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  1. I have been toying with an idea of both use my Rogue Idol and the Gitmob Gitz by focusing on grots wizards. The Rogue Idol will be counted as allies so the allegiance is intact and Skragrott is the general. Do you think this list is any good? If so, is it good tournament material? Thanks in advance and for all the good bits of advice in this thread 🙂
  2. Which incidentially is correct on Scrollbuilder. @fredster4050 Try and run your list through on https://www.warhammer-community.com/warscroll-builder/ it's usually correct, or being corrected fairly quickly, if we alert Tony ( @scrollbuilderdude ) here on TGA.
  3. I would make all of them as different as possible, but with a thought to being able to reasonably pick out three banner/iconbearers and three musicians. There is only one banner in the box, but if you use the staff-with-3-spheres it can go for being a banner too I think. Plus if you have extra bits from Plaguebearers or Plague Drones you should be able to make the banner look different too. The musicians are fairly easy to differentiate as you can simply make sure that one of the "official musician" and two others have lots of bells on them. The Lord can simply be pointed out as you set up, I think.
  4. There are no 'Maggotkin of Nurgle' in the Scrollbuilder. You can pick units from Daemons of Nurgle and Nurgle Rotbringers, and you can take the Allegiance: Nurgle.
  5. Agreed. I do not have access to Azyr-builder through the AoS app, but the free Scrollbuilder.com works fine in this regard and counts Blightkings battleline correctly, based off of your Allegiance.
  6. The Plagueridden (leader) of the Plaguebearers does not have more wounds than the other Plaguebearers. He does have 1 more Attack. But your main reasons to run a maxed out unit of Plaguebearers is the Cloud of Flies ability as well as the cost discount and the ease of buffing them, should you choose to do so. Also you usually want Plaguebearers to have a solid staying power, and that obviously goes up if you have a bigger unit, as well as the points mentioned above. The discount in points is only if you take a maxed out unit.
  7. You guys should post your pictures in the Gallery section instead of this thread where they'll eventually sink and be much harder to find. Then you can always link from the Gallery to a post in this thread. :-)
  8. I can only wholeheartedly agree. :-) If I was to pick only 1 Youtuber in wargaming, it would be him/them. The quality of advice and discussion in both (tournament & narrative)gaming and painting is top notch, and it's actually a bit hard to find channels that have such knowledgeable hosts*, especially spanning both of those sides of the hobby to such high levels. *To contrast to an example of Tabletop Minion where Uncle Atom is a great presenter with great quality videos, but I often sit and think that he doesn't really seem to know enough about the gaming and painting side of the hobby, which is a little bit of a shame. But then it's different channels with different foci, and I'd still rate Tabletop Minion in my top 10.
  9. If you give a listen to the Facehammer podcast episode about their preparation for Adepticon, one of them are going through their list which contains Bloab. Usually they are pretty competitive-minded, so I would imagine that Bloab can certainly have his uses. If I recall correctly, I think the list was something like this,though check the podcast for yourself to make sure:
  10. The Lord of Blights Plague of Flies ability is a Command Ability, so you cannot both use that and have the Harbinger as your General. Also I would probably split up the Blightkings into 2x5, since it's a 1k game you're less likely to come up against a lot that 5 cannot deal with and you need units to cover board space to win the missions (I presume).
  11. Heh! Yea, okay then it works fine. I just thought it was a bit much to send a plastic rod halfway around the globe, so I was looking for sellers in Europe :-)
  12. Did you order from the seller in Australia that was linked to, or have you been able to find other sellers? I've looked on eBay, but haven't been able to find others selling anything like that.
  13. In terms of battle reports, then I would really like to know the 'why', instead of just the 'what'. My favourite part of battlereport are the end part, where the players sometimes discuss the game and why they did what they did, and what they would've done differently. The those are the parts that I learn from, and I prefer to learn something when I'm watching tabletop videos on Youtube, be that painting, tactics, lore or news.
  14. The Dark Oath Warqueen does not have and cannot gain the Nurgle keyword, so she cannot be the general in a Maggotkin army. But that doesn't mean that you cannot include her, you just have to take her as Allies. Which would also be best, since her Command Ability only works on Slaves to Darkness units.
  15. First of all - Welcome - To the most positive and enthusiastic AoS community on the interwebs! I hope you'll like it here. :-) Second - You specifically mention that you complain. A lot. In that regard I would really plead with you that you think before you post. Plenty of online forums have decended into negativity and eventually toxicity, never to recover from it again. Don't let that happen to TGA too. Of course constructive critisism can be helpful, but complaints, especially repeated, for the sake of complaining really just detracts from the overall enjoyment of coming here. After all, we're all here because we want to share our love of the hobby in all its aspects. That said - There are plenty of helpful people in the community that could perhaps help you get some projects finished, so be sure to ask around in the Painting and Modelling section.
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