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  1. Nixon

    Nighthaunt mini madness

    Amazing stuff. Nice blog as well. I really like how you use texture as a contrast to the ethereal parts. Im watching you.
  2. Nixon

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Henlkhyn Im currently trying to figure out myself what to get. The named Heroes are the ones giving me the most headache. They seem a bit underwhelming, what Im trying to figure out is, if we can run an effective army by just using our smaller heroes. Using a Harrow as our genral and transporting small units of Grimghast could work. Battalions are probably not worth the tax. Grimghasts with support heroes are pretty effective, so go get as many as you can afford.
  3. Nixon

    Army Showcase: Sylvaneth

    Welcome to my Army Showcase: Sylvaneth
  4. Nixon

    Whispers in the dark

    So this Thursday I had the pleasure of playing AGAINST Nighthaunt. To make the game more interesting I brought my Sylvaneth. Its always find it enlightening to play against an army that I am currently collecting myself. Facing the Nighthaunt gave me some insight into the strengths and maybe some of it weaknesses of the army. We played 1000 points, Places of Arcane power, but modified so that all models could score on the objectives. So after playing this game, Im still not sure what to think about our Heros. My opponent used a Harrow as his general, It gave him a certain edge on scenario play, since he could easily zip across the board bringing units with him. Im wondering how this would work In 2000 points? Can we get away with only using our smaller heroes? The Grimgasts are just awesome, with the right support they cut through my Kurnoth Hunters way too easy. I actually think that it was the Grimghast and the Harrow that won my opponent the game, and some cunning play on his behalf.
  5. Nixon

    Whispers in the dark

    Working on it.
  6. Nixon

    Whispers in the dark

    I have just started analyzing the Battletome. So I havent really decided yet. But it seams that the Lady Olynder is the most diverse of our heroes.
  7. Nixon

    Blog header

    That did kind of work. I just cant figure out how to re-position the images?
  8. Nixon

    Blog header

  9. Nixon

    Blog header

    Hi How do I replace the individual blog headers with pictures? Right now I have these colored shapes. Thanks.
  10. Nixon

    My Sylvaneth collection.

    That is an impressive collection.
  11. Nixon

    Tales of Gamer

    Long time no posting. I did actually finish the army and is now the proud owner of 2000 points of Sylvaneth. But for the moment Im learning the ropes of AOS 2.0 with Nighthaunt. I will return to Sylvaneth at some point.
  12. Nixon

    Whispers in the dark

    Just played my first game with Nighthaunt. Vanguard size, Knife to the heart against the Devoted of Sigmar. I actually managed a turn one charge using up a lot of command point to rush forward. Only problem my heroes got left a little behind. That was my first learning point, Nighthaunt heroes need to stay close. The game turned into a long grind, and in the end I could not remove enough Flagellants to actually reach the objective. That was my second learning point, use flight to move deep into the enemy zone fast. My List so far Leaders Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) - General Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (140) Lord Executioner (80) Spirit Torment (120) Battleline 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) 10 x Grimghast Reapers (140) Units 4 x Glaivewraith Stalkers (60) Total: 840 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 3 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 55 I very much enjoyed playing Nighthaunt, and I'm looking forward to my next game and expanding the army.
  13. Nixon

    Woods and trees

    Man those trees always causing a fuzz. GW please make the woods area terrain. And until that day, I thinks its the best way to play them.
  14. Nixon

    Whispers in the dark

    In order to really get going with AOS 2.0 I have startet a Nighthaunt army. My approach has been very different from what I did with my Sylvaneth, they took me 2 years to paint. My Nighthaunt army is a speed paint projekt, Its all about getting the job done an hitting the gaming table as fast as possible. I have startet out with the Soulwars set, and have only added some more Grimghast Reapers, for now. The aim is to make a well rounded 1000 point army, play a few games and see how it goes. Cheers.
  15. Nixon

    The Lady from the hidden clearing

    Just when you think you have seen it all. Great job. Take a look at the Darksiders game for some great hammers.