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  1. Pending the FAQ, it's nice that we get some kind of counter to the new filth. FMB
  2. So, here's a question. How does our Spelleater Curse (from bloodithe) interact with the new Teclis' autocast ability? FMB
  3. Awesome, Alan, thanks. I've been running my goats in big blobs, but will try more of an MSU approach next time. Don't have Bulls, but will see if I can pick some up. FMB
  4. Hi gang, Got in my first "big" game with the goats last night, running a pile of Besti-, Ung-, and straight Gor, plus a couple big boys and loads of characters against Tomb Kings. Got beat pretty hard. Made some mistakes (probably put too much in ambush, put the Cygor in the wrong spot), but also some good moves (used ambush to distract his big stuff, and more or less kept it out of the game until very late). In the end, though, he had two huge skellie units on his objective (can't remember the scenario name, but we each had one objective, and you needed both to win); I couldn't punch
  5. Any tips for running them? Just picked up my first batch.
  6. Yeah, that That was my understanding as well. The interwebs, however, are currently full of delighted mobs dancing around bonfires, in celebration of "only one dice roll evah".
  7. Seems to be a running debate is this means only one save of any kind ever (which nerfs us hugely), or only no stacking aftersaves (which is a bit of a nerf). Even if the former, it means we still have improvable protection from MW, yeah? FMB
  8. *sigh* My head knows this, but my heart doesn't want it to be true . . .
  9. Hi gang, Started AoS with Khorne, and it's been my main, but haven't played much since the new Blades book came out, distracted by other projects. I recently picked up a buddy's Khorne, and my collection has about doubled in size. An option I now have is to run a ton of Blood Reavers, and I'm intrigued thematically by the Dark Feast battalion. What are people's recommendations for getting the most out a horde of fun-loving, bloodthirsty cannibals? FMB
  10. Anyone tried the Grymwatch in games yet? Not really seeing any wider utility / synergy, but maybe I'm missing something? FMB
  11. Okay, but does this trump the thing about "if all units in a battalion have a keyword, the battalion has that keyword as well" thing? I mean, I get that a battalion from, say, Beasts (not the Khorne one, one of the others) means it's allies, but if everything has Khorne, it's still a Khorne battalion, no?
  12. Wait, what? I thought as long as everything in the battalion had a keyword, the battalion was treated as having it as well?
  13. If you're just looking for a decent chance in casual play, take a Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker, and then whatever else to taste. Most Khorne stuff is at least half decent, and even the more marginal stuff can be buffed to effectiveness with that combo. Take what looks good, mess around, and get a sense of what you like. Remember you also have access to anything that can take a Khorne mark, so most of Slaves to Darkness, and a battalion of Beasts of Chaos, if that strikes your fancy. If you're looking for competitive opportunities, either build around the Gore Pilgrims battalion, or ta
  14. Any tips on must-have for Khorne in Skirmish? I'm thinking anything with a bubble would be good, so looking at Bloodsecrator and Asp. Champ. Priests would be good as well, as ranged mortal wounds are always handy.
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