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  1. Excellent choice @Spiky Norman. Im adding a unit of Kurnoth Hunters to my army.
  2. My Kurnoths are done as well.
  3. Kurnoth Hunters

  4. Welcome aboard, you will not regret going down this path.
  5. Great job man. I like them. I have also finished mine, pictures are incomming. I need to prime my Dryads if it could just stop being cold, dark and wet here in Scandinavia.
  6. @TalesOfSigmar that is an impressive amount of miniatures in such a short time. Well done Sir.
  7. Im really looking forward to hear how it goes. Good luck on the 22.
  8. I will take the Honed Mind. Thank you very much.
  9. Im still in. I have purchased another unit of Kurnoth Hunters. I can now field a 2000 point army. But I will probably not get it all painted in a month. So if I can finish my Kurnoths with bow and the 10 Dryads from last month, i will be satisfied.
  10. Yes month six is all about getting the job done. Let's go boys!
  11. I didn't quite reach my goal this month. Too much eating and drinking I guess. But I did manage to assemble 10 Dryads and assemble and almost paint a unit of Kurnoth Hunters.
  12. I actually thought that artifacts was one of a kind, so no duplicates. Its good to know that Realmroots can be used to disengage from combat without being a retreat.
  13. Merry Christmas to all! Lets make Warhammer great again.
  14. Last Saturday @Spiky Norman and @Nixon decidet to have a game of AOS. After looking at the December battleplan for Realm Hoppers we decided to go back and play 'The Crystal Shatters' since it was better suited for a two player game. Pappa Nurgle had set his eyes (or is that eye?) on the Crystals. The Ancient of the Silveroak Clan on the other hand, was bend on destroying the horde of daemons. The Dryads rushed forth to engage the enemy while the Kurnoth Hunters flanked the pestilent horde. The nimble and heroic Sylvaneth forces quickly surrounded the Great Unclean one, and cut him down with Scythes and Talons. Victory was at hand and the foul daemons was defeated. But the Sylvaneth was unable to stop a few of the less important Plaguebearers to escape with 3 Crystal Shards.
  15. As always amazing work Rasmus! Keep us posted.