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The Free Principality of Veriithas - Narrative Free Cities Plog

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Hello all. So since I dusted off some decade-old horribly painted models, I decided to make my first full AoS army and had a little fun writting a story that would fit the theme. I expect to update from time to time, as minis are not all that ready yet and the fluff itself leaves many questions unanswered! Had a good time doing this and think that keeping track online through a forum dedicated for the occasion would be cool ^_^ Here it goes...



The Free Principality of Veriithas lies in a remote location of Ghyran, concealed to the eyes of many. In an enviable geographical position, this peninsula of vast fertile grasslands is surrounded by the natural defenses of a mountain range in the north and the immensity of the ocean elsewhere. The activity is mostly centered around the major urban capital known as the Glimmering-City, the Jewel of Veriithas. Resplendent towers and busy market streets all contribute to the magnificence and prosperity of the region, while its inhabitants boast of high moral integrity, intellectual brilliance and formidable martial prowess. The very name of the capital is testimony of its greatness, as even in the darkest hour of the night, it may be sighted from many many leagues away, its incessant activity granting an eternal glow of light.

The older generations assert this was all true in the past, nostalgic of greater times. For in the current age, not all that glitters is gold.


The Myth:

The events that shaped the Free Principality of Veriithas are concealed in half legends, disputed historic facts and hyperbolic bardic tales. All appear to state that the seeds were cast centuries ago, in an undisclosed city in Ghyran, the Realm of Life. The Benevolent Founder of the Principality, recalled as Lord Veriithas, was said to have been a stern anonymous citizen that carried out a simple and humble existence among his community. However, the Kindly Lord was unlike his peers. Indeed, Lord Veriithas had turned his back to the Gods long ago. On a daily basis, he swallowed the bile provoked by the religious fanatics that sickened his entrails, barely containing the rage of their sight. Their very presence, lies and hypocrisy slowly eroded his existence into a sour well of unconstrained hatred. If the legends are to be true, some tales justify the mishappening by placing the hero as a dweller of an establishment were the religious fervor of its inhabitants surpassed by far the rational thought of sentient beings. Countless promenades and plazas filled with statues and temples dedicated to the God Pantheon, each searching to outdo the previous in sumptuousness. The very core of the urban life revolved around worshiping and praising the entities that had delivered them from the grasp of the Chaos Gods. Zealous processions, week-long celebrations and extravagant banquets on the streets gathering the whole population were common features of this devoted estate. Lord Veriithas spat upon them all.


The Founding:

If one wanders the darkest alleys or the most deplorable taverns of the Glimmering-City, Jewel of the Principality, one might encounter wretched old figures that claim to known the truth behind the Venerable Lord. In their words, The Glorious Builder would speak about how many a times had he stood among the religious zealots in their frantic celebrations and the spark of revolt germinated within. The essence of the Free Principality of Veriithas emanates from this very principal: revolt. The Great Benefactor could not concede the submission to the superior entities that his peered deemed as “Gods”. As an individual, these were not Gods nor deserved to dedicate one's existence at their service. The Savant Lord would argue that no entity was worthy of praise if they were subject to lowly emotions and fallibility of mere mortals. “Why would I place my faith in you?”, he was often heard to solemnly express among the sea of idols that plagued his entourage. Mortals such as himself were but tools to the superior beings that would scheme, conspire and keep their backs to the lowly earthlings that would blindly follow them, selling their flesh and soul with little to no regard for their own self-awareness. This process of thought would eventually take its toll on the ability of Lord Veriithas to strive amidst people abandoned to the mindless worship of celestial beings that would mock their ignorance, if they were ever to pay attention to such pitiful acts. Such was the nature of the Great Deliverer.

Ostracized by his people, preyed upon the authorities that would not tolerate dissidents, the self imposed exile was nigh for his companions and himself. For Veriithas would not undertake his journey on his own, but accompanied by a group of faithful individuals that formed an unlikely group that spent countless nights discussing and exchanging ideas of a better future within the murkiest of watering holes, often attracting unwanted attention during endless sessions filled with intoxication and street violence.

Thus came the day were a motley crew of would-be adventurers and heroes ventured into the unknown, deep into uncharted territory, free of the grasp of the so-called civilized world. Along the way, struggle for survival would be fierce, enduring the hostile land and slaying beasts that the wildest areas of Ghyran granted unwelcome guests.

The recollections of this struggle are scarce. Suffice to say that beyond a low peaked mountain range, unknown to them, the companions set the first landmark of the Free Principality of Veriithas. A vast depression extended itself almost beyond sight with what appeared to be an endless ocean on the horizon. The intrepid travelers ventured into what appeared to be a hostile-free peninsula. The first charted map of the region mentions the absolute lack of dangerous species or inclement weather condition. The land was fertile, the shores calm and the skies a cloudless radiant blue. Without doubt, this enclave would be propitious to establish a new settlement and so thought fitted the exiled companions. However, the skeptic and uncompromising nature of Lord Veriithas would make him susceptible to this apparent new found paradise. Some phenomenons could not be explained and reveled unusual by rational means, the air infested with the foul stench of magic. As attests the oldest scripture regarding this discovery, the end of the narrow canyon pass that leads into the depression is guarded by a monolithic stone were one may read “Land of the Primeval Truth. Free of the chains of Gods”.


