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Today's slaves to darkness game

Kaleb Daark

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Today I had another game down at the local.

We decided to up the points to 1500 and again chose to use open war cards.

Once again I faced Stormcast eternals.

My List was as follows:

20 Khorne Marauder Horsemen with Javelins

2 Khorne Gorebeast chariots, which were being proxied by Bull Centaurs

10 Khorne marauders with marauder axes and shields

2 war mammoths with Howdah




I had over 100 points left over, so for story and theme we agreed that I could spend them on making the general mounted on the Mammoth and for his fighting profile he used the Darkhoath chieftain broadsword profile.  Other than that the mammoth profile remained unchanged and he still could not be marked. - Fair I thought.

My fall back was taking Sayl but I preferred this as it felt more right.

We also decided that terrain would only have a property on a roll of 4 or more. All the terrain on his side was normal, on my side I had every piece as having something going on, mostly mystical and sinister as it happens.

We rolled randomly for battle traits and artefacts, and as luck would have it I got the battle trait which reduces opponents bravery down by 1 within 6" and the artefact that knocks it down by another 2.  this meant that if I was to get the charge in with the command mammoth I could effectively be making him take bravery checks at -5, or -7 of both mammoths got a charge within range.

So, we drew the cards, and got an absolute belter of a set, the deployment card was hillarious as it essentially meant we could pitch up nose to nose.


which ended up looking something like this..



As I had less wounds on the table, 80 something to his 180 something I drew the ruse card.


I moved the gorebeast chariots to within 9 inches of his forces on the right flank.


Turn 1 - Opponent

He had won deployment and so moved all his troops forward.  Using his ability he teleported a unit of two handed hammer dudes to seize the objective I'd placed at the back of the board.


He moved all of his men forward to guard the objective and also to prepare to take the objective I had hidden behind the pillar, and also to brace for the onslaught of the mammoths.

The unit of marauders were wiped out within a few strikes of big glaive stormcast dudes to all of three men.


His archer stormcast managed to do four wounds to one of the mammoths (painted) with the starsoul mace doing another two off the bat.

The rampage by the mammoth kills the three remaining marauders.


Turn 1 - My turn

Command phase sees me planting the banner and opening the portal of skulls, I bought him along not for the obvious +1 attack but really because I'm a defensive khorne player.  I like the fact that the army is resistant to battleshock and has a buff vs magic.  The mammoths although only bravery nothing,  are a single model unit.

I also use the marauder chieftain ability and roll a 4 for the nearby marauder horsemen unit.  they advance towards the enemy 4" and then move 12".   They're within 7" of the liberator unit on the left flank and proceed to throw their javelins.  They're within range of a mystical terrain piece so annoyingly for him also get rerolls.  The unit of ten stormcast  loses four men.

I declare charges with both mammoths and the gorebeast unit.

The gorebeast gets in but doesn't manage to roll the magical 8.  the unit goes head to head with the lord questor or whatever he is. he is reduced to two wounds, but manages to shake off most of the damage thrown at him.

Command mammoth's goring tusks manage to do 7 mortal wounds and the other mammoth manages to do another 4 to the heavily armoured judicators.

At the end of the combat phase, humorously he takes another three mortal wounds due to rampaging mammoths.


Turn 2 - Opponent wins initiative.

His Protectors charge into the mammoths, between the stormstrike glaives and the starsoul mace and the thunderbolt crossbow from the Judicators the mammoth already wounded is reduced to one wound! ouch.  Justice is done however at the end of the combat phase when the rampaging mammoth kills the remaining Judicators.

His liberator engaged with the marauder horsemen stubbornly refuses to die standing fast.


His knight vexilor charges the mammoth and kills it.  I win the roll however for wher it falls.  I give him the joy of rolling to see if those underneath take damage.

My mammoth takes out one of the gorebeasts! and also two of his characters.



We leave the mammoth on it's side and declare it terrain.


My Turn 2

My gorebeast succeeds in finally killing the vexilor, revenge for dealing the killing blow on the mammoth.  

The command mammoth makes reasonably short work of the remaining liberator unit and then that is wiped out by the marauder horsemen javelins.

The marauder horsemen then sweep round and occupy and burn the remaining two objectives.


My victory.

It wasn't a tabling by any means but I did have the speed and numbers in the horsemen to occupy the objectives, I really like marauder horsemen in AoS and Khorne marauder horsemen with bloodsecrator assistance are quite deceptive in just how much they can rain down on an opponent, and they're not going anywhere.  With the damned icon, they become downright annoying, and coupled with the mammoth's chieftain ability and (if I had a bloodstoker) would frighten a lot opponents with their speed.  I would imagine their would work great against an old 8th ed player as they would view them as not that great or just as useless as they were in 8th fantasy battle - so might well dismiss them, until he had to deal with 60 javelin shooting attacks rerolling 1's to hit and wound if there was a bloodsecrator and a stoker there.


mammoths are great, and hilariously funny at the same time.  there's something comical about the rampage rule, and I sort of see them like I see Kdaai fireborn, where it's not wha they can do actively in combat, but it's the free wounds that are dished out passively.  That and just by circumstance his bellow and the general's artefact and trait, and also his proximity to magical terrain meant that the liberator unit he faced off had to make battle shock tests at -6, but I have to say watching 15 wounds get cleaved off one in one turn was pretty eye watering.


I love playing the slaves, and especially with the right allies you can use them to provide a really solid foundation to any chaos army.  gorebeast chariots are again just rock solid and frustrating because of the high wound count.


thanks for reading :)


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