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(Khorne) Bloodskins of the Iron Keep

Mr. White

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My son nearly has all of his half of the AoS starter (Stormcasts) painted, so I need to pause my work on Silver Tower and knock out the Khorne figs so he can play against more painted models.


The Bloodskin Chieftan, Bloodwolf, with his Bloodhounds.


The Bloodskin Gorechosen.


Bloodskin Blood Reavers.


Bloodskin Bloodwarriors.


Unleash the mighty Bloodkorath!


Bloodskin Slambo hunts the Gaunt Summoner in the Silver Tower.


Bloodskins descend into Shadespire.





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They look great! Always good to see an atypical paint scheme (says the man with the Khorne Red Bloodbound). The brighter silver on the trim gives a nice subtle contrast with the rest of the armour panels. If I have a criticism it's that the bright red skin looks a bit off somehow. It looks a bit flat and not quite up to the standard of the other elements - maybe just needs a wash and a simple highlight?

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Thanks, @Jamie the Jasper !

Yeah, I washed the red skin with reikland, then went back over the raised bits with red again to highlight. The contrast didn't seem to come off as much. Do you suggest something else to shade red with besides that reikland wash?

Either way, they look great on the table to the naked eye. Plus, I sort of like the skin on my AoS models to be bold and colorful, so if I can't tune it up some this works for me.

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I find that Reikland Fleshshade can be a bit too subtle over vibrant reds, but that's personal preference really. Both Agrax Earthshade and even Nuln Oil can work too though, and give a better contrast, although obviously they both create subtle tone changes to the overall colour besides just shading the recesses.

If you did want to do another round of highlighting, I think highlighting up towards Tuskgor Fur will maintain the vibrant red whilst shifting it ever so slightly towards a more natural skin tone.

But as you say, if it looks good to the naked eye then keep it as it is!

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Added the 'Bloodkorath' to the OP.

I wanted to not go all red, but still keep with the bloodskin theme, hence the blue skin. I'm not sure how well it came out. Looks sort of like superman. Shading red continues to be an issue, but with Bloodreavers next I should get plenty of practice.

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On ‎05‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 11:59 AM, Soulsmith said:

If you aren't keen on the blue as is you could try a desaturated version so the red is your primary focus :) But having that other colour works well i feel.

Did anyone else think that article on colour theory in last month's WD was one of the most helpful things they've done in ages? :)

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Haven't been posting in this thread because I haven't been sure how I wanted to proceed. I think I'll post recent work and when all is done I'll shoot their glamour shots and update the OP with new photos and background text.

Converted the Chieftain and Shadespire models to be Bloodskins.




Did the whipping boy and have repainted all my Blood Reavers to wear grey instead of blues.


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4 hours ago, Mr. White said:

Knocked out Bloodwolf's pets... the bloodhounds.


I contemplated the bloodhounds being the same shade of red as the bloodskins, but that seemed too much. went with a darker red....almost looks brown. Think it still works though.

Definitely does!  Ties them together without becoming a blur of a single colour

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Well...the Slaughterpriests wrathhammer didn't survive the stripping process. It broke at the chain, and I couldn't find a way to reattach it firmly enough for the rigors of play.

Luckily, the slaughterpriest has that swole arm...I subbed in an ironjaw weapon. This new weapon also looks to reflect the wrathhammer's 3" reach.




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