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  1. That's the answer to all complex questions. In Warhammer AoS there is no such thing to consider too seriously whan talking abiut competitive play. With the marketing and releasing schedule, there is not much balance (if at all) among factions. I.e. newer release will always beat older one. So the best thing that one can describe a faction is only that this faction is shooty, that faction is attack a lot, for example. If you dig deeper beyond that you will find a lot of factors that make a few factions completely superior than the others. Eventually you will care no more about competitiveness and choose a faction you just like because to you they look cool, period. (Or give up this game altogether and go back to play WM/H, Malifaux, King of War, etc, of which designed with competitiveness not fluff or model appearance).
  2. Does anyone feel that it is quite hard to find any Stormcast battalion to fit in 1,000 pt. list? I tried to find some decent list with a battalion for tomorrow battles, but almost all battalions needs more (and much much more) than 1,000 pt. I come up with this but want to know your opinion. My opponent tomorrow would be Ironjawz and Skaven. The battleplan maybe Convergence of Fate (3-4 Players) but with Matched Play rule. Leader Lord-Celestant 100pts Battlelines 5×Liberators with Warhammer & Sigmarite Shield with 1 Grandhammer 100pts 5×Judicators with Skybolt Bow with 1 Shockbolt Bow 160pts Other Units 5×Retributors with 1 Starsoul Mace 220pts 5×Retributors with 1 Starsoul Mace 220pts 3×Prosecutors with Stormcall Jevelins with 1 Stormsurge Trident 80pts Warscroll Battalion Hammerstrike Force 120pts Total: 1,000pts I don't know yet which Command Trait or Artefact should I use.
  3. So far as my friends have played, Bloodbound is quite hard to play decently. But it is more fun to play and have many big guys to try (as opposed to only 2 variants of Maw-krusha for Ironjawz). Ironjawz has very solid battalion, buff and battlelines. The Brutes are as deadly as SE Paladins if you buff them good enough.
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