The Flourishing:

At this point, the myths and legends regarding the magnificent upbringing of the Free Principality are lost. Scholars debate on the odds of forming such a rich nation over the course of a couple of decades, let alone on the practical possibility of a group of men being able to thrive from nothing. Even the fate of the initial founders remain a conundrum, as no trusted source provides such answers. Only the words of the Bard Nostradimus give an indication of their following steps, if the drunken charlatan may be considered veracious.

According to the old fool, there are four key figures in the formation of the Free Principality, starting with the Illustrious Lord himself, who first established the very foundations of the Glimmering-City, Jewel of The Free Principality of Veriithas. Situated by the strategically placed delta that opens the Principality to maritime routes, this large enclave is the center of all commercial and political activities.

Accompanying Veriithas would be the skilled builder Iohsefov, edifier of the bastion that arbors his name, an inexpugnable rampant situated at the only entry point through land, baring passage to any threat descending from the mountains of the north and beyond.

This septentrional area situated beyond the range of the Iohsefov Bastion, known as the Savage Lands of Ravage and Ruination, are home to malefic creatures such as Greenskins, Tree-spirits, worshipers of the Dark Gods or worst of all, malevolent lackeys of the Tyrant of Azyr.

The virtuous knight Forganegorix was mentioned to be the most skilled warrior of the group, swiftly organizing a military force that would later become the Order of Paladins of the Light Tower, regrouping the most noble and finest warriors of the land.

Last of the heroic figures to form the foundations of the Free Principality, Terris the farmer would undergo the monumental task of establishing an efficient agricultural structure that could feed multiple times the whole population of the region. The Grassplains, large extensions of prosperous grass fields and fertile soil, were most probably the source of such thriving and flourishing of civilization.

These four men are still held in highest regard, hailed as the saviors of a truthfully free city, away of the conventions and menial obligations that other similar establishments have. The constitution of these pillars that sustain the province, with a strong economic trading center, a formidable military force, complex defense systems and endless supplies are the hallmark of a golden age that is long forgotten. Today, this seemingly idyllic enclave deep within Ghyran is but a pale shadow of its glorious past.


The Cult:

It was mentioned previously that the region was subject to bizarre occurrences, with presence of the unnatural growing strong. For among the vast depression may be found three vast geological instances that resemble bottomless pits, as black as a dragon's maw, leading to the insides of the earth. Situated at a equal distance from the Glimmering-City, they form a triangular geometrical disposition through which emanates flows of raw magic, apparently invisible to non-supernatural practitioners. These pits, large circular black holes of a hundred meters wide, emanate a strange haze that alters the air that crackles by the pure concentration of energy.

The origin of such pits is unknown to the inhabitants of the Principality, nor the scarce chronicles of the Founding Fathers mention anything related to them. The reputed historian Faustur assures to detain the proof behind these geological accidents, and how they were pivotal in the upbringing of the Principality. By his doubtful account, these Pits were gates to another plane of existence were shady figures would emerged from them, back when Veriithas and his companions first arrived. These entities of smoke and sulfur would speak tongues unknown and softly whisper in the ears of the mortal men during their sleep, instructing them in knowledge and secrets far beyond human comprehension. Initially a godless land in nature, the first official accounts of the recorded history of the Principality following the loss of Founding Fathers mention the concept of Primeval Truth as a cult-like following. The eloquent Faustur claims the revelation of the Primeval Truth marks the start of History of the region, for it is with this knowledge that these men were able to perform the memorable feats of their legend.

Shunning aside conventional Gods, the Primeval Truth is centered around meditation and interior harmony. Do as thou wilt. Individual strength and rationality are held in highest regard, all contributing to a greater good. Their belief is more cosmic and spiritual than the formulaic Pantheon worshipers of the Mortal Realms, a hidden force that guides them and imbues them rather than being servile to powerful beings that use them as tools for a subjective agenda.

This may have been the case when the Principality was first established, in line with the thoughts and standards of Lord Veriithas.

The truth is far uglier.

Throughout time, the initial concept behind the Primeval Truth has degenerated into yet one more of the countless mind-numbing religious cults that plague the Mortal Realms, the vision of Veriithas shattered. The whole society appears to have left behind the noble principles of spiritual freedom and replaced it with barbaric acts of sacrifices and idol worshiping, concentrated on the powers emanating from these three Pits. The elderly and infirm are cast into the Decaying Pit, which oozes a foul stench of rot. The corpses of warriors and casualties of war are thrown into the Sanguine Pit, whose constant red mist sets into a wild frenzy those fool enough to stay within its influence for too long. Mutants, dissidents and heretics that question the Primeval Truth are swiftly defenestrated into the Revelation Pit, as a last act of mercy for their own enlightenment. Random acts of devoted fervor such as flagellation and hours of praying to motionless statues are all too common, the citizens in their ignorance mocking the Founding Fathers.

