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  1. Thing is I feel it's kind of expensive even for gw terrain. Kill team base set came with more than this and was cheaper. Also have zero interest in buying a smaller box of endless spells for a similar price as the last one? What's with that.
  2. Check eBay man. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy from the UK with Royal mail.
  3. But then it's harder to have terrain entirely comprised of bird dogs.
  4. Guys. Why is nobody speaking about the extreme injustice of the birddog statues only being in the most expensive terrain kit!!!??!??????!!?!????!!!!
  5. I hope we get humans more like the art from the corebooks in each realm. I think having the old empire style humans in aos would be really boring and also kind of doubt gw would want that now.
  6. Interesting. Still looks different to the current set The bell symbol is a bit old Warhammer isn't it?
  7. I wonder if it will come with chaos themed scenery or the sigmar stuff we have seen.
  8. Yeah skaven have a few old models in need of updates too. I was surprised there wasn't new versions of the metal and finecast skyre models at the very least. Tbh I would probably buy a seraphon army in a heartbeat if they updated those old models.
  9. I think it's either a weird angle of a maw crusha or one of the many conversions I've seen in white dwarf of a megaboss x warcrusha megaboss.
  10. Trade mark law is the only one which has to be protected or they can lose the right. It makes sense to me what gw are doing. (I'm an IP specialist). Trade mark = protects brands or "badges of origin" Copyright = protects artistic work. Copyright protects the expression, not the idea though. Which is a whole thing in and of itself. Patents = inventions Designs = shape of products. Usually the shape of like a chair or phone etc. There is an overlap with copyright here. But designs usually are required when things are industrially applied (mass made). But judges will bend copyright often to cover this. Plant breeders rights = plant varieties
  11. I'd say all of them are part of darkoath. We will probably get a dark oath release after warcry is finished.
  12. Thanks Looks kinda like a bloodthirster but could be undead I guess.
  13. Man the terrain looks cool. I can't wait to put nurgle symbols all over it. Also all those warbands will look great in green. Also looking forward to the chaos knight kit (or kits?). I don't know if it just needs an upgrade sprue in each box of the imp knights or not. I guess painting a few big mechy boys will let me use my demons from aos as soup with them in a 40k army.
  14. I wonder how good that spell will look without the amazing paint job which is giving it far more texture and detail than the model itself.
  15. It looks weird. I guess fixable with green stuff and a different base though.
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