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  1. Vextol

    Custom Faction: Suneater Tribes

    Just quickly looked at everything. I think that it's missing mortal wound output, emphasis on shooting and 2+ rerollable saves... I all seriousness, I can't believe the amount of effort put into this. It's excellent! The prophet on a magma drake is great. A model with decreasing rend is something seriously lacking in Sigmar. It's SOOOOO theme though. As you get hurt, your ability to "hit through armor" would be one of the first things to go. Well done all around!
  2. I just played a game yesterday using Archaon's "Know the future battalion" (Overlords of Chaos). So... There's always that option to preparing for the double turn. Just know ahead of time
  3. Vextol

    Things that activate "As if"

    Can't believe I missed that. Thanks!!
  4. Vextol

    Things that activate "As if"

    So there are several abilities and battalions that have wording like "Shoot as if it were the shooting phase" or "attack as if it were the combat phase". How do abilities work that trigger in the phases that are being referred to in these situations. For example, if the lord ordinator adds an additional attack to a unit in the shooting phase, and you have an ability that lets you shoot "as if it were the shooting phase" do you get the buff? I always played it as 'yes' because there are a lot of abilities that don't make sense otherwise. I mean, lots of models get buffs in the combat phase when they attack in melee. Are we to assume that these go wayside for attacks made with special abilities in the hero phase? Do we lose 6=mortals because it's not really the combat phase? Do our enemies that get bonuses to saves in the combat phase not get their saves because technically it's the hero phase (or some other phase)? Just curious how everyone else plays it.
  5. Vextol

    How balanced is AoS now?

    Actually, for at least a decade they did that. It wasn't that complicated really and it allowed for things like artifacts to be 'unbalanced'. Balancing artifacts is definitely an issue. You either end up with really really obviously better artifacts (now) or you end up with really boring generic artifacts (all the ones that aren't obviously better now). Point costs would help that a lot. Battle brew WAS unbalanced but only compared to the other artifacts. It's a fine artifact...at 200 points (just a number, no implied true value). +1 attack to a non mounted hero in the combat phase? Well...that's kind of bad most of the time. Once per game do a mortal wound to every enemy unit within 3 inches on a roll of a 6? That's major poop. 10 points? Well, when I ALWAYS have 1980 in my armies, what the heck! I'll throw it on. I don't think every option should be pointed. I am a MAJOR opponent to the "overly complicated" voices out there. We're one step from war most of the time, but I don't think pointing unit heroes and standard bearers and great swords vs hand crossbows is going to fix the huge balance issues. Aside from warscroll changes, FAQs, new books or complete game overhaul, points are the only way to balance armies. Game overhaul is akin to crucifixion (at least on this forum) so I'm not even going to say that's a viable option. And personally, I hate FAQs and warscroll changes because they invalidate the books. I LOVE official books and think that GW is missing a huge opportunity to sell books more often. I, and a lot of people I know, would buy a new army book every single year. I know books are difficult to make so it's a big deal to release one BUT if they abandoned the lore, the how to paint, all the pictures and all the fluff, they could trim the books down to only a few pages and release one every year. Then, every few years, they could release another big book to satisfy the people who get something out of the fluff. I went tangent there...anyway, barring hated FAQS, warscroll updates, that THING THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, or a complete restructuring of book releases what are we left with? Points. The game is so totally out of whack that I'd be happy to even get point balance across a faction. As it stands, units within the same specific allegiance are wildly unbalanced in relation to units in the same allegiance. That's....sad. So while I agree that GW can't get points perfect, it is the best thing to evaluate and manipulate to try to find some semblance of balance.
  6. Vextol