If the descent into this hollow parody of Lord Veriithas' vision was not enough, rumors affirm that a fourth Pit, much smaller and from which purple-like fumes of drug-inducing effects emanate, lies deep within the governors castle of the Glimmering-City. Successive Princeps, rulers of the Principality ever since the mysterious departure of the Founding Fathers, have always denied these allegations. The inhabitants of the Principality however are reticent to these excuses, as it is no secret that the nobility and high powers of Veriithas are all corrupted and insincere to the core. Citizens well know these thoughts may only be expressed behind closed doors, as speaking too freely in public might earn them a visit of the Order of Censors, who that will drag them away never be seen again.


The dream of a land of rationality, free of blind dogma might have been a reality when Lord Veriithas set the foundations of the Principality, but has since deteriorated into a society that is subject to the same flaws every mortal carries within. Greed, lust, violence, corruption and hypocrisy are all the daily basis of this region, while maintaining an immaculate appearance of opulence and tolerance on the outside, welcoming any stranger willing to join them as long as they abide to the rules. The apparent devoted rational beings, submitted to the greatness of the Primeval Truth is a farce. For which Lord Veriithas and his companions might be cursing for eternity in whichever hell their souls may lie.


Follow up: social structure, political administration and current personalities of the Free Principality.

PS: As a bonus, a lame map with my limited graphic design skills :D


Edited by VBS
Small typos!
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This is an awesome idea.  I like the allusions to the Emperor and his Imperial Truth with your founding fathers.  The inclusive nature of your setting is nice too in that you made a world that is self suffecient and can still be influenced by the world at large.  I would consider Fimir or the Idoneth once we find out more about them.  For some reason the river delta made me think of swamps like are common in the eastern united states.

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On 4/3/2018 at 4:00 AM, Gorthor21 said:

This is an awesome idea.  I like the allusions to the Emperor and his Imperial Truth with your founding fathers.  The inclusive nature of your setting is nice too in that you made a world that is self suffecient and can still be influenced by the world at large.  I would consider Fimir or the Idoneth once we find out more about them.  For some reason the river delta made me think of swamps like are common in the eastern united states.

Thanks! The whole 30k Emperor & Imperial Truth was a big inspiration. In fantasy/sci-fi,I like the concept of not bidding to the evident reality of superior entities. That is a bit the premise here, and how it can easily degenerate afterwards. In the novel The First Heretic where Lorgar and the boys end up as Chaos worshipers without quite know that was Chaos or what was going to happen (most of them), which is more or less what happens here. No coincidence that I used the concept "Primeval Truth" instead of the "Primordial Truth" that is used in the book.

In any case, have a load of ideas building up, including some Idoneth... The fact the Principality regroups humans, elves, dwarves, and all yet being very anti-Order story-wise adds so much flexibility for both the miniatures (totally mixed-Order) and fluff (can justify fighting against anyone).

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Awesome narrative! Just one question, how do they view the afterlife? I imagine it would be difficult to ignore the gods of the underworld when your soul will spend an eternity in their care, or do they have a way of preserving souls? 

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21 hours ago, Pariah said:

Awesome narrative! Just one question, how do they view the afterlife? I imagine it would be difficult to ignore the gods of the underworld when your soul will spend an eternity in their care, or do they have a way of preserving souls? 

Glad you like it!

Well, I have yet to fully develop that part but initially, the founders identify with a more "naturalistic pantheist" view (so divinity lies in the All, the World,  not a specific being that requires worship)  and as such see their souls probably dissolving along with their bodies to return from were they came, the earth/soil, to re-enter the cycle ofl ife as the material components of the physical body are not "lost". The negation of traditional religious concepts and belief that the World proceeds the physical Gods.

But there are a few hints in the first post that suggest that the reality of different. The references to the Pits (see how they are named) or the "shady figures" is an indication of the presence of the Dark Gods. And in a way, the Principality has a mild form of worshiping the Chaos Pantheon, just not the traditional way as Slaves to Darkness would do. And even if at the start there was no "ceremonial worship" as the founders deny that, after they disappear we see how rituals and practices regarding divine aspects take a larger role (sacrifices to pits, idol worship, etc...).

However, people in the Principality do not see it as the Chaos Gods and that their souls are bound to them. There is no "my life and soul belongs to them, I am but their muppet" idea, and we even see that mutations/gifts are actually perceived as a sign of evil/weakness (they are sacrifices into the Tzeentch-like Pit). Taking as reference the 6th ed. Hordes of Chaos book, there is this story of an imperial merchant talking with nordic tribesman who clearly is Chaos worshipers. But the tribesman does not seem to acknowledge the reality of physical Gods, having a more down-to-earth/spiritual feeling to religious beliefs.

