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  1. I still don't understand what is illogical about placing woods next to terrain when the warscroll doesn't stop you from doing it but whatever you say dude.
  2. I take your point and it is strange that four out of the five ways of deploying woods mention terrain whereas this one doesn't. To me that makes it more convincing that the wording was very deliberate in NOT mentioning terrain though. I feel as though you are choosing which rules you follow and which ones you decide to interpret as inconsistencies. At that point you might as well just make up your own rules. I can't make my argument any clearer though and you seem very sure of yours so maybe we agree to disagree. After all, GW encourages house rules within the General's Handbook.
  3. For reference, here's the wording for Silent Communion:
  4. Okay, so maybe my flippant response deserved a flippant response in return. Lets try doing this properly: Look at the wording for the Acorn of Ages. I know GW has a reputation for ambiguous rules writing at times but this, to me, is clear as crystal. "Within 1" of any other models or terrain features" clearly separates models and terrain features and treats them as different entities. So when the wording in the TLA's ability only specifies "models" and nothing else, it seems clear to me that terrain features are not included within that term, otherwise the same wording as for the acorn would have been used.
  5. Why, in some wordings, does it specify "terrain or other models" then?
  6. The TLA's ability does not specify how far away the wood needs to be from other scenery, just that it needs to be 3" from models. Technically therefore, you could balance a wood on top of any other terrain feature you like. I once considered creating a "multi-storey wood" just for lols! Rather sensibly though, this has been house ruled at my club so that woods generated in this way can be touching other scenery but not overlapping it. I think that's a fair compromise personally. The weird thing about generating the woods is that there are five different ways of doing so (free wood, TLA's ability, Acorn of Ages, Verdent Blessing and Alarielle's metamorphosis spell) and all five have slightly different rules about where they can be placed and how far away they have to be from other models and terrain. It's why a lot of Sylvaneth players advocate the use of a cheat sheet to keep track of what is allowed and what isn't. In the same vain, it's worth being familiar with the exact wording of placing models when they appear or teleport through the woods. Sometimes the rule is "place the unit within x inches" sometimes it is "place all models within x inches." This means that the Tree Reve ants can't have one model within 3" of a wood and then conga line towards an objective (as I've seen one player do) but again, the rule is different for different circumstances so it's easy to make mistakes. They're a silly army really!
  7. I'm still confused about why the Kurnoth hunters are shooting at the handgunners if there is a highly mobile/well armoured unit challenging for objectives or a assassination unit in their face about to take them out... or both. As spiritofHokuto mentioned in the first reply to this topic, you can't look at this in a vacuum. Nobody is saying (I hope) that the handgunner combo is a hard counter to Kurnoth hunters. The skill of list writing, if you are most worried about that sort of opponent, is to build a list around that handgunner combo which will have answers to a hunter heavy Sylvaneth list. Lets remember also that Kurnoth hunters have (in my opinion unfairly) become a dirty word in AoS and there are worse (or at least as bad) builds out there (mooclan, ruck, Skyfires, Stormcast lightning chariot etc). If the limitations of the hangunner combo means that you feel there is no army you can put them in that will allow you to compete with those builds (assuming that this is your aim) then the answer to your question is no, it's not that good and you need to devise a different list.
  8. Lol. I am an Ironjawz player too! Just starting to put them together after running Sylvaneth for over a year now. From the opponent's perspective, the woods are far less scary when you know their weaknesses and limitations. Personally, I'll be trying to put my Megaboss right in the middle of a wood to prevent anything and everything emerging from it
  9. The problem you have described can be used to your advantage... If you face a player who is afraid of coming within 16" that can work heavily in your favour in an objective based game. Instantly you have created a 16" 'no-go zone' allowing other units of yours to take advantage of that space. The threat of those hand gunners then isn't necessarily the damage they do but the possibility of the damage they could do. A well placed unit creates space denial which can be one of the best strategies in AoS. As usual, it comes down to having a well balanced list. If your opponent does stand off you and respects the 'no-go zone' do you have the tools elsewhere in your army to take advantage of that? I suspect this would mean a hard hitting combat unit or a very mobile unit that could go objective grabbing.
