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  1. So are we moving to having less mancrushers in 3.0?
  2. I actually hope there are not giant sized dice. Real huge dice are pretty easy to land the way you want them lol, unless ur dropping them from a real height and damaging everything lols.
  3. Yeah they probably have them but also have sons of behemat logos all over them. There were also rumours of a new sprue in there. I think that's unlikely but who knows. Wondering if they will do a 3 box of aleguzzlers or just leave them single.
  4. Yeah I mean I have enough models unpainted. I don't need random ones to sit there unpainted. Lol
  5. How dare you hate on my beautiful slug friends. But yeah they were expensive and I still want to buy a third lol
  6. Yeah I'm going swampy gargants so I can use them with my Nurgle dudes on the side.
  7. Finished my guo (outside of basing - and magnets) Trying to decide if I want to stick nurglings on.
  8. So the great unclean ones flail doesn't fit on the base and had to be slightly off the side? That's kind of ******. I guess I can like use cork or something to make him higher on the base?
  9. I'm just concerned there's no magic - well it doesn't look like it. Unless the cracken eater gets it, or they have a bunch of physical skills that emulate them.
  10. Yeah I bought new stands that were a bit taller and still had one touching the base with it's stinger. It's the one in the left ur doing. I glued the stinger on as well.
  11. Painted some Nurgle warriors. I swear like 20-25 paints/shades/dry paints were used just my camera sucks lol
  12. More Nurgle warriors on the way. Noting the shield looks awesome dry brushed but I just can't seem to get a good photo of it - tho my phone is pretty ****** lol
  13. Yeah ok makes sense. I have a bunch of the old chaps too but they are in a box downstairs. I think I remember them all being gloves so just wanted to check.
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