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  1. I'm intrigued to see what everyone thinks of this. I've been tinkering on Azyr pretty much since it was released and I like the look of this. It borrows ideas from the mixed order army that Alex Harrison was running but adds a combat element too. It isn't meant to be a gunline, but the ranged threat should be enough to make opponents have to commit forward and take on my combat units: Wizard on Hurricanum Glade Lord on Forest Dragon Skink Starseer Waywatcher Waywatcher Waywatcher 3 x 10 Skinks 2 x 3 Kurnoth Hunters (with swords or scythes, haven't decided yet) 5 Sisters of the Thorn The biggest issue I see is limited range, with the Waywatchers having the longest reach (22"). Against Kurnoth Hunter bows and Judicators etc it might be tough. I'm also worried about the hunters only being move 5" and not having any woods to bounce through. I have an alternative to this which is much more gunline orientated, which drops the dragon and has an extra wizard, hunters with bows, another unit of sisters and enough summoning for a vortex, but I don't think I'd enjoy it. My current aim when writing lists is to try and find an answer to gunline-hammer without resorting to a gunline myself. With this, if my opponent concentrates on the combat units, I get more time to shoot with my ranged threats. If they concentrate on the shooting, they'll have a dragon and six hunters in their face, meanwhile skinks will run interference and jump on objectives. All thoughts welcome. Cheers.
  2. Yeah, I've heard rumblings about Hurricanum since it counts as an order wizard and is allowed without breaking allegiance within Gnarlroot. With the list above I'm not necessarily trying to run a netlist but was hoping it would be more competitive than my Alarielle list (substitute Durthu, Branchwych and the formations for her). It's much more combatty than most Sylvaneth lists and I suppose I'm asking whether it looks competitive or not? Does it have enough weapons without as much of a ranged threat? Can it stand up to the meta of gunlines and mortal wound spam?
  3. Basically, I was wondering how close this is to the Sylvaneth "netlist?" I say "netlist" in bunny ears because I know this is a fairly loose term but considering the regular combinations other players take, how close is this? - Durthu - Glamourweave Treelord Ancient - Oaken Armour Branchwych - Acorn of the Ages 2 x 10 Dryads 5 Tree Revenants 2 x 3 Hunters with Swords 6 Hunters with Scythes Household Gnarlroot FreeSpirits To be clear, I am not trying to copy the netlist - I generally don't pay much attention to such things which is why I don't really know what's in it. Case in point - I have been an Alarielle player since Sylvaneth was released but realise she is not generally a part of the strongest lists out there. In this incarnation of my list, I have dropped her for Durthu, Branchwych and the three battalions/wargrove. The theory is that, with the enhanced magic given by the Gnarlroot to help protect them, Durthu and the three units of Hunters use the free spirits ability to sally forth up the table and wreck stuff whilst the battleline units jump on objectives. I am guessing that the regular lists seen at most events would not have the free spirits battalion and the sword hunters would have bows instead. I'm also not sure whether I have the right artefacts on the right characters yet. Any thoughts, responses or advice would be most welcome.
  4. I had a similar idea in mind for a few fun games. No big resin monsters though, just those I had left over from 8th. List is: Shaman on Araknarok Spider x2 Moonclan shamans Warboss on giant squig 3 x 20 Moonclan grots (one fanatic in each) Doomdiver Araknarok Spider with flinger Aleguzzler Gargant (Giant) Mangler Squig I've always loved monser mashes. In some ways I think the restriction to 4 in matched play is a little too restrictive. On the other hand, the current restriction is already being taken to the max by some top players! Will be signing up to your YT feed shortly. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your list.
  5. I was going to do a lengthy feedback post for the event, then @Chris Tomlin wrote pretty much exactly what I was thinking. My only additional points would be: The venue - it has a lot of charm and is, in many ways, perfect for what we do. I just wish they'd give it a lick of paint and repair some of the damage. Easy jobs for not a lot of cost most of them - obviously that's not the TO's issue though unless a similarly equipped and priced venue pops up in Sheffield at some point and there's an opportunity to switch venue. The scoring system, to me, was fine but the sheet that we recorded the results on was a bit confusing in terms of what went where and which bits we added up or left to the TO to fill in e.g. Should I add my battle points to my scenario points to give a total out of 40 or enter two totals out of 20? I saw about four different ways of recording the scores and that can't have made Pete's job any easier. Other than that, a fantastic event which felt less divisive than previous years somehow I.e. As a player who plunged to the bottom tables fairly quickly, I didn't feel any less a part of the tournament than the big guns on the top table (I have felt this at this event in previous years). Never easy to achieve this when you have two rooms but I think Pete's friendly and laid back approach is largely to do with my more positive experience. Also maybe just that I know more people on the scene now than I did three years ago. Definitely a change for the better though. thanks to the organisers and congratulations to all the prize winners. on the proxy debate, personally my definition of a proxy is when you are using a non-converted model as something else e.g. An araknarok spider as Archaon - they're on the same base and are roughly the same size but clearly they aren't the same model. A conversion, as long as it has made some attempt to look like the model it is supposed to be, is fine in my opinion. It sounds like the Sayl conversion in question falls under this description of fine to me but clearly some people have a different definition of proxy to me. I played against Kai Bird's Arabian themed order army last year with a huge converted genie that he was using as Celestant Prime. What's wrong with that? It fits the theme of the army, it's clearly taken a lot of effort and time, it looks great and the fact that it looks nothing like GWs CP model doesn't matter a jot to me... Just my 2 penneth.
  6. I'm all paid up. Add me to the list!
  7. Edited list sent for Adam Rawson Made a slight misjudgement explained in the email. Should be right now... I hope!
  8. List submitted for Adam Rawson.
  9. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-Balewind-Vortex-ENG.pdf Have these rule amendments placated people at all? Can't be used by monsters and now cast on 7. Most non-monster wizards only have one spell so attempting to cast it becomes a much bigger risk. My main worry is that we'll possibly see a return of Kroak's popularity...
  10. Didn't realise twf was still going!
  11. Paid I just hope they've fixed the leaky roof in the last year! It's a really good venue when you're not taking an involuntary shower every time you order a pint!
  12. Is the email address also the PayPal address? Going to sign up for this as soon as I can!
  13. This thread just got weird...
  14. There's the clincher for me - AoS is a scenario based game. That combo is indeed devastating in terms of killing potential but it is not an auto-win button. As demonstrated here, there IS something you can do about the vortex - go and collect objectives whilst they're fannying around on their little magic perch.
  15. So just need to wait and see if the warscroll changes. I honestly can't see points being introduced, you pay for stuff like this when you pay for the wizard (just as bolt and shield are inbuilt costs). Some of the rules could possibly be toned down but again, I can't see it. I think what is more likely is that more funky scenery with equally funky rules will be released over time so that, in a year or so, everyone'll be like "Balewind what?"