    GHB2018 Wishlist

    I don't think the increase in available mortal wounds has gone up all that fast. It went up a little as there were very few armies that had it at all and now they do, but it's still a fairly rare thing in the game. I think it just seems like it's gone up because mortal wounds are so much easier than other wounds to account for. No hit rolls, no wound rolls, no save rolls, so people build lists that encourage and magnify the mortal wound output of their armies. Mortal wounds are also more reliable. You are getting guaranteed (pretty much) damage. I know if I'm attacking with 3d3 mortal wounds, I can reliably assume 6 damage is going to be dealt. Why would I bring a REALLY good archer to try to take out a wounded hero when I know I can kill them with mortal wounds. A D6 damage attack is a lot right? Except d6 damage on a 3+, 2+, -3 rend attack means less damage on average than d3 mortals. I think melee/direct attacking in general needs to be better. That helps with shooting concerns, lessens the impact of mortal wounds, lessens the impact of the double turn, and helps a lot of the struggling armies right now (almost all of which are heavily melee based, or, they have one or two good units that help them skirt by that AREN'T melee). The only REALLY solid melee armies have excellent mortal output (stormcast), incredible durability (stormcast and nurgle), or some schticks that help keep them alive (Death).
  7. Vextol

    GHB2018 Wishlist

    I'd love to see a serious change in Ar-Kitten's Warscroll. After Nagash was was made useful, I got jealous. It would be cool to actually be able to field Archaon instead of just looking at his coolness on the shelf. And I don't want a point reduction, I want him to be worth his points
  8. Vextol

    GHB2018 Wishlist

    Their shooting is crazy OP and the ability to guarantee a back to back turn is completely broken.
  9. Vextol

