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Grots in the Sky


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So yesterday I posted up trying to drum up interest in a skirmish style pirates Tale of X gamers, focusing on warbands of upto 10 unique models and a suitably converted sky vessel to carry them into battle. Admittedly the response wasnt over whelming (hard life :P) but undettered I've started work on my motley grot crew to man their sky vessel. Each model will have their own unique name and backstory but for now they're named from left to right as Ringer (tasked with informing grots of the two most important times, food and battle), runner (first to food, last to battle), Scratcher (itching his buttocks) and Sniffler (greasing the crossbow with snot)


Aiming for 10 unique infantry models including a captain and then atleast one unique sky vessel to carry them forth into battle






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Working on the first two of my Grot Skypirate crew members for a Tale of X gamers AoS pirate skirmish (Vessel being the last thing created). This savvy warband keep a fungus addled Kharadon engineer locked in the bowels of their ship Da Blud Moon, for decades he has been force fed the most potent of hallucinogens by his captors until his dellusions have taken hold, believing himself to be the architect of the next flagship of the Kharadon fleet he maintains "Da Blud Moon" mistaking his captors for fellow crewmates. The prolongued exposure to the fungus has however impaired his abilities, whilst it still functions the ship is ramshackle and barely held together by whatever scraps the crew and convince their architect to use.


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4 hours ago, Thundercake said:

These look great man! If I had the time, I would jump on this. Sadly, I don't. I think you should like the other post you tried here, your models may drum up some interest.

Gonna try posting up a tale of X gamers thread here in P&M and link it to this one, that way it might get more notice.



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13 minutes ago, Tzaangor Management said:

Loving the Grot Sky Pirates and expected no less from your good self!

Am still working on my Stormcast for MP and beyond that working them up to 2K, so can't jump in, but will follow along with interest.

Cheers, shame you cant get involved but understandable. A Stormcast vanguard ship would of looked cool :P Ornate and gold with a sigmary name "Sigmars comet" etc

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My warband plan:

16 Reknown - Captain (Fungoid Cave Shaman scroll) - best scroll for a cunnin grot who uses fungus to keep a kharadon engineer so addled by hallucinogens to keep the ship afloat

 6 Reknown - Git Shootas x 3 (Night Goblins with crossbows using Freeguild Crossbow Scroll)
4 Reknown - Bomb Chukkas x 2 (Night goblins throwing dwarven bombs/mines at encroachers - Skyre Acolyte scrolls)
3 Reknown - Deck Hands x 3 (Night goblins, 2 spears and 1 netter)
1 Reknown - Git Nibbla (Ship mascot, Giant rat scroll)


Ends up dead on 30 reknown to follow the plan and gives me a great variety of kits to play with.

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On 3/17/2018 at 10:46 PM, Tzaangor Management said:

Maybe being held up by prosecutors? Dammit, now I want to do it! 

In plague garden theres a ship being dragged by a knight azyros imbued with the power of sigmar, Plenty of lore precedent for an airborn force of sigmarines (they're on a boat so they're actually marines :) )

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