  10. I have four and I very rarely want for more. There are odd times that I wish I had a fifth having said that, but most of the time I place two bases as my "free" wood at the start. Then, in my first turn, I chuck out Acorn of the ages in my backfield and get another one either from verdant blessing or the TLA's ability somewhere in the middle of the board. Once they're down I usually find I have most parts of the board I want to get to covered. By the time turn 2 rolls around, I find there are too many models and bits of scenery in awkward places, meaning I would struggle to place any more, even if I had the woods available to do so. Most tournaments go on the basis of ten pieces of terrain. Once that's all down on the table, it can become quite tricky to place woods anywhere and certainly becomes really difficult to create 3 base woods. Because of that, I never create woods that are more than two bases - I'd rather have more woods in more places than big woods in fewer places. Looking forward to seeing other points of view on this thread though.
  11. I play regularly vs a Stormcast player who runs fulminators as 1x4 instead of 2x2 for exactly that reason. In the WW example though, I'd agree that 2x3 is almost certainly preferable
  12. You're probably right and I understand this viewpoint but my approach has always been to take what you like playing with/looking at on the table. That's why I love Alarielle. She absolutely tanks and rolls over some armies and dies turn 2 against others. I don't use her because she is/isn't powerful, I use her because I love the model, the fluff and the rules. Same with hunters. I think, rightly or wrongly, we spend a lot of time trying to achieve that illusive mistress "balance" and personally I don't think you'll ever know what will or won't be nasty until you've played a few games. Why play those games with anything other than your preferred models? I used to worry about being "that guy" until I realised that I'm not a skilful enough player to be "that guy" with any list ever!
  13. How many times have we seen that (mis)reading of the first scenario? Five models is all it says. Those five don't have to be part of the same unit. You could have five separate heroes surrounding it if you wanted. I'd agree with the 2x3 setup. 2 x 3 can act exactly the same as a unit of six except they have the extra champ, they don't suffer battleshock as heavily and they can't both be targeted at once - a thundertusk could easily mop up a unit of six but, if you get your positioning right, he'll only be able to kill three if they are two units instead of one.
  14. I run four units of three, two with scythes, two with swords in an Alarielle combat list. Don't ever believe that the swords are the worst option. Time and time again they come through for me and too often I find three attacks a piece not enough for the scythes. The bows are good if you have some way of mitigating the poor 4+ to hit, such as a Hurricanum or some sort of ability/spell. Units of six are punchy alright but they can only ever be in one place at once, they have pretty slow movement and are much more difficult to position when teleporting through woods. Three hunters are surprisingly durable, especially in a gnarlroot formation or when you have a wizard with regrowth or even just Alarielles's healing abilities. Basically, if you like them, take as many units as you can fit in with whichever weapons you prefer. There is no such thing as a bad hunter! As you can probably tell, hunters are my favourite unit too
  15. I'm intrigued to see what everyone thinks of this. I've been tinkering on Azyr pretty much since it was released and I like the look of this. It borrows ideas from the mixed order army that Alex Harrison was running but adds a combat element too. It isn't meant to be a gunline, but the ranged threat should be enough to make opponents have to commit forward and take on my combat units: Wizard on Hurricanum Glade Lord on Forest Dragon Skink Starseer Waywatcher Waywatcher Waywatcher 3 x 10 Skinks 2 x 3 Kurnoth Hunters (with swords or scythes, haven't decided yet) 5 Sisters of the Thorn The biggest issue I see is limited range, with the Waywatchers having the longest reach (22"). Against Kurnoth Hunter bows and Judicators etc it might be tough. I'm also worried about the hunters only being move 5" and not having any woods to bounce through. I have an alternative to this which is much more gunline orientated, which drops the dragon and has an extra wizard, hunters with bows, another unit of sisters and enough summoning for a vortex, but I don't think I'd enjoy it. My current aim when writing lists is to try and find an answer to gunline-hammer without resorting to a gunline myself. With this, if my opponent concentrates on the combat units, I get more time to shoot with my ranged threats. If they concentrate on the shooting, they'll have a dragon and six hunters in their face, meanwhile skinks will run interference and jump on objectives. All thoughts welcome. Cheers.