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  1. Mr InsaneBear

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    It does possibly cripple the bonesplitterz since our most effective unit goes to pot if they get in combat. And it limits their targets for all the units already in combat.
  2. Mr InsaneBear

    Is the 'Bad Moon' Lunaghast?

    The bad moon comes originally from the old warhammer fantasy lore. The green chaos moon morrslieb was da bad moon. But for an AoS reinterpretation lunaghast sounds like a good one.
  3. Mr InsaneBear

    Mixed Offerings

    Amazing. How did you do the skin tone of the aelves?
  4. Mr InsaneBear

    How are the Mangler Squigs as models?

    I have never had an actual mangler squig. Didnt have a model when i started orcs and gobbos. ButIf you end up not liking dealing with it I came up with a not terrible conversion. Take a 60mm base and put 6 fanatics on it chains all different directions. I grouped them very tightly but you can have a loose formation. Then take some twine or string or thread and lash them together creating a "nightmare fanatic" Obviously not the same type of damage but would give the same overall function I think.
  5. Mr InsaneBear

    "Da Palefacez" My Ironjawz army

    Excellent! Well done indeed. Now go bash some 'Eads in wiv da boyz!
  6. Well I'd figure for actual product I'd agree with some previous posts, big boss, box of foot savages, box of boar savages. This gives you a bit of flexibility. You can build the foot as 20 arrow or spear, or 10 of each, or 10 plus big stabbas. And the board you can build as 10 maniaks/boarboyz or 5 of each. So lots of modeling possibilities. As for game tactics, that all depends on how you like to run an army.
  7. Mr InsaneBear

    Starting Fyreslayers `1k

    I know you are kind of wanting to go off what you have but in the end I'd suggest getting some of everything. The fyreslayers range isn't large but each unit type is pretty unique and are rich great models.
  8. Mr InsaneBear

    How do you build off a force from Fyreslayers SC box?

    So the fyreslayers start collecting is a great box. And is perfect if you are starting a path to glory with rune dad on lizard. So in the box you get -10 vulkites. Great, build to taste.(twin axe, axe shield, pick shield) -pick one of 3 heroes on magmadroth, rune dad, rune son, or runesmiter. The dad is a combat option, the son is a combo combat shooting option if you give him javelin, and the Sumter is a support option. So build to taste. - the really great part about this kit is that you can actually build up to 3 heroes with it. If you build the dad or son on the lizard there are bits on spruce to build the other on foot and the Sumter on foot as well. A word of warning. There is only one on foot set of legs, so if you put the Sumter on lizard you'll only get one more hero. Now as for points if you go max numbers option this box will give you at most 540 points. So to get to 1000 you can basically double it. Or you can add on the other fyreslayers units like hearthguard beserkers or auric hearthguard(the Auric are our only "legit" ranged unit). There are also some other heroes to add(my favorite is the grimwrath beserkers. Can do a toooon of damage with a little luck) All are good options. The players don't have a true bad unit. So grab what you like the look of and go to it!
  9. Mr InsaneBear

    Skirmish 30 point list Help

    Does anyone have thoughts on how grout wolf riders might work? I'd like to try them but have none painted so gotta get that done...
  10. Mr InsaneBear

    New Player, 1000 Point Mixed Destruction

    Get the models you want to paint and think look awesome and don't worry about the rest unless you are going unto a competitive s new like a tourney!
  11. Mr InsaneBear

    Episode 165 - April News and City of Secrets

    Man I thought I was finally getting used to the mortal realms but this jolt of plain humanity is a little weird. Good though. Another great episode o GH!
  12. Mr InsaneBear

    Da Irregulaz

    So this is a very odd looking list but it actually preformed really well for me overall yesterday. Da irregulaz-1000pts Megaboss Moonclan shaman 40 moonclan grots w/spears 6 ogor bulls w/fist (I know but it's how they are modelled) 4 moonclan fanatics. 5 Brutes w/twin choppa Played a battle with the border war scenario against a slaves to darkness force with the Brothers Glot at its head. The quick hits from the game are -my shaman went loopy on mushrooms 3 times and never got a spell off but by golly did he hold my one point objective by himself like a champ -I never actually get to use my fanatics. Like always I tried to charge them, they failed, got charged and immediately got mashed. But they did take a round of attacks meant for the grots so that's good? - 40 grots with inspiring presence will actually hold the line well. I was surprised. -I was totally scared of the Glotkin especially after they minced my Brutes almost immediately, but my Megaboss with +1 to hit and wound because of the command trait/artifact I rolled ended up chopping them to bits in just 2 combat phases! And that was WITH mystic shield on themselves! -the glotkins fleshy abundance spell makes nurgle warriors hard to pull down. Adding extra wounds to stuff even temporarily is good stuff. my moonclan pit held long enough to get what was left of my heavy hitters to chop up the bulk of his army and I got enough points for a destruction victory! This was actually a super fun list to play and one I'd suggest for a good beer and peanuts game. Lemme know if you guys have any thoughts!
  13. Mr InsaneBear

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    I'm in. I already have several 1k list armies planned out from the massive amounts of models I have sitting around. So here is to 1000 pts!*raises glass*
  14. Mr InsaneBear

    Wardens of Braviheim(Free peoples) 1000 pt

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I do have an out rider unit for some mobility and shooting. Outriders useful?
  15. Mr InsaneBear

    Wardens of Braviheim(Free peoples) 1000 pt

    Allo all, Does this seem a sensible free people's 1k list? Leader - battlemage - battlemage - Free guild General Artillery -helblaster volley gun Battle line -20 free guild guard (halberds) -20 free guild guard (sword/shield) -10 freeguild handgunners Other -10 freeguild greatswords Sensible? A good list even?