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  1. All the other knights in the trailer including th armiger were just the normal models using bitz from the chaos vehicle upgrade sprue you get with rhinos and land raiders. So I would say this one kit is it.
  2. That lion was for the new Warhammer underworlds right?
  3. Nah kill team actually has a tournament focused expansion which tried to balance it more, which is what I'm talking about. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-AU/Kill-Team-Arena-2019-eng
  4. I mean kill team had an expansion to try to balance it more.
  5. I think that axe might be ironjawz. Similar tiny metal jagged bits. On the sword. The ogor one does look similar too though. The weird thing is the wood with the nails. I don't think the ij have any wood that looks like that.
  6. 80points per beast with a 200 3 max would have been cooler.
  7. I can finally find the drive to finish my 2 beasts and maybe buy another
  8. Hmm hopeful. The dream would be 3 beasts for 200 max unit size.
  9. We can always just get whatever the new darkoath army is and paint it green worst comes to worst. I agree the two changes are ok. But I'd like to include beasts, maggoth Lord's and the other non wizard heralds in my list. Nurglings as well to a lesser extent. They need either changes to warscrolls or a nerf to points. Beasts are a pretty new sculpt too so I don't understand why they don't want to sell them. LET ME BUY YOUR 70AUD SINGLE MODELS GW!
  10. I just want all the non plastic models to get updates. Also maybe one or two more pestilins unit types (like ground troups). I'd like to see the same for seraphon and slight fleshing out of existing aos 1.0 armies.
  11. I imagine the warbands from warcry will be units in the new chaos tome. Maybe multipart kits instead. I hope season two of warcry can be armies from the mortal cities (free people but obviously not just humans).
  12. They havnt said that I don't think. I imagine they will slowly come out. Like kill team or necromunda. I think they said the rule book will include rules for the other factions they listed though.
  13. Tbh I think we won't get darkoath till warcry has finished all it's releases. I really need to restrain myself to not run out and buy a chaos knight army.
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