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How do you build off a force from Fyreslayers SC box?


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If any1 can give me next steps to building a 1k list from their box that would be great.

I am completely new to wargaming so any painting tips would be more then welcome (but please do not list like a thousand not necessary paints like warhammertv, whos only use is to highlight one little part of the model)


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So the fyreslayers start collecting is a great box.  And is perfect if you are starting a path to glory with rune dad on lizard. 

So in the box you get

-10 vulkites. Great, build to taste.(twin axe, axe shield, pick shield)

-pick one of 3 heroes on magmadroth, rune dad, rune son, or runesmiter. The dad is a combat option, the son is a combo combat shooting option if you give him javelin, and the Sumter is a support option. So build to taste. 

- the really great part about this kit is that you can actually build up to 3 heroes with it.  If you build the dad or son on the lizard there are bits on spruce to build the other on foot and the Sumter on foot as well. A word of warning. There is only one on foot set of legs, so if you put the Sumter on lizard you'll only get one more hero.


Now as for points if you go max numbers option this box will give you at most 540 points. So to get to 1000 you can basically double it. Or you can add on the other fyreslayers units like hearthguard beserkers or auric hearthguard(the Auric are our only "legit" ranged unit). There are also some other heroes to add(my favorite is the grimwrath beserkers. Can do a toooon of damage with a little luck)

All are good options. The players don't have a true bad unit. So grab what you like the look of and go to it!

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