For the Principality it is quite similar. Belief in the Chaos Pantheon as a whole without giving credit to a specific entity, as they view Chaos as a more natural pantheist expression. But all along, they actually ignore what this implies, coz indeed, their souls end up in the Realms of Chaos! They just don't know it yet hahaha (makes it all more tragic and sick), except for a very few number of personalities who are fully aware of what the Pits represent and what this all means.... Sort of like the World Bearers in 30k, they did not understand what they were doing nor what the consequences would be when first encountering Warp entities.  I will develop more at some point, as I think it is a interesting approach rather than cult- Gods worshiping like in the rest of the Mortal Realms ^_^

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Time for an update, this time with minis included! Have you heard of the vile Order of Censors? The inquisitor-like guards of the Free Principality? Read below!


Although the Principality prospered under the initial rule of the Founding Fathers, it would not last. The heroes disappeared abruptly, without trace or apparent reason. The historian Faustur points out in his doubtfully accurate Chronicles of Veriithas that the companions were last seen on an isolated village in the north-west setting sail to the unknown, their deeds of raising a truly free, noble and self-sufficient land completed. This area hosts today the splendid collection of monuments dedicated to The Saviors, a place of obligatory pilgrimage for every decent citizen of the Principality.

Whatever it may have been, their departure had a profound impact on the life of the diverse inhabitants of the Principality. The ideals of righteousness, humbleness and spiritual fulfillment were swiftly replaced by internal disputes among nobles, high military officers, wealthy merchants and a soon to rise Cult of the Primeval Truth. Despite keeping an apparent social cohesion and civil order, the court of the Glimmering-City was a confusing scene of political intrigues and back-stabbing of such magnitud that only the most greedy and corrupt mortals could have done.

Out of this feud in the high spheres of society emerged a group of respectable citizens, mostly Elf-kin, that claimed to not tolerate a deviation of the Masterplan of the Founding Fathers, despite the life-changing event of their departure. They eyed with suspicion all the opportunistic aspirants in court, promptly organizing a paramilitary organization regrouping the most lethal fighters that would come to dominate, albeit not completely, its competitors

Amidst the sumptuous halls of the Glimmering-City's Keep, a triumvirate was established under their guidance, each figure ruling a particular aspect of the Principality's life: Merchant-Prince for the economy, a High-Deacon for spiritual guidance and Princeps for social administration.

This would lay the foundations of what the political regime of the Principality resembles today, but even the Elven organization could not face the constant harassment of groups that assailed them from multiple directions in the court. Soon enough, the noble group withdrew to their monastery, the Temple of Tolerance, weary of the immense decadence and immorality that preyed upon the Glimmering-City. As decades went by, these Elves would grow to be a highly feared organization across the Principality.

Enviable war prowess, hidden knowledge in the shaded crypts of the monastery and high amounts of wealth would make the dwellers of the Temple of Tolerance almost a State within the State. The mandate of the Triumvirate, centered around the Glimmering-City, was ignored and before leading to an open confrontation, an agreement was sealed.

Reluctantly, the Princeps would “tolerate” the law-enforcing aspirations of the monastic warriors, who would soon style themselves as the Order of Censors. Indeed, in an overzealous attempt to preserve the essence of the Founding Fathers, they would enforce a particular way of thinking, following Lord Veriitha's doctrine of the Primeval Truth as a soul freeing culmination. However, citizens all around the Principality grew more superstitious and irrational without their Guides, morphing the initial dogma into the primitive worship reminiscent to those of other Gods. In order to preserve their comfortable new found position of power, the Order of Censors did as much... for dignity and moral principles were cast aside when the Founding Fathers left orphan their land.

Serving as vigilantes of moral rectitude, humbleness and submission to the greatness of the Primeval Truth, the Order of Censors patrol the Free Principality of Veriithas with ardent (false?) devotion. Small group of guardians are sent to every village or even full battalions for larger enclaves such as the Glimmering-City or the Iohsefov Bastion. Under their supervision, all dissidents and free-thinkers are quickly arrested and sent to the Temple of Tolerance, never to be hear of again. To preserve civic order, the Princeps assures his citizens that the monastery functions as a large prison were the wrongdoers must repent and think of their actions.

Rumors have it otherwise, from massive sacrifices into the Revelations Pit to much grimmer activities such as organ trafficking and scientific research on live bodies. Bard Nostradimus even claims to have seen a cohort of Censors handing out dozens of handcuffed prisoners over to tall and lean creatures emerging from the sea.... The Idoneth Deepkin he called them. Although every reputable citizen knows a drunken bard hallucinations must never be trusted. Whatever it may be, the Order of Censors casts an aura of dread upon the Free Principality, were the slightest misheard joke may be a death sentence.

