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  1. no.I jsut said it doesnt make sense that a smaller monster costs more
  2. I am just confused.Never been in this hobby before
  3. Hello! I was looking around GW store for some color scheme ideas and saw this: Dreadlord on black dragon/sorceres on black dragon - 32.5 pounds Varangaurd- 60 pounds Now there is so much wrong wiht this. I saw taht a black dragon if not converted stands around 20cm tall, has a 10 cm base, and is decently looking 3 WAY smaller guys are DOUBLE the cost. wut? I knwo they are are more detailed but holy cow 2 times the price? It's the same with 40k 2 deamon primarchs are exactly the same size, but again diffrent prices. 2 (YES JUST 2!) non-character leaders for primaris marines are 45 pounds, only 5 away from the freaking Triumvirate of the Imperium! GW, pls fix this.
  4. I don't thin you understood my question. I just wanted to know wich units would look good beside a a dragon (also which dragon should i pick). I don't care about the actual "play" i am more of a hobbyist.
  5. Hello! I am new to this wargaming thing, and i really like the look of the aelfs.I don't know what i want from the hobby since i never played a game, but i thing i just want a great looking army that is not TOO hard to pain, cuz every time i watch a battle report i fall asleep. I think aelfs are cool mostly cuz of their dragons (since a lot of miniatures are small, a big centerpiece dragon lords help a lot) and because i think i can make some fun lore from them. So if you would like to take your time to build me an army, These are my requirements : 1- Needs a dragon.(dread or high elf one, if you want to recommend a wood elf (wanderers?) list, that cool as well ill probs just repaint it(i think green isn't that bad) 2-Needs to stuck wiht one theme (basically one of the three factions from the WFB, all though The witchelves alliance box (the one with the cauldron) is okay in every list since i can jsut repaint the armor on them 3-Not too expansive (basically keep it beetwen 500-1000ish points, just want a cool army wiht a centerpiece (OPTIONAL!)4- I would like the size of the models,( head to toe), especially on the dragon dudes! THANKS!
  6. So, rakarth flesh plus carrobourg crimson for the belly? Also cani do all this with a simple brush instead of an airbrush?
  7. Thx thats just what I needed.If it is not asking too much can you give me the size of your magmadroth?(from tail to head,from the runesdads throne to base.) Also what to do for the belly of the magmadroth?
  8. Don't want to be rude, but I am completely new to this wargame thing so "red basecoat plus black wash plus dry brush" doesn't mean anything to me. IF you could name those washes and paints that would be much better
  9. I am planning on getting into the hobby in the next few months, so right now i am choosing an army for myself. From what i heard, fyreslayers very extremely expansive before, but with the new SC set i think they are pretty reasonable (well, GW's sense of reasonable) I love the models but i am not sure how can I paint the big lizard. I love the color scheme on GW's website: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Auric-Runesmiter-on-Magmadroth I think i can get the black effect with a abbadon black, eshin grey drybrush, but as for the fires i am completely lost. Also please do not suggest a air-brush, I just want to use regular brushes. Since i am worried about the size of the model, if anyone can give me the measurements of him that would be great. Thx!
  10. Well, choosing an army is REALLY hard. I liked Seraphon at first, but the normal warrior model is just awful to me. Fyreslayers are great but i don't like their size and they are a bit hard to paint. Now i am into sylvaneth.They get a pretty nice centerpiece in the SC box and i love the models I am wondering if any of you have any tips on how to expand the SC box or painting i would be really greatfull for your help. Also how many citadel woods do I need for a sylvaneth wyldwood?
  11. If any1 can give me next steps to building a 1k list from their box that would be great. I am completely new to wargaming so any painting tips would be more then welcome (but please do not list like a thousand not necessary paints like warhammertv, whos only use is to highlight one little part of the model) Thanks!
  12. HI! I am new to this wargaming thing and i looked at the new Warherds Bloodfeast Gorgers box set and thought- 'cool!' They seem fun to play and paint but i am not sure how can i work off from the box set to a little army (I am looking for something from 500 points to 1000) I don't want anything TOO competitve, and I would prefer if I kept the Breyherd theme (wont mind If there are some monsters, but something like chaos warrior would suck) Also can you "try" to make it not crazy expansive? Any painting tips would be welcome as well (currently i just have the standard starting painting box set and some space marines to practice on) Thanks!
  13. HELLO everyone! I am currently in the painful process of choosing my first army (never played a wargame before) and well, spiderfangs always looked cool,but they were simply too expansive too justify With the new Box set for them they are way easier to collect, so I guess I am set on them.(i love the idea of big centrepieces and anaknaroch is 16cm long!) If you have any advice on playing them. as well as next purchases i should invest in, please leave them below but i am most interested in painting.I bought the starting paint set but i have no idea how to paint grots or any color schemes. Thank you for reading.
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