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  1. rumours are, new starter box including death, ghb 2018 and a something involving new rules for magic. can't see any more big army releases this side of september/october.
  2. Teclis appeared solo in the short story "Pantheon" on the black library site.
  3. I don't think that Adepticon changing its rule cut off date has any I don't think the DoK release date can be read from the adepticon rules changes. I'd love it if they did come out then, But 3 weeks has always been Alex's cut off date for new rules. He runs lots of events throughout the year, and always the same.
  4. elf goes to shadespire to bring his human wife back to life. gets tricked by a ghost in the mirror to go into the mirror. uses a magic sword to get out. it was only 20 mins long. it didn't really allude to anything elvish in shadespire. I'm not getting my hopes up.
  5. so if there is a list in ghb2 of which factions your sub faction can ally with, how are they going to deal with adding new sub factions? we saw the deathlords work with deathrattle, soulblight etc, but imagine we get some "underworlds" death release in the next year, that keyword won't be in ghb2 under the deathlords table.
  6. Location: Lincoln square, Illinois, USA Name: christian wear Contact: ninevoltcat@gmail.com, @maximum_pants on twitter
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