The unfortunate case of the Dwarf merchant Uhglii the Opulent is often used as a warning, as on a boozed-infused night in the Golden Phoenix Tavern happen to have been his last. After ingesting copious amounts of Avsynth (a highly toxic alcohol greatly appreciated by the short-legged folk) and snorting the purest Skoma (illegal crystals harvested in the depths of the Lake of Rumination), he boldly jested of how “ironic it is to live in a Temple of Tolerance yet being called Order of Censors” or how “it was no wonder the Censors were all a bunch of pricks as they were Elves after all”, before laughing so hard he regurgitated all the Avsyth he drank. Social power, economic wealth and particularly context are not welcome when dealing with Order of Censors, and the Dwarf merchant was quickly reported by the fearful patrons of the tavern.

Indeed, the climate of fear and anxiety imposed by the Censors has led to a certain psychosis among the citizens, where a merchant may be seen falsely denouncing a colleague over an unfair trade or a father reporting his daughter for living a deemed not so moral life-style. It is even said that the current Princeps, the Most Noble and Distinguished Lord Asphodellus, has a particular aversion for the Order, conceding every demand they make as long as they stay out of his sight.

Besides their reigning terror, the Order of Censors also stand out for their economic power as all indicators seem to prove they control the vast majority of illegal activities in the Principality. It would be no wonder to think their garrison at the shores of the Lake of Rumination, with the pretext of guarding the Revelations Pit, is the perfect platform to collect Skoma. Or that most brothels and lowly criminal-infested taverns are owned by family members of prominent personalities of the Order. Princeps Asphodellus turns a blind eye, hoping the malicious Elves let him sleep better at night.

In times of war, the Order of Censors often sends a detachment to aid the armies of the Free Principality. They are by far the most skilled warriors of the region and their mere presence hardens the resolve of the free people (it is not recommended to disappoint a Censor after all...) and cast fear in the hearts of the enemy.



These are the first minis I painted in over a decade, so not quite there yet I suppose in terms of quality. In game, I will be using these fellows as Phoenix Guard. Probably the closest thing that resembles, although not that much (The Order of Censors are a unusual lot indeed :D ).

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Felt inspired to write the “real” story behind my little narrative, with more detailed explanations. Added some pics of what I imagine looks like the Glimmering-City (taken from the Guild Wars game, which I really like and think is fitting). If I keep on developing it even more (which I will), I could almost make a book for Black Library xD


The Primeval Truth and the upbringing of the Free Principality of Veriithas:

Lost to incompetent scholars such as Faustur or pseudo-historians such as Nostradimus is the truthful story behind Lord Veriithas and his three companions.

Clearly, the Free Principality of Veriithas quickly flourished as a result of the help of the Dark Gods. Indeed, the episodes in Chronicles of Veriithas describing shady beings emerging from the three (or rather four) Pits are non other than physical manifestations of the Chaos Pantheon. They granted Veriithas, Iohsefov, Forganegorix and Terris great knowledge and assistance in order to establish civilization on the new found lands. The motive behind this is unclear, perhaps to safely grow and expand chaotic influence in the Realm of Ghyran? For Veriithas and his companions were in reality no more than disgruntled citizens that lived in ignorance and drowned their miseries every night in long ethical sessions and thus, probably perceived as easy targets, far from the glorious Founding Fathers image that remains in the Principality.

One may argue that the encounter of the Founders with the immaterial influence of Chaos changed them, granting them power and knowledge beyond simple mortals, allowing them to build magnificent structures and farm great extensions of land.

In a way, Lord Veriithas was playing along the Great Game, abiding to the welcoming hands of the Chaos Gods. However, he did not forget his ideals and reason behind leaving his former life. Lord Veriithas was no fool, and soon understood that the influence of demonic creatures was subject to belief. During long nights of vigilance, he would notice how most shadows and hellish entities would form and torment the sleep of Terris, who was by far the most susceptible to supernatural acceptance and mentally weak. Before Lord Veriithas, these manifestations would evaporate with a single thought, as banished by his will of steel. His repugnance of the concept of “Gods” made it clear to him these entities were but vessels of some supernatural being, who were no different in essence to other Gods.

They required the worship of mortals in order to maintain relevance, influence and power. Veriithas understood that by depriving them of the beliefs and souls of mortals, these entities would die or at least drift into insignificance. This was his premise when establishing the Primeval Truth. Smiting away all belief in what is beyond reality, placing the human at the center of the universe beyond the reach of worship-thirsting Gods.


As the Principality expanded, the crescent moon shaped Glimmering-City was established. This enclave would become the center of all activity, receiving many travelers and ships that approached the Principality, lured by the magnificent sight of the marble towers and sumptuous luxuries offered by the land. Soon, humans, elves, dwarves and even lizard-like creatures that spawned among the marshes of Terri's Gift (a delta that hosts the largest docks in the region) found a refuge like no other. The promise of an idyllic life in a quite and remote area of Realm of Ghyran was a blessing for many, who started seeing the Founding Fathers as superior beings, more so when manifesting their unnatural powers (this could later explain the Principality drifting into the primitive worship it currently is afflicted by, but it is another story).

