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  1. I took a sort of half-step in terms of either building Gordrakk or a Megaboss on mawkrusha. I used the Gordrakk head, with the rest of the model as a standard Megaboss, and then also magnetised the hands. It was quite easy to do, and will let me run either very close to WYSIWYG, because the defining traits of Gordrakk vs the normal Megaboss is the weapons, as well as the two different weapon loadouts for the Megaboss. You could consider that too, if you want the flexibility to run either and you care (some) about WYSIWYG. 🙂
  2. It's always fun to tinker around with lists in the Scrollbuilder. So I brewed up the list below, which has a magic focus, but still have 2(/3) hammers and a decent anvil. I made it mostly based off of the models I have available, though, so maybe there could be some better Bonesplitter units to sub in. What do you think? Specifically the spell selection. Is two movement/teleport spells too much? If so, which other ones would you want? Is it a good idea to keep Brutish Cunning to use on the Gruntas, Rogue Idol or Brutes, but forego a +1 to cast on the Prophet? Allegiance: Big Waaagh! Wardokk (80) - Lore of the Savage Beast: Kunnin' Beast Spirits Wardokk (80) - Lore of the Savage Beast: Breath of Gorkamorka Wurrgog Prophet (160) - Artefact: Mork's Boney Bitz - Lore of the Savage Beast: Gorkamorka's War Cry Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) - Lore of the Weird: Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork Orruk Megaboss (140) - General - Command Trait: Brutish Cunning Orruk Warchanter (110) 6 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (320) - Pig-iron Choppas 30 x Savage Orruks (300) - Chompas 10 x Orruk Brutes (260) - Pair of Brute Choppas Rogue Idol (420) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 172
  3. Not a problem. I was simply thinking that some like the possible CP generation from the Fungoid Shaman and maybe it would be worth looking at a basic Mapcap Shaman for the -1 against shooting in a rising shooting meta. But as you also mentioned, the Wardokk is good, and it can be a hard to choice between the two/three.
  4. Big Waaagh also have the ability to transform waaagh points to +1-2 to cast, and can run the Wardokk that can also give +1 to cast. On top of that is artefacts that can provide + to casts as well as run a Rogue Idol for additional +to cast. So they can run Wardokk, Prophet and Shaman which are all decent. The Rogue idol also buffs grot casters, if you want to ally in some more casters. The question is of course whether that all makes it strong enough to be 'viable', but I think it can compare with the rest of the Destruction caster lists.
  5. I've seen some easy conversions of a basic savage orruk + a beast skull from GWs "Skullbox".
  6. This sounds like a very good idea, though I'd like a bit higher quality than the general GHB as others have mentioned.
  7. That's sad, as it's awesome models, and I'd love to field them. I guess the best option is to buy two packs and mix them with other Brutes units, to make a new Brute unit, and convert the left over orruk into a Warchanter.
  8. Have you considered running Bloodtoof to save the points and use the Hand through the artefact instead? It's one use only, but it's guaranteed. Of course you give up the -1 and such from Ironsuns, but also gain other benefits instead, so it's a muddy comparison perhaps.
  9. I hope they have the correct keywords, so they can be included in the appropriate battalion. They probably won't, but then maybe 2x of the new warband can become a regular brute unit. Plus an extra orruk to convert into a warchanter or something 🙂
  10. If we accept the notion of the new meta being one of super-casters, and we simply bow out of the magic game by not bringing any wizards, is it still worth it to bring a Rogue Idol in an Ironjawz (or Big Waaagh) army? It's 420 but still decent at punching things and have the Ironjawz keywords, so still gets all the Ironjaw buffs, especially Mighty Destroyers and Hand of Gork through Bloodtoof artefact if needs be. Also those new Blood Bowl Black Orcs look like they could easily be moved to a 40mm base and double as Brutes. Especially if their hands gets replaced by spare Brute weapons. 🙂
  11. That is true, but in the document itself, this line is above the list of points: So even though it was uploaded after the release of GHB2020, it seems that the list of points haven't been updated since March 2020, which is then perhaps nullify the argument that the 400 supersceeds the 420.
  12. If that's true, you should go post the points for the Mega-gargants in the Gargant thread. Pretty sure lots of people are wanting to know 🙂
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