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new white dwarf content (dec 2017/jan 2018)


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I picked up the december 2017 white dwarf that came with 2 more empire character hero cards, a couple new item cards, a new achievement card for shadows over hammerhall and 1 new dungeon floor.

I saw that the January 2018 white dwarf claims to have warhammer quest content in it, But I'm not sure the content is, Has anyone picked it up and can they tell me?

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3 hours ago, Circus of Paint said:

I was hoping for more content like the Mercenaries from last issue, things that aren't exclusive to this particular adventure.

At this point I will ask you a question.

At the moment it looks like that this Adventure will have 3 Scenarios and takes place in one City.

If you would make your custom Adventure with multiple Scenarios,

  1. would you add new rules, Items etc. before each Scenario or
  2. would you give all additional Rules at the start of the Adventure?

I think GW chose variant 2.

The only point of interest could be new Characters (in this case new Nurgle Heroes or Denizens & Adversaries for example. But if we look when new Hero and Denizens & Adversaries where released via White Dwarf we see that for Example Kharadron Overlords Herocards were released in the WD May 2017 (the Battletome was released in mid April) and in case of the Tzeentch Heroes and Denizens they were first released in White Dwarf February 2017 (Battletome was released mid/late January).

So if we will get new Nurgle Heroes or Denizens for Warhammer Quest in WD, it would likly be the WD February 2018

And I really have no Idea why GW hasn't released the two free people Chars earlier (for example in the Hero cards pack).

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I get why GW chose the second option for a three-part series.

At the end of the day, I'm happy that Shadows over Hammerhal is getting new content, but I much preferred the more standalone Hero & Adversary updates we got during the Silver Tower era.

For context, I own both current WHQ games but haven't even finished assembling all the models from Hammerhal. As such, of the two I've only played Silver Tower. Yes, I am ashamed. 

Whilst getting a new series of adventures is nice, they don't make me want to buy and paint models like new Heroes / Adversaries rules do. More importantly, I look for new content that will inspire me to work on the many, many unfinished models I have.

I recently started working again on some  Blightkings I got from Hammerhal because of the new Maggotkin releases. In the past, I've bought random AoS models purely because they had WHQ Hero rules. One of my main "justifications" for buying new AoS models is if I can use them in WHQ and visa-versa.

I would agree that new-release specific rules to go alongside the big AoS releases would be grand though, like with Kharadron Overlords and Tzeentch Arcanites as you mentioned.

With Maggotkin, you could easily incorporate the Lord of Blights, the new Nurgle Heralds and the Beasts into WHQ.

To reference back to my initial comment about being disappointed with the this month's WD content. This Skaven adventure was one I was looking forward to, but it feels phoned in (IMO).  

*edit* Just chucking a random bunch of Skaven into an otherwise fairly generic dungeon wasn't great. Something more tightly themed would of been more interesting.


Clans Eshin hideout (focusing on Night Runners and the Deathrunner)

Clans Moulder experiment (Rat Ogors, Giant Rats, Packmasters)

Mixed Pestilens / Nurgle lair (Plague Monks, Blightkings etc.)

Hopefully, that answers your question. :)

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