At some point, Lord Veriithas and his folk must have turned against the helpful entities of the Pits. The intention of Lord Veriithas was to create a society free of the influence of Gods. Veriithas and any other members present during the upbringing of the Principality were witness to the existence of these powers. The materialization of these manifestations from the Pits were subject to collective belief and as such, Veriithas' intentions were to clean any presence of this belief, to drain the essence behind the Dark Gods' influence.

He sealed off to oblivion the fourth Pit, smaller in size, within the depths of the Princeps castle and forbade approaching any of the other three Pits. Following this act, travelers and adventurers that arrived to the Principality would only be welcomed if free from divine worship and presenting a strong will, to fight any influence. Slowly, the whole population would grow strange to the reality of Gods. Iconoclasm and absence of deities in its highest form.

This was Lord's Veriithas vision. The mere concept of Gods did simply not exist in the Principality following the course of several generations of unyielding education in the Primeval Truth dogma and hunting down any “faith worshiper”. A life secluded from external influence, in part thanks to the geographical location of the Principality, ensured that citizens would grow free from the erratic and harmful agenda of deranged superior beings such as the Tyrant of Azyr or Those Who Dwell Within The Pits.


However, his task was not yet complete. Lord Veriithas, along his three companions, were at some point the only mortals with knowledge of the history behind the Principality, and he believed it would need to put an end to this. They were themselves accomplices to the existence of the stain that represent the Gods for the Principality. Gathering a small group of Elven warriors, Lord Veriithas shared this knowledge with them, at the price of their tongues and twisting their minds through potent magic, depraving them of any emotion. His intentions were that this group would work as wardens of the Primeval Truth once his Masterplan was complete. This group of Elven warriors would then become the feared Order of Censors, or rather the Order pretends to be a (pale) copy that deviated greatly from the Great Founder's ideal.

Veriithas would then murder Forganegorix, Iohsefov and Terris before committing suicide, throwing himself to the sea from the precipice up in the north of the Principality, were today lies the collection of statues known as the Forefathers Monument. Believing his Masterplan complete, erasing every trace of the upbringing of the Principality would ensure a benevolent future to his Creation. He was wrong.


Glimpse into the Glimmering-City:



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Minis start to get finished, with a bit more fluff and dug up some terribly painted old minis that need a new fresh start!



Last bit of fluff concerning the Order of Censors:

"On certain occasions, the Order of Censors assist in battle the armies of the Principality, although this becomes rarer as the Principality develops a full autonomous military force. Instead, the Order focuses its activities on pacifying and maintaining social control. As such, they are often deployed in small groups, patrolling cities in pairs or involving half a dozen members when launching operations such as hunting heretics and infiltrating illegal cults.

Theoretically, the aim of the Order of Censors is to preserve intact the Cult of the Primeval Truth, which has much evolved since its inception by the Founding Fathers. They show a regal and dignified appearance in public, with majestic ornamental golden armor and long colorful robes of the highest quality. Their immaculate appearance convinces the average filthy plebeian of the Principality of the good will and positive intentions of the Order, who rather use their reputation to do as they please. In case some ill-fated civilian suspects of the Elven order's hypocrisy and mischievous purpose, they are quickly arrested and dispatched to the Temple of Tolerance, a colossal fortress-like structure resembling a mountain surrounded by ever expanding barren lands, sterile by the miasma emanating from the Decaying Pit.

Indeed, no law or authority is applied to the members of the Order. Not even the Princeps, or the Triumvirate for the matter, have any sort of control over them. This is exploited by the Order to enrich the vaults and terrorize the population, always with a certain restrain and staging to ensure no backlash or revolt reaction might occur. It is of course within their interest to maintain this equilibrium, as the Order and influence of the Cult of the Primeval Truth has thrived under their “unofficial” rule, and most notably due to the ruthless pragmatism of Master-Censor Noirythe, elven lordling who rose to the highest rank of the Order due to his impeccable understanding of the court's politics and foresight regarding the interests of the Order.

Noirythe's guidance and consciousness of power is motive of great distress within the court of the Glimmering-City, as the rumors of an uprising of the Order of Censors grow stronger every day among the petty nobles. The inability of Princeps Asphodellus to even maintain minimal control over the group of elves has tainted the political scene of the Principality with great pessimism, uncertain on how the pressure of the Order of Censors will end in bloodshed if they continue squeezing power and competences from the legitimate authority of the Principality. The unstable balance of power between the Order and the Triumvirate is weaker than ever.

The Order of Censors itself is a very horizontal structure. Besides the guiding command of the Master-Censor, unanimously voted by its pears for the greater good of the Order, every member enjoys the same rank and privileges. It is probably this quasi hegemony granted such power and discipline to the Order, stranger to insignificant internal fights and pesky political intrigues. Training for the Censors never ends, as they constantly accumulate an enviable knowledge in a great number of areas such as astronomy, alchemy, fine arts, theology, politics and obviously military training. As such, the Order of Censors claim to have the most formidable warriors and savants of the Principality and beyond, with a good reason."