    GHB2018 Wishlist

    Woah woah... Thats all fine but they didn't JUST say one of each weapon and they definitely didn't intend it. They, like so many of their decisions were hoping it would lead to a million boxes of thunders being sold. They know which weapons are better (see literally every 3 man Retributors group-no soul star mace). I think they definitely intended it written as it was. Either way, they didn't have to kill the mortar range. They are so freaking expensive it would have been fine to keep the range and say one of each. I'd like to see a lot of the changes people recommended. BCR definitely need a buff. I'd like Orrucks to abandon everything mortal wound, almost everything range, get a big wound boost and a universal 2 damage minimum. We need some differentiation for them. They're not green khorne, let's make them good at what they're good at! Smashing faces! Seriously though, so many of the races just kind of blend together to me after a while. Kharadrons are just fancy vanguard, Orrucks are just bad khorne who is bad nurgle. Tzeentch is just more magical less resurrecty death... Obviously I exaggerate, but point changes and abikities could help encourage the better/more unique aspects of armies.
  10. Or Nagash. He just grants universal immunity. You throw him on the field, you can still get 160 skeletons on the board with universal immunity. Yes, stardrake could lock up two units of skeletons, but why would the death player allow that? I'd just back them up. Heck, I wouldn't even attack you. I'd just sit there and let you eat me. No big deal. I mathed out the stardrake. Seriously, if it is your turn and you count everything toward killing skeletons and you assume they don't have mystic shield, and stardrake is your general, you're looking at like 15 dead on attacks, 23 dead at turns end. Sure, nagash not on the field, no mystic shield and no inspiring presence, you could take out the unit with a back-to-back turn, but that's a lot of your army and if you're on a point they are going to be collecting VP while you have to mess with them. Don't forget that you can AT MOST get two back to back turns. Back on topic, the thing that hurts most with death magic you are going to get hit with the double spells when it is the hardest to dispel. You gotta beat an unmodified 9. That means you'll be looking at minimum of 12s to dispel. Crikey... Effectively, that system means that not only do they get a double spell off on you, its now almost impossible to avoid. Even with monster dispellers you will struggle.
  11. That's hilarious, and so.... so true. Kharadrons are the guy with a bullhorn running at a bear. Sure, they seem a little scary at first. Maybe they can scare the bear away, but if they don't, when you get right down to it... they're just bearded dudes with a noise machine. Oooooo....now you done it. Calling out my maths First, I must be giving some strange aura here. I DO NOT think BK are a good counter to skeletons. I think nothing is a very good counter to skeletons. That's my concern. If I was going to pick a unit that was good against skeletons, I'd be faster to recommend plague bearers or skinks. Something that can hold up really well (PBs probably not good enough) with a million models, or something that can run away, that still has a million models. As for the BK, I was speaking specifically to the 6's cause mortal wounds (from the pestilent blade), 20 of them in combat with roughly 10 being able to attack (I skipped the fancy one because meh...not that big of a deal). The math is (3*10*1/6*3.5+3*10*.5) to account for unaltered hits through with the addition of an average of 3.5 for every hit roll of 6. Taking that 32.5 through to wound yields 21.66 through. Assuming no Mystic shield (as outlined) and because you're in combat the skeletons will get a 5+ save, I gave the kings rend yielding 18.055 damage. Skeletons get an extra save, but we have to account for the mortals from the initial hit caused by the 6s, so, adding 5 we get 23.055 wounds through to the ward (which, come on...they're going to have it). Total damage sustained by skeletons would be 19.21. They have a bravery of 10, yielding at least 9.21 more running, plus an average of 3.5 from the battleshock roll. This results in 31.92 dying. I wasn't exactly sure about their res, but I remembered thinking you could pretty easily bring back 2d3 models, so 4, leaving roughly 27.92 skeletons handled (assuming they got that chance to res). Apologies for the 1.92 skeleton understatement, I was estimating at the time. The nice thing is, you don't need 20 to do this amount of damage. I think I would consider taking two units of 10 and having a lot more flexibility. The issue is you are going to be out modeled for scenario points. Maths aside, even with a double turn, BK (and everything) will be locked up by skeletons for at least two turns and that's fully buffed. I don't know of many units out there that can stand up to abuse as well as BKs and I also don't know many that can put out that kind of hurt either. We are all assuming that we will have to deal with 120 skeletons, but I really think we are going to see some lists with 240. THAT is a serious issue for the land of the living!!
  12. I think you're spot on. I was talking about BK in combat with skeletons, not the other way around. You can get a LOT of skeles in BTB, but the BK will probably max out at around 10-12. You can't even have 29 BK in a unit, so I think we were just on a different page. They are not broken, just good. I can't have another army killed by "Broken" complaints. Also, they take forever to paint, so, kudos if you can field 60 of them Also, this is going to be a skeleton post, not a BK post. I'm just using them as reference. What I'm saying can be applied to almost anything. Can skeletons kill blight kings, or a stardrake, or 1+ reroll 1s dracothian guard, or chaos warriors or hearthguard (i think that's what they're called) or any of the tough units? Not well. Can they be killed by these tough units? Eventually. As you said, BK are one of the heaviest hitting (at least in quantity) units in the game right now, but even with the spell AND the rend AND assuming death doesn't have mystic shield on AND assuming they will be taking battleshock AND assuming they didn't throw out a "^" or upside down "T" shape to minimize your BTB contact, BK will put down an average of 27.5 skeletons a turn. That's like 160 points locking up your BEST unit on the field for at LEAST 2 turns. Death can be very good at killing stuff, but I don't think this is how they're going to win tournaments (though it definitely might be). I think their power will come from their inability to be removed from key locations fast enough. If someone put the effort to field 6 units of 40 skeletons and just enough hero support, most armies would have almost NO chance of killing them fast enough. Sure, if games ran 10 turns, you would kill them all, but they don't. You can kill skeletons all day long, all the while they will be re-positioning, resurrecting, collecting points, and whittling your numbers just enough.
  13. I think blight kings aren't undercosted. They are really only effective in the Battalion (plague cyst or something?) that gives them rend. Without it, they struggle a lot against most armies. They can hold their ground, but they can't make ground very well either. Example, a unit of 20 blight kings could MAYBE get 10 into combat with skeletons. Without rend, you're looking at an average of 12 damage or so. That's a Lot of points locked up by a crappy, resurrect able unit of skeletons. And they only have a 5+ save. Turn those into liberators and you do almost nothing. I foresee my blight kings getting hammered by skeletons in the future.
  14. I don't know. Yes, gaunt summoner can handle a little less than half of ONE unit, 5 times per game (assuming he's not dispelled and gets it off every time). Against an army of nothing but skeletons? That's not going to be enough. Stardrake can tank a unit of skeletons, that's true. But just one. And I think a stardrake will deal an average of 15 wounds to a unit of skeletons, not 25. I know battleshock and what not, but skeletons are slow. It's unlikely you'll get a chance to battleshock them against a decent general because he will be close enough to keep them from shocking. With resurrection, I think it will take a drake the good portion of a game to take out 1 unit. Skeletons man... I'm here to say it now: those buggers are going to be the real issues the next few months. Sad, but I agree about Kharadrons. I think their only hope is to join their fellow dwarves and make a big faction.