warscroll Battalion Hammerstrike Force 120pts Total: 1,000pts I don't know yet which Command Trait or Artefact should I use.
  4. So far as my friends have played, Bloodbound is quite hard to play decently. But it is more fun to play and have many big guys to try (as opposed to only 2 variants of Maw-krusha for Ironjawz). Ironjawz has very solid battalion, buff and battlelines. The Brutes are as deadly as SE Paladins if you buff them good enough.
  5. As long as you spend point stated in the rules, I don't see any reason to limit painting to be able to use that battalion. What if I prefer my army to paint in all bright pink? That's mean I can't use any of the Chamber? That's insane in so many level.
  6. There is a rule for coherency is stated in page 1 of the rule. A unit must be set up and finish any sort of move as a single group of models, with all models within 1” of at least one other model from their unit. If anything causes a unit to become split up during a battle, it must reform the next time that it moves. It saw implementation in this article where you can tactically charge a large unit separately by 6" so prevent the unit to maximise the attack without breaking coherency. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/02/14/tactical-toolbox-charging/ As for the "stacking" of the bases. Since the official rule clearly stated that bases do not count. So there is no rule or FAQ about stacking. But the FAQ does say you can move through the gaps if they can fit. So by common sense if you use the base for measuring, you therefore can move between the base if the base of the moving model can fit in between. Models can move through the gaps between the models in another unit (if they can fit), but are not allowed to move over other models unless they can fly.
  7. Square base (versus equivalent round base) does offer a little bit advantage when determining which model can or cannot attack. Because round base equivalent are almost always in bigger size (such as 25mm round base replace 20mm square one).
  8. In 1K game I would not include Celestant-Prime for the reason that it is point hungry. For Hammerstrike Force, I once use this in battle. If you place your Prosecutors wisely and select right Paladin (e.g. Decimators vs large unit of small models) it will be deadly. But you will risk your Prosecutors being taken down prematurely. Overall it is a decent battalion in 1K list. If you like Hammerstrike Force, you may also add 80 points and get Celestial Vindicator Warrior Chamber as well. If you hold off to see new battalion I think you will be disappointed because as far as rumours go there is no new battalion for small list. Just large (and larger and very very large) list can fill the new battalions.
  9. I tried to build up a list of pure vanguard abilities based on the Warscroll Battalions. But with more than 3,000 points combined I think I will not see them in action more then few times. My list would be like this: Allegiance Ability: Battle Trait: Scions of the Storm << But not use as it is quite unreliable. Command Trait: Cunning Strategist << This is a trait tailored for Vanguard. Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber (140 Points) << If you can get this chamber it will be disaster and headache for the enemy. Unfortunately you need ... points to do so. 1 × Lord-Aquilor (200 Points) - General Obsidian Blade -> Give to Starbound Blade 3 × Knight-Venators (3×120 = 360 Points) << Only need these guys to complete the Chamber. Otherwise I'll chose the Raptor units instead. Vanguard Angelos Conclave (100 Points) << Let's ride the wind. Imagine a possibility to move up to 54" in your prefer direction. 2 × 3 × Vanguard-Palladors (2×220 = 440 Points) - Shock Handaxe << This will be used to outflank and harass enemy. The Handaxes themselves cannot deal so much damage but at least I can almost guarantee a mortal wound per leader model. 1 × 3 × Vanguard-Palladors (220 Points) - Starstrike Jevelin << This can be used to harass the enemy line but may deal not much damage, if at all. It's like you have a stronger unit of Prosecutors with Celestial Hammer. I may consider to switch to Handaxe instead. Because all other benefits you will get is to get them in close combat. 4 × 5 × Vanguard-Hunters (4×140 = 560 Points) - Battleline - Shock Handaxe or Storm Sabre << These guy are the main harassers. I would give enemy a turn or two before appear in pursuit. In the meantime I would rain a lot of arrows at them. Vanguard Justicar Conclave (60 Points) 2 × 3 × Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (2×180 = 360 Points) << These guys are pure glass cannon, period. I can get 30" of pure deadly 6 shots (55% chance, equal to 3×2 = 6 wounds with -2 Rend -- Not so easily be saved) each turn which can be easily turn any unit it targeted into a lump of meat. And with re-roll hit 1 from the Concert, they would be much more effective than Knight-Venator. 1 × 3 × Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (160 Points) << Unlike the Longstrike one, these crossbows are quite short (18") and I need to take a risk to be charged so quick so I consider taking only 1 unit. But only 1 unit can rain 18 shots of 25% change to deal a damage. So it will be about 4.5 wound per turn, which is quite acceptable output. Anyway if you want to charge this unit you may need to think twice. 3 × 3 × Aetherwings (3×60 = 180 Points) << Not so much use in themselves but I need 3 units of them to complete the battalion to perform concerts by sending them to pinpoint the enemies because I'm playing Tau in 40K and love using Marker Drones. Total: 3,440 Points. Not so good to play in any matched play but I would love to see them in action once.
  10. FLGS like many do in my city (Bangkok) since most of the houses don't have space for AoS-size games. There're quite a few nice stores here although there's no GW store in this country. We spent time having a nice chat and some meals more than actually playing though.
  11. That's right. He's named after Rinoa's dog.
  12. This Lord-Celestant on Dracoth is named Antonius because I sometimes name my in-game character Anthony (for no reason, just randomly pick a name). More importantly, his Dracoth is named Angelo, which is the name of my dog who died 4 years ago. I kept some of his hair with me and put it in the Dracoth to commemorate his loyalty (and cuteness and fluffiness). This is Angelo.
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