The Ritual Curator:


"The Cult of the Primeval Truth heavily revolves around obscure ceremonies, mental alienation, intoxication, sacrifices and executions. Many of these customs are performed by a highly revered priest, the Ritual Curator. Versed in the arts of magic and the most visible authority of the Cult, his influence is immense within the tumultuous balance of the powers of the Principality. The current Ritual Curator is known to be a relative of Clairvoyant Mrothia, closest adviser of Princeps Asphodellus, raising alarms among the nobility on possible influences of the Cult within the court. Indeed, the separation of politics and religion is a pillar of the Principality, which may well be under threat..."


Time to stock up on that nail polish remover!



Thanks for reading ^_^

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If you ever run a narrative campaign in this setting please, please, please post it here. 


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7 hours ago, MrZakalwe said:

If you ever run a narrative campaign in this setting please, please, please post it here. 


If I ever do, it will not be before many many many months :P But I'd love to! Actually building both an AoS and a KoW army based on this fluff since I have a box full of old Empire & other random minis. 

And since the story till now seems to aim towards a mix of civil war, increased Chaos influence and the forces of Order wanting to wipe out the Principality, I can already see a narrative campaign on different scales (from a small AoS Skirmish to a large KoW battle) and up to 4 sides shaping up in the horizon... 

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*Replacing with Map update*



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Posted (edited)

Soooo, after almost a year (!) I got back into this little project. Was not too motivated lately as my hobby/wargaming interests resided elsewhere, far from AoS.

But I painted up some cool models (kitbashed from about 10 different kits!), made up some fluff for them and more or less planning a 1k army while I wait for Meeting Engagements and WarCry!


Mortuary Guard

Knights of the Light Tower & Wardens of Ancient Traditions (and occasional Anti-Riot Squad)

"To the north west of The Glimmering City stands the solitary Light Tower. A monolitic monument that dominates the entry to the western Grass Plains, an ominous and mysterious construction of black stone, with a shining star ever blazing on the top. Like most ancient architecture preceding the present age, the purpose or how it came be remains concealed in legends. Some say it works as a lighthouse to guide sailors through the treacherous waters near the cost. Others, that the influence of Sanguine Pit, not too far to the north, plays a pivotal role...."


"It is said to have been the martial court of the Great Knight Forganegorix, the most skilled warrior among Veriitha's companions. Traditions are preserved in the Principality, and as a consequence, the Light Tower fosters the most powerful knight regiment in the land, commonly known among the citizens as the "Mortuary Guard". They are the Knights of the Light Tower, the Wardens of Ancient Traditions and a dozen other pompous titles to feed their hubris.

But make no mistake, these are truly unparalleled elven warriors, cladded in elegant golden armours and wielding cruel lances. Their menacing looks are reinforced by the ritual paintings with which they "adorn" their faces, a mix of ash and blood giving the appearance of a bloody battered corpse, hence their name. Their sight is terrifying as they often carry barbaric trophies and equipment, an augur to the blooshed they leave in their wake.  Even more terrifying are their mounts, for they do not ride into battle flimsy horses but rather lizard-beasts from the caverns from below the western coastline on the Principality, capable of ripping off a mans' head with a simple bite. They are only half domesticated, which often leads to certain "accidents", as the unfortunate citizens of the Principality know too well...."



"Besides their undoubtfull utility on the battle field against the manservants of the Dictator of Azyr, they are also employed by the authorities of the Principality when the behaviour of their beloved subjects starts to get out of hand. Indeed, it is not rare for the people of the Principality to be under the condition of hysterical frenzy, seizures and over-zealous piety (probably due to the sickly effect of the Primevanl Truth). Or just downright substance abuse on public ground. This is often the case of Sundays, when the games of the National Blood-Ball League take place. Reckless hooligans plunder the streets, causing havok, eager for violence and cheering for bloodshed on the match pitches. They are however too hammered and/or stoned to understand it is their blood who will probably flow first...

For the intervention of the Mortuary Guard is swift and violent indeed. Judge, jury and executioner, the Mortuary Guard descend upon drunks and fools, ripping apart limbs and splintering bones. All to preserve public order, of course...."  



Edited by VBS
Some typos
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Hi! The new mixed order battletome brought some needed motivation for this project, although I dislike the term “Cities of Sigmar”. Someone tell GW that these cities can very well be AGAINST Sigmar, like the Free Principality ;)

New stuff: here's Mistress Moriath, who advises (ie. pulls the strings) of Princeps Asphodellus. Added some fluff below, emphasizing on the opposition to Sigmar and other “divinities”. It gets a bit philosophical :D

Next time will be a family photo with the current state of the army!



"Come closer, young adept. Let me show you the uncomfortable Truth about this world. I am sure you heard stories down at the docks, those merchants from afar tell the strangest of lies. False news travel fast, after all.

Less sophisticated civilizations, those beyond the Principality, kneel before so-called Gods. The One who dwells in Azyr, the Shining Twins, or the very own Spiteful Queen we must keep at bay from our parcel of Ghyran, among others. Entire populations praise, sacrifice and submit to these beings. But why? Are they worthy of such devotion? Rest assured, they are not.

For in this reality, they are no different than you and I. They simply happen to be imbued with supernal powers that mortals can only dream, much like my magical prowess is beyond the wildest dreams of a filthy unwashed peasant from the Grassplains.

These Pseudogods simply play in another league. Privileged in their attributes, spawned with power reserved just for a handful. Alter the earth and sentient beings to their will. Is this a sign of divinity? Is it enough? Does their power detach them from mere mortals? No, they are subject to lowly passions just like you and I. They do not transcend this reality.

You see, these beings have a conscientious mind, a personality, cravings and an agenda. They behave like kings who tell their subjects what to do. Their privileged position channels the grip they have over mortals, who willingly throw themselves into assured slavery in hopes of getting their attention to gain personal benefits from such submission. A promise of eternal reward, empty whispering of future greatness... Pseudogods gladly use the innocence of mortals, as simple fodder to serve their plans and fulfil hidden motivations. It is known. Some, such as the Tyrant of Azyr, will even go to the extent of betraying allies, or torturing and bounding the souls of his people to push his personal crusade against the world. Can one be more selfish?Like ravening dogs, they prey on ignorant mortals to feed their endless hubris.

These beings are not Gods. No, not at all. They are not omnipotent or omnipresent, but rather shackled to many earthly limitations, just like you and I. We can walk away, turn our backs and spit on them, without fearing any serious consequence. No eternal damnation or such nonsense. They might send their slaves-warriors to punish our defiance, for their delusions of grandeur make them relish with self-importance, but that would only reinforce our point. The Principality has thrived without them, and will continue to do so.

But, “do Gods exist?” you may ask. And this, apprentice, is the exact purpose of this lesson. Beyond this plain of reality, there are a million more. Every feeling, emotion and action has its manifestation, in an abstract way. And it is through the collective nourishing of certain emotions and actions that entities from other realities come into being. Mortals create a Psychosphere, a recollection of our acts both physical and mental that will manifest with great force. It is present everywhere, even now, omnipresent, in this very room. It conditions our behaviour without even noticing. Can you sense it? It tastes of iron and ash...

In this world, this very same process gave birth to what could only be described as Gods. In another dimension, they constantly fight to rip into our reality. You may have felt them, perhaps even encountered an aspect of them unconsciously, for in the Principality they roam with certain liberty compared to lesser lands.

Ever noticed those large Pits that scar this region? They are portals manifesting their will. Gateways into a divine world, the Realms of Chaos, home of these Gods. Unlike the Pseudogods, the Four Primeval Powers are detached in their interactions with mortals. They cannot manifest among us, using their worshippers as vessels in the material world. They require feeding of emotions and actions: worship, sacrifice, devotion. Without it, they would fade into oblivion. A requirement! Yes, not a simple tribute demanded by some tyrannical rule with a divinity-complex.

Gods come into existence by the collective belief of mortals, that implore a transcending force to intervene in their world. Fashioned by the very beings that require their presence. Not the other way around. That is a God. The Four Primeval Powers: Kanarsh, Slegash, Nurlesh and Tzanash are proof of divine existence. And as such, are worthy of our admiration, if not servitude.

Do not be fooled by the deceiving agents of the Pseudogods that poison the minds of ignorant citizens. The Truth is out there, and they are not part of it. Remember this."


Thanks for reading!

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Progress is being made as the Free Cities book approaches, I finished up 5 Censors to join the other 5 that were already painted to form a little unit of  10 Phoenix Guard. 



Now aiming to paint during next week the Port-Watchers' Bolt Thrower and the Champion of the Light Tower (dragon noble or something, don't know due to squatting!). Nearly done with the whole army (it's a small one), as afterwards I will just be short of a unit of 10 Reckless Sea-Dogs (bleakswords based off corsairs with lots of bits added).


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Posted (edited)

Right on time for the Free  Cities book, the project is finally complete! (pic heavy)

It's a small army, but the idea behind it was to give old left-overs models and some bits a second chance, as well as writing some cool fluff. Maybe I'll add new stuff (getting some desert elves+halflings from a KS next year) but for now I'll concentrate on other projects. Developing further fluff is always plausible, as there is much to say ^_^

Army shots:





Also, some pics with the last additions:

Port-Watchers' Bolt Thrower   (SC ballista)



Reckless Sea-Dogs   (bleakswords)



Champion of the Light Tower, mounted on a glorious Cowzilla.

(since mounted FG General and Dragon Noble were removed, not sure what count-as could it be. Thank you GW!)